Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

I had no clue what to title this I decided to come up with 13 things to tell you..since thirteen starts with a "T" and so does "Thursday" ...(and 3 seemed too little..and 30 t00 get the point)

1) I actually had a good day today...these little pediatric monsters aren't sooooo bad afterall.. (more or less the people I'm working with aren't sooo bad...the kids were always cute)

2) The new "shady" trainer actually turned out to be awesome and totally kicked my butt! He was actually a lot better than my trainer in Cleveland (shhh..don't tell Craig). When I got there he had all the equipment we needed pulled out already so we didn't waste time looking for stuff..he had everything written down..he knew how to push me. At the end..he made me run stairs for 5 minutes and he did them with me! ALso...he asked me to help teach one of his bootcamp classes and said he would pay me......saweeeeeet!

3) I signed up for the Hermes 10 miler race in Cleveland after a blogging friend recommended it (its in april!) I think I'm going to bail on the ING half marathon at the end of this month because 1)I've already ran it (the full) 2) its $75 and 3) no one will do it with me...and 4) it has heeeeeeeeels..and put me out of commission for 2 months last year

4) I started liking oatmeal....well sort of. I end up adding banana, peanut butter, and chocolate is that still oatmeal? But it fills me up a lot (which seems impossible these days)

5) I am now obsessed with Vita Tops..check em out

6) I registered for two lotteries this week (NO I will not be winning any money...actually if i win... I have to PAY money!!!! WTF?) But seriously...I registered for the NYC marathon lottery and the san fran nike womens half marathon......keepin my fingers crossed on both of them

7) The stove at my GHETTTTTO hotel doesnt work..its either on high or off...which means everything gets burnt. As its turned out though...burnt chicken tastes pretty good...I actually think "burnt" is a flavor...there should be a spice called "burnt". I would use it..haha

8)Today someone farted in the operating room and I about peed my pants laughing. Sounds mature right? Well you know how when you AREN'T supposed to laugh...its almost impossible not to? Well I was literally doing everything in my power to not laugh...and in the end just made a big farty fool of myself. Later on I discussed the incident w/ my preceptor and I almost had to get a THIRD pair of underwear from laughing so hard again. He was like "man..he should have known that you have to do a test dose first to find out if its going to make noise...THEN you go for it!" OMG..too funny...yes I'm five years old and I like disney princesses

9) I have to take a board exam in June..and I really should be writing down 13 things about anesthesia right now but umm..I guess I'll do 14 on Friday...procrastinate one more day.

10) Ever since I wrote the "Negative Nancy" Post I have felt amazing. As soon as I hit the "save" button...I felt like a million pounds were lifted off my chest. Not to mention the amazing response from blogosphere! You all made me feel 120398148 times better and I have been feeling great ever since. Amazing what having a blog can do for thanks to everyone for the support

11) I now have an insane list of races I want to run in my lifetime ----> haha..thanks for that too!

12) Its almost St. Pattys Day....I'm super Irish (Thanks Dad!)

13) Isn't 13 supposed to be unlucky? Maybe if I want to win these lotteries I shouldn't be focusing on the number 13....

13.5) to avoid stopping at 13... I added a .5 for you all....which is.....I'm HALF DONE WITH THIS GHETTO PLACE! hOLLa sista soldiers!


Carolina John said...

Good luck on the lotteries. i had a cousin run NYC a few years ago, she said it was awesome.

Glad the trainer worked out. sometimes us roughnecks can actually turn out to be decent fellas.

and I love oatmeal. glad you're coming around. i make a half cup of instant, with half cup of water, half cup of milk, then add rasins and a banana for breakfast every morning. It has tons of fiber and really good carbs for running fuel. and the fiber is good for.....

Fart jokes are always funny. farting itself is sometimes funny if you can blame it on the patient or something. haha, great story!

have a good weekend.

Jess said...

Best of luck with the lotteries!

X-Country2 said...

I love reading lists like this. Glad to hear the trainer turned out to be great. How fun that you're going to help with boot camp. I need to find a way for someone to pay me to work out!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

LOL 13.5

You're too cute!