Sunday, December 28, 2008

Can 2009 get here any sooner???

I think we'd all agree that 2008 has been a little rough for many reasons. Some high notes of 2008 for me were
- running my first half marathon
- running my first marathon
- getting a tri bike and starting my adventures in cycling
- a lil trip to Denver with the hubby
- finishing the first part of school and starting the next chapter
- exploring my life in fine detail and trying to make things more meaningful

The low points...are in the past...haha

So I am very eager for 2009 to get here and see what it brings. I have always said odd years are the best for me...its something my best friend and I discuss regularly. This year has been no exception. I can't wait for 2009 and turning 25 (hey..lower car insurance for one thing). I graduate in 2009, I start my career, maybe buy a house? maybe have a baby? (oh wait..that would require husband living in the same state..haha) who knows! But I'm pumped and running full steam ahead (no pun intended..I haven't done much running lately).

So 2009..and moving forward :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

We now continue our regularly scheduled program..

Sorry for the pause in broadcasting. Sometimes life gets crazy enough that you just have to take a step back from everything you are doing..and trim the fat...temporarily. For me..trimming the fat was not blogging amongst some other things. No worries.. I still read your blogs. But I honestly couldn't come up with anything decent to say for my own. It would have gone like this..

Its snowing..I'm depressed..I haven't really trained for my marathon thats coming up..good bye!

See...aren't you glad I spared you that?

Rotations are going well. My life is somewhat back to normal since losing my Dad. Its kinda weird..but at first I couldn't picture life without him..and now it's almost hard to picture what it was like when he was here. There is a countdown until I graduate in August...but wanna know a secret?? shhhhhhh...don't tell ANYONE....but I'm already looking for doctorate programs!! EEEEEEEK! I know...I know...but I'm just starting to look...innocent looking I promise!

Also I joined an awesome gym called Urban Active. ( I'm pretty obsessed with it and it's gotten me some greatttttt workouts... unfortunately though I haven't ran more than 6 miles in a LONG time. I may be ditching that full marathon in January after all...but we thought maybe we could run the half as bandits??? what do you think??

Missed you all :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Sorry..taking a much needed vacation from blogging and many other extra curricular activies.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Me vs. Nature

There is something so simple about lacing up a pair of running shoes and being out the door. A way to get away from the buzz of daily life, ringing cell phones, piles of unread mail, and the glare of violence from the tv. No $$ needed...its something that us Americans can share with the world. People of all countries, all ages, all races, all sexes can enjoy something so simple as putting one foot in front of the other, time and time again. Then there is the comraderie between runners. We don't even have to share the same language...all it takes is a simple head nod which says enough. A nod that silently acknowledges the simple gift of being one vs. nature.

Lately my world has been crazy, God has forced me to look at my life in ways I never have. Suddenly things that were of major importance have faded away. Money no longer has the same meaning, working your life away to make social gains are no longer tempting, and nothing is more precious than spending time with family. The weather, my car, the couch I sit longer have significance in my life. I have realized more now than ever....that "you just never know..." I want to leave this world with a solid sense of what it is...I want to experience it for everything it has to offer. I want to become one with nature...or at least battle vs. nature. There is one way to thoroughly get a grip on something so complex...and that is to conquer it. I want to live everyday like it was my last...or at least die trying. I have learned one big thing....that in the end...its all the little things. A hug from a friend. Your Dog's wagging tail. Laughing with family. Watching the sunrise. A pair of running shoes.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Summarize sum up the last week. I finished up my time at the hospital in Cincinnati. That night we had trick or treat at my cousins house. I soon learned how to be "cool" on Halloween. For the last ohhh...say 5 years....Halloween has been all about wearing a slutty costume and seeing who can do the most "jager bombs." Now that kids are in the distant future, I figured what better time to start figuring out this whole "Halloween w/ kids thing." So we dressed up lil cousin as a Lion...took a few beers and a bunch of candy...and set up "shop" in the driveway. Next thing you know...everyone is doing jell-o shots at the neighbors house. A half hour later...lil Lion and Dad come back with a mini beer (for Dad..not the Lion). So here is where I realized...that the "cool" peepz give out booze to the adults and candy to the kids. I'm totally stealing that idea and hoping it spreads like wild fire. The only problem is that when Trick or Treat is over....the adults pass out..and the kids are on a sugar buzz. I'll have to find a way to work in some benadryl in the mix of all the consumed candy.

Saturday morning I got up and played co-ed flag football. Later on my Mommy came into town with my Aunt and we celebrated my Mom's 55th birthday (sorry Mom) by making a gourmet dinner and a homemade cake. Sunday morning I was sad to leave Cinci and my fun roomies (cousins) but had to start my georgia adventure early.

So far it has completely sucked being back in Georgia. Its been great to have my husband, puppy, and house........but the rotation has been horrible. This city is notoriously known for treating you like shit in the hospital and this rotation has been no exception. I wish there was a switch I could turn in my head to make me back to "normal" (my version of normal anyway..haha)...but it just doesn't exist. People at the hospital asked if maybe I went back to work too soon (i think they were concerned i might kill someone....jk) Basically...all I can do is show up and do my best everyday. I know that its not the best I have...but its the best I can do considering the circumstances. Taking more time off won't will just allow me to get more rusty. Eventually the kinks will work itself out. It definitely is NOT helping that I have to move every month and start over. At this point...a little consistency and stability is what I'm craving.

In running news...I went and got fitted for some new running shoes. I loved my Brooks...but this time I got some Adidas.....weird...I never run in Adidas...but I'm willing to try it. I had a nice 5 mile run today... I gotta go for 8-10 this weekend. The training has begun my friends...and it feels wonderful. I also booked my flight and hotel for the Disney marathon. I want to make a shirt that says "In Memory * Disney 4 Dad" to wear...anyone have suggestions of where to do this?

Sunday, October 26, 2008


So after that little post of foolishness...that very night I didn't set my alarm clock correctly. Of course you do one of those "Omg..theres no way I should still be sleeping!". I look at the clock..its 7:15.....I had "set" my alarm for 5:15. So I somehow managed to think on my feet realizing I better let my cousins know I was still there so they didn't back out and hit my car. (My cousins so graciously took me in instead of staying in the ghetto hotel). I crept upstairs and listened.....nothing. I figured I would wait there for a minute to see if anyone was up yet. All of a sudden I hear "Theres someone downstairs.....GET HIM!!!....I'll get the phone to call 911!!" OH Shit...I think to myself...I'm about to get beat up with a baseball bat. I quickly yelled out that it was me...and then of course a few minutes later the tears started. I just felt like I couldn't do anything right. I had to send a text later apologizing for all the commotion I caused..haha. Other than that...I don't think I did many more stupid things. I'm sure I did...but I probably didn't even realize it.

So now I think its time to finally set up a plan for the marathon. Although I'm not sure if I'll be able to pull it off....I know theres no way in hell it will happen if I don't get a plan of action. So as soon as I hit "Publish Post", I will figure out what plan I'm going to "use". Basically all I can do is give it my best.....and not be too hard on myself. I think after Disney..I will probably stick to half marathons for a while. My life is just a little too insane and irregular to keep up with marathon training. Other news.........I get to move back to Georgia to be with my husband in a week!!! HOLY COW!! I miss my puppy too! And you know what that means.....gorgeous weather to run in! I can't wait for familiarity.....and a big cozy warm cuddling buddy:)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Silly me

The last post started with "Things I've Done This Week..."....This one will begin with

Stupid things I've done this week...and it's only Tuesday

1) It carries over from last week. They give us free lunch tickets...and last week I left them in my scrub pocket when I put my scrubs in the dirty laundry at the hospital. WHOOOPS! So Monday I politely ask the secretary for more lunch tickets and explain what happened. Apparently I looked really scared and timid because the lady felt compelled to do an impression of me and told me not to be so scared next time. So I was bound and determined not to lose these free lunch food stamps and put them in a "safe" spot...aka...the purse. Today while I was getting ready for work I look at my purse and think "Nope...don't need you today!". I swear I'm not meant to have free lunches at this hospital

2) Today I lost the lock for my clue where it is...

3)Besides losing the lock...I never officially locked it because I didn't trust myself on being able to a) memorize the code and b) not lose the paper with the code on it. SO I just kept it unlocked and on my locker for decoration...until it mysteriously disappeared. I'm too embarassed to tell the secretary lady that one.

4) Didn't fill the anesthesia machine with anesthetic gases (don't worry patient didn't wake up...we caught it just in time before it ran out)

5)I knew I couldnt trust myself to fill it up and change the CO2 absorbers between cases so I wrote all over the CO2 absorber in a sharpie to remind myself'

6) Forgot to pack underwear and socks...had to go to Walgreens and looked real stupid buying 4 packs of underwear. Oh and don't worry because I forgot to take socks home with me last I bought 2 packs while I was home...but left them there on just had to buy 2 more packs.

7)My preceptor asked me to get a fluid warmer because it got contaminated...which obviously meant the tubing. But I of course mis understood her and went and brought back a new 20 lbs fluid warmer (spilled water all over my pants)...instead of getting a new set of tubing and being done with it.

Do you clearly see why I feel I should be pleading insanity and unfit to deliver anesthesia here? I think I need to talk to a doctor and get an insanity excuse to take a few more days off. haha. I know they always say in times like this you feel "normal"..but you definitely arent. I told my Mom we should write down all the stupid things we do this we can laugh at the end of the week. I guess I'll keep my list on the blog so ya'll can have some laughs too.

Running front- Had an amazing 4 mile run in the hills yesterday. Felt unstoppable. Part of my inspiration to run hard was to completely tire myself out. I got about an hour of sleep the night I figured the harder I ran and the more tired I was...the better I would sleep. It most definitely worked!! Its much better than taking Advil PM and being exhausted the next day (oh gosh..could you imagine how big my stupidity list would get if I kept taking those dudes?)

Hop everywun haz a GRATE weak.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Things Ive done this week:
-Donated flowers to a nursing home
-Cleaned out the garage for my Mom
-Had an Ambien sleepover (My mom, SIL, and I all took Ambien and had a few drinks and had a sleepover party...haha...oh and we gave my little niece a benadryl so she could join in on the fun and silliness)
-Ran a few times,took Mom on a 6 mile walk
- Cooked a lot

But unfortunately it's Sunday again...which means I have to head back to C'nati. Any thought of going back to that place makes me want to puke in my mouth. I only have to do 10 more days at the I know I can get through it. Also I have quite a few plans this week like staying with my cousins for a night or two (vs. sketchy hotel room by myself), going to my friends kickboxing class (my instructor from undergrad that goes to Cinci for grad school), and celebrating a best friends b day. Friday I get to come back home again and see "The Mom" and do some fun stuff with her.

Next month I'll be back in Savannah, GA where the life is good and the livins easy. Actually I heard the rotation is pretty bad...but I know one thing....the livin will be easy. I'll be back in my own house, with my own bed, and my own husband, and my own Doggie, with people I know. It can't get much better than that! In a time like seeks comfort, familiarity, support from loved ones. There was nothing harder than losing someone unexpectedly and driving yourself back to a world of isolation and unfamiliarity (esp when you are a student and they are judging every move you make). I had never set foot into that hospital until the Monday after my Dad's funeral. I had no clue who anyone was..or where anything was..yet I was responsible for taking care of these patients and putting them to sleep. All I could think is " Dad died!" Mom actually has to come to Savannah in November for business...funny how that worked out. She already had plans to come for Thanksgiving as well....and then we are MOVINGGG!!!!

Right after Thanksgiving we are moving all our belongings back up to Ohio into my PARENTS (I can't just say Mom yet...I refuse) house. We are going to live there for a while and then eventually move in next door when the renters move out in May. (My parents own the house next door...funny how that works out). From then on...Cleveland will be our "home base", but I'll still have another rotation in Savannah in Feb (I'll live w friends), Atlanta in March, and possibly Texas later on too! Meanwhile I will try to get this blog back to more of a running/working out focus and get my head on to do some training for the marathon. I however can't promise that there won't be some spillage from my crazy life......

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Moving on...

But NEVER forgetting. I made it through the week. Everynight people would come over my house and we would all have a drink or two and tell funny stories about my Dad. It was very therapeutic.

The wake was all day was a very long and exhausting day. I was shocked at the amount of people and the amount of support we had. It made me realize that whenever I felt stupid for going to peoples funerals that I barely knew...when you are on the other side...its very comforting to have them all there.

Friday was the funeral. The mass was absolutely beautiful...I stood up and did a reading. A lot of people wondered how I could have the strength to do something like that, but I had done it before at my Grandpa's so I knew I could get through it. At the very end...the bagpiper (the one that played in my wedding) played Amazing Grace....which opened up the flood gates for everyone in the church (including myself...I was sort of cursing myself for a minute for having him play...but it was absolutely beautiful). HE also played at the cemetery.

Then.........the fun began!! Yes you read!! We had an ENORMOUS partayyyy at the homested. My Mom had spend $1k on alcohol and food. The party started at 1pm and ended at 1am! We had a exactly what my Dad wanted (and often talked about....unfortunately he never talked about whether he wanted to be cremated or buried). People were doing shots that had never drank in their life..just in honor of my Dad. Also everyone had his Hawaiin shirts on..too funny. Heres some pictures from the party....

Here you can see some of the Hawiian shirts people were wearing

Ive been doing a lot of walking since that is something my Mom and I can do together. But it has been like 3-5 mile walks. I will probably go for a run today. I'm taking it one day at a time. I would love to say that I'm going to be ready to run a marathon in January for the Disney...but I'm going to take it day by day. In the end...I may be walking the marathon...which is FINE with me. Running takes so much mental strength which is an area of weakness for me right now.

Some other craziness that happened this weekend. My Dad used to love when Toledo would beat big teams in college football. (I went to Toledo...and he would always be the first to call me when we beat a ranked team). This weekend Toledo beat Michigan AT Michigan. It gets better though. My Dad LOVED the Cleveland Browns (As do I). A lot of people who did a toast to him...talked about One DAY...Possibly SOMEDAY...if the Browns ever go to the Super Bowl...they will be sad my Dad missed it. Well the Browns are not going to the superbowl... but on Monday they beat the Super Bowl Champs (Giants) by a large margin during Monday night football. All I could think about was "This ones for Dad!" It was so exciting.

Daddys Little Girl....Always Loved....Never Forgotten....I miss you Daddy!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Ok! I'm sure some of you wonder if my life could get any has. My Mom and Aunt came down to visit me this past weekend in Cincinnati..(my home for October). We had a wonderful weekend with the fam...and then my life stopped. Literally...

I got a phone call from my Mom Sunday night saying that my Dad had passed away. When she got home she found him at the bottom of the basement stairs.

As you can see...I'm pretty speechless. Life has just pretty much Dad was my world. He was the one that told me how proud of me he was everyday.

So anyway...keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I did however go for a run today to just burn off some steam. Pretty sure it was the fastest run in a while.

Monday, September 29, 2008

ahhhhhhhh sorry

My life is insane. Moving every four weeks to start a new job is nuts. Everytime I go to look for anything.....I pull open every drawer...and of course its in the last drawer I haven't opened yet. UGHH...

Heres some saweet pics of the "heeeeels" i've been running in Georgia.

Since I've been here in the "ville"...Gainesville...that is...I've participated in a penis prosthesis! How neat right? It works kinda like the old reebok shoes that you pump up....

Lastly...on a more sober of my high school friends has gained his angel wings fighting in Iraq. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

As you can see theres been a lot going on in my life...and I'm mentally exhausted. I'm leaving my husband and home behind or the next 5 weeks..moving to OHio next week to start over again...losing a good friend. I hope to have more..and better posts to come.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Funny incidents

So I go to take my first shower at the new "pad" (aka basement). I get in there, get the clothes off, turn the water on. The water is nicely flowing out the spicket part of the shower....however I don't see anywhere to make it come out of the showerhead. No levers, no buttons, no nothing. Im thinking...hmm...maybe the light switch?? I stand there for a few minutes pondering where this little gadget could be and finally decide to throw my clothes on and ask the "Dad" of the family what to do! How embarassing! Apparently this little piece at the bottom of the spicket just pulls down...its a stealth shower. Button-less, lever-less.

So I'm all the water coming out the right place...even got the temperature figured out. Then I realize I forgot shower gel. Normally I would just sorta wash up with my shampoo but I look over and see a pink bottle that looks to be shower gel. I put a big ole squirt in my hand and figure...well..I'll just use theirs for one day. Just as I start to clean my private parts I take a closer look at the bottle and see a picture of a large dog on it and the words "FLEA & TICK SHAMPOO"..Holy S#&! I just put dog flea shampoo on my private parts. So far I haven't had any adverse reactions but you can bet my husband won't find me coming home with any weird bugs in my pants. hahaha

P.S. running in the mountains is impossible....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Destination one

So....I promise...there will most likely be a lot of blogging going on in the next year. I have arrived at destination one. A lil background...our school program basically kicks us out into the world and provides no direction for us. We pretty much have to find housing for one month at a time at each place we go. Occasionally housing is provided..or i you are lucky you might have an aunt, uncle, (blog friends anyone??) that might house you. So here I the basement. I found htis place on and they said the family was moving away and would rarely be here. Well today I find out as I arrive...that the family decided to move back. So here we big happy family..hahaha should be interesting.

Also worth destination is in the mountains. This makes for awesome training hills for running....cant wait to get my camera this weekend and bring it back with me! How cool! I can actually train and be prepared for hills this time..they are monstrous.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well the trip to Denver was awesome!!! The skirt chaser 5k was awesome! It was very difficult to run at altitude and even more difficult to swallow down a crappy 5k time knowing half of it was due to being out of running shape. We'll blame the first minute being over PR time on the mountains and the second minute on being out of shape....hahha...hows that? My hubby caught up to me at about the half way point (he started 3 minutes after me) (hes also 6'4'') hahahaha (excuses).....and then sadly he passed me up. Also in the last quarter mile I gathered myself and started sprinting like a crazy woman. Everyone was pointing at me like "look at that girl!" ....and ipod flew out of my armband and skidded across the cement. My race came to a sudden hault....I almost got ran over by 4 guys....and my poor ipod suffered some surface scrapes (on the back thank god). I forgot to save my little tag with my name on it and since there was no chip timing system I'm not sure of my exact time. I know it said 29:15 when I was coming we'll go with something like that. Either way it was super fun and it was hubbys first race! I'm hoping he will join me for some more. Other things we did....

Visited two breweries in one day...(we like free beer!)..Budweiser and Coors
Went to the Colorado Rockies Game
Ate a buffalo burger (bison burger)
Had a few beers at a local micro brew (holy crap...basically we did a brew crawl)
went shopping..

Other bloggy news...I got to meet my first blog friend POM. We shared a pre-race drink (Don't ever get Dales Pale Ale if you go to Denver...icky..icky..icky). She kicked my butt in the 5k (25 something was her time....WOW!) and then we hung out for a bit afterwards. I definitely need to start meeting some of you more often! Heres a pic of us at skirt chaser :)

Other life news...I completely chopped off alllllllllllll my hair. ALLLLLL OF IT! I mean every last bit of it! Picture below! EEEEEEEEEEEEEK! (i love it don't say anything bad! know I'm talking to you males...who often give unwanted opinions..hahahha)

And yes..I passed all my comp exams and its finally time to move on with my life. I am moving to Atlanta for the month of September and Cincinnati for the month of October (holla Dani!!). I am getting back to running shape...and continuing with P90X as well. My life is back..and I couldn't be happier. No more more books....just running shoes...and a pair of scrubs exploring the country. PUMPED!

Friday, September 5, 2008

semi truck accident

I feel like i got hot by a semi didn't really happen...but it feels like it. I just took a vicoden because my back hurts so bad from being crouched over my books for 14 days straight. I just took the last college final EVER in my life....and the last in a series of 13 finals that lasted the last two weeks (with 8 being in the last 2 days). I really have no emotion...I should be jumping for joy...but this program has sucked the life out of me.

On the flip side....this girl is outttttttttttttttttta here!! (hurricane allowing). I will be headed to DEN-VAH for the skirt chaser race. Can't wait to meet up with some fellow bloggies (POM!! holla!) And just get away for a bit. I got teary eyed when I dropped my dog off to board him....LOL!!! Hopefully thats just stress...if not..thats totally lame. But look at him..I mean really?!

Peace home fries (french fries sound good right now!)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

no worries

No Worries everybody! I only milked the hurt finger for a day...I was lifting weights and doing push ups by the next day. Since I have all these finals and what not...I havent been doing the P90X DVD's but write down everything I'm supposed to do and do it at my own pace. That way I can finish up a little quicker. I skip their warm up and cool down..and just jump rope instead. I get it done in about half the time. I have all the numbers written I know how much of each thing I'm supposed to do. OK....(deep breath)....back to studying.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


heres my excuse for not doing P90X today and for going and getting a large sub sandwich instead!!No I am not pregnant, and No I don't just have "fat fingers" Heres the story. I didn't really feel like doing P90X today. Finals start Monday (dont worry...its my 5th time going through finals in 15 months) and I was trying to study really hard. I havent been feeling up to par lately with the allergies going on here (Thanks a lot Hurricane B#($@). But somehow I talked myself into it. I know I promised to post pictures and all that I made myself get up and do it. Well I'm not quite badass enough yet to do more than one pull up (but yet badass enough to do one! still quite an accomplishment) so I simulate them by hanging my resistance tubes over the door and pulling down on them. ANd I know I'm an engineer...but I actually saw someone post that they did this and it worked (so not something I just 'engineered). Well I was trying to put a lot of tension on there to really simulate the pull ups (Hulk Style). Oh wait...rewind...after warm ups I almost shut the DVD off. I was like ughh...really dont feel like this...then said NO..YOURE DOIN IT!...ok back to the Hulk pull ups. I started to pull down and thought "hmm...I think this is a little more resistance than these tubes can hand.........SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ouch!!! Started shaking my hand...looked down...and cried! haha. It didnt really hurt but it scared the crap out of me that it looked like my knuckle was coming out of my finger. I had that little kid reaction...fall down....get up....start bleeding....freak out! haha. I called my husband crying (he was golfing..bc I kicked him out of hte house so I could study)..told him to come home...then changed my mind and said I would be fine.

Next feat....getting my rings off. Of course my husband wasn't extremely concerned with my finger that was now resembling a single hump camel..but more concerned with getting my wedding rings off so we wouldnt have to cut them off. So far I got the big guy off. I greased up my hand with our KY Gelly (JK) (soap)..and just kept pushing until it came off. I sent the picture to my mom on her cell phone (as I often take pics of my nasty injuries and outside in the light she thought they were legs from a double amputee. Funny huh?

Next I needed comfort food....ahhhh...sub sandwich. So doesn't look like I'll be posting pics anytime soon. the next two weeks I have 5 finals and 8 comprehensive exams covering every subject we've ever learned in anesthesia followed by a vacation to Colorado. So ya..not too promising on the workout front. Also after that I'm moving to my first rotation. I think life will settle down once I have this all behind me...oh and of course when my camel finger turns back into a horse? what???? I think I need to be checked for head injuries

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another fun weekend in the books

Wow! Can you believe it? Fun two weekends in a row??? craziness!! Friday I was at the hospital and I got a text message (....yes...we do live normal lives when in the OR...and yes...we leave our cell phones on in the hospital..haha) anyway the text was asking me to go with a friend to the Taylor Swift concert. I guess she babysits this Radiologists kids and his 12 yr old daughter wanted to go to the concert. I guess 12 is the age when its not "cool" to be with your they hired us to take her and her friends to the concert. No worries...we got to sport their luxury SUV..I snuck pictures of their mansion for future dreams of building a big house someday...and we were off with $500 to spend at the tweenie concert. (Don't worry..I got a t shirt...and I will probably sport it! hahaha). The concert was super fun...we had lots of fun with the kids. Makes me want to have kids soon!! Then we got stuck in a huge traffic jam in the parking lot (no shit!) and had a dance party in the car with the kids. Super fun!!

Saturday I went out with the hubby and some work peeps. P90X is still goin great...however running has totally fell by the wayside because of it. YIKES!!! I got a skirt chasin 5k coming up...(and yes...that shows you my lack of running lately that I'm worried about a 5k...esp since its at altitude). I know running will come back as soon as I start rotations and I'm done everyday at 3 in a strange city in which I know no one. But for now..things are kinda crazy and I'm trying to spend time with the hubby since I will be gone for months at a time starting in a few weeks. Also finals are around the corner in a week or so. Plus P90x has created wonders I have been religiously sticking with it. PEOPLE dont hate me for banishing running for a few weeks... I'll be a good girl again soon. Maybe I'll even go for a run today... :) !

Monday, August 11, 2008

Too much fun!

Oh get ready for this.......

Randomly me and hot pants were reunited. It was a Friday afternoon...much like most Friday afternoons...I have no plans. Funny how the older I get....the more Friday nights seem to be open. Anyway....Dani, sexy twin, hot pants, however you remembered her was chatting (working) me on AOL and mentioned she was bored. Of course I immediately responded with a "Come to Savannah!!" So there you have it.....a sudden illness quickly took over her sooooo bad that she propelled herself out of the office at 3 and began trekking from Sarasota florida to Savannah Georgia.

The weekend was aweSOME! Friday night me and the 4:00 am hour met each other again. ANd this time it wasn't the alarm blaring in my face with that horrid number. I wasnt wiping the crust out of my eyes...and trying to peel my eyelids open. OH NO!!! This meeting with Mr. 4:00 am greeted me with liquor breath and the remnance of a red headed slut shot stain on my skirt. Followed by some other devious things with the hubby that he seemed to like way too much and I can hardly remember. (Sorry for the TMI). Saturday was full of shopping....real girl style. Huge deals..tons of till you DROP! literally. We stayed in sat night and got a pizza and rented enchanted. ALso drank some wine called "Bitch" it.

So there ya have it...had a blast. Missed a day of P90X! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'll survive. fo sho.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

DAMN! I'm white like rice

This was taken from "what white people like dot com"

#27 Marathons

In life, there are certain milestones of physical activity that can define you. A sub 5 second 40 yard dash, a 40 inch vertical leap and so forth. To a white person, the absolute pinnacle of fitness is to run a marathon. Not to win, just to run.

White people will train for months, telling everyone who will listen about how they get up early in the morning, they run when it rains, how it makes them feels so great and gives them energy.

When they finish the marathon, they will generally take a photo of themselves in a pair of New Balance sneakers, running shorts, and their marathon number with both hands over their head in triumph (seriously, look it up, this is universal).

They will then set goals like running in the Boston Marathon or the New York Marathon.

If you find yourself in a situation where a white person is talking about a marathon, you must be impressed or you will lose favor with them immediately. Running for a certain length of time on a specific day is a very important thing to a white person and should not be demeaned.

Also worth nothing, more competitive white people prefer triathlons because Kenyans can’t afford $10,000 specialty bicycles. If the subject ever comes up, just say that triathletes are in better shape than football and basketball players. It’s not true, but it will make the conversation a lot more genial.

Could NOT keep our arms down to our sides and play it cool. NOPE!!! We are soooooo white. I wonder if theres a post on that blog about white people wearing hot pink spandex pants??? hahaha

p.s. look out kenyans...I got the bike too!!! I'm coming..beware!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

bridge run

So today instead of our normal long run we decided to run the Talmadge Bridge. We ended up running slightly over 4 miles..which I know doesn't exactly qualify as a long run...but with the bridge and heat was strenous enough. THis is also where they host "the toughest bridge run of the south". Heres the info:

Come run Savannah's Talmadge Bridge. It's a 1.4 mile span at a 5.5% grade, 196 feet above the Savannah River

We ran from our the bridge...up...over...and down...then back up...over...and down! It was super fun. Heres some picures of the bridge

ALso heres some pictures from P90X. Day one vs. Day 15. Don't mind me..this was after the bridge run. haha

Saturday, August 2, 2008


SO I made the "yummiest" salad ever today! I got the inspiration from my Shape magazine. Basically it has romaine lettuce, mangos (yes..u can see the sticker on the mango..i know...and NO...I did'nt eat it), sliced avocado (yes my new fav food...too bad its so fattening), and some croutons. THe dressing was supposed to be olive oil, lime juice, and brown sugar...but I just sprayed it with my 1 calorie italian. The chicken was parmesean crusted chicken that I sauteed with parmesean and salt and pepper. I also added purple word.....DELICIOUS!!!!!! Try it!!

P90X going well! TOmorrow I have a long run..and arms and shoulders. I might post some pics tomorrow..or might wait until the full 30 days has passed. Can't decide. Hope everyone is having a great weekend :)

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 10 I thought I would give a little sneak preview. THis is only after 10 days. I plan to show the full before and after photos of the first 15 days on Sunday. I got anxious and wanted to see if I was making progress...I know its only been 10 days. But I can tell a difference, can you?? P90X rox! Promise! Cant wait till Sunday :)
Day one is on the left...Day ten is on the right!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Holy Gaucamole

Who ever thought a slimy green dish could taste so good???? I didnt start liking guacamole until this year..and boy was I missing out. I was one of those really picky eaters growing up that would complain that something of this sort resembled boogers. Most likely I would flick it at my brother and turn my head the other way...or start picking at my chicken nuggets. NOT ANYMORE!!! Its so easy to whip up some fresh gauc with some cilantro, lime juice, hot sauce, onions. LOVE IT!

P90X still goin well. Hubby has been doing it as well! Yesterday was arms and shoulders followed by a 30 min bike ride. Today is Yoga X and running! 3 more weeks of school after this until I'm done with classes forever!!! Can you believe it???? Then its on to my first rotation...Gainesville, GA! SOOOO Excited to get out of savannah for a bit. Sad to leave my hubby and puppy....but ya goes on. Speaking of which...look at this lil doll. I swear he should be a model....*CALLING ALL DOG MODELING AGENCIES>>LEAVE A COMMENT WITH A CONTACT NUMBER IF YOU WANT TO BOOK BENTLEY*

Sorry...I have to brag up my dog because lord knows we'll never make a kid that cute! hahaha. Hope everyone is having a great week..and thank you for the encouraging posts about my life as an anesthesia care provider. I love what I do...but its not always easy.. (meaning reading a book with my feet up on the anesthesia machine) JK

Monday, July 28, 2008

What it feels like to not wake a patient up

Unfortunately....I had to experience this today. As an anesthesia provider.....we put patients to sleep everyday and at the end of the case....we wake them back up. Simple...easy...for the most part. I have only been doing clinical rotations for one year...and I have always dreaded this day. Luckily..there was a large positive aspect to this case...the fact that this unfortunately young lady was giving 4 other people a second chance at life.

I know organ donation is a touchy subject to many people. And being a part of an organ donation (procurement) definitely leaves you with a knot in your stomach...and drains the emotions out of you. I didn't shed a many of us in the healthcare field have learned...death is a part of life. It was just the first time.....that I only got to deliver half of the anesthetic. Fortunately for was no ones fault...not the surgeons fault...not my fault...and I think that makes it easier the first time. Also the positive aspect that this person is saving other peoples lives helps. is still not easy...and I'm sure I won't have sweet dreams tonight.

On a MUCH MUCH Brighter note....P90X is AWESOMEEEEEE!!! THats all I can say about it. I can't wait to post comparisons at the 30 day mark! I love this program and recommend it to everyone out there who doesn't feel that running alone gets them "ripped". I can feel my shoulder getting stronger and stronger each day. My legs, my abs, my back, everything is tightening up. My diet has been much cleaner as well. I did a 6 mile run yesterday...but MAN is it hard to run in the heat. Hope everyone has a great week!!!!

p.s. I didnt know they really put tags on your toe before they take you to the morgue.. ...sorry..random

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Skirt chasin

Or wait.......being chased in a skirt is more like it!!!! whoooooo hoooooooooo! I'm Joining P.O.M and dragging my husband along to DENVER COLORADO!!! To do the skirt chaser race. How cool is that? It just so happened to be during my week off...sounded like were cheap....hiking in colorado sounds like a blast....getting chased in a skirt by my hottie hubby and hopefully not letting him catch me....PrIcELeSS!! hahahaahahaha...bring it Trav!

p.s. the best part...Trav doesn't even know where were going...or that he will be chasing me in a skirt...its all a surprise! hahaha

Monday, July 21, 2008

Lopsided...and no not the boobies

Usually when people talk about being lopsided...they are talking about breastssss....not arms haha. Ya know..the typical middle aged woman trying to convince her husband of why he needs to buy her a new set of Ta-Tas..."oh come on honey....they are lopsided". Should I be asking my husband for a Bicep/Shoulder implant? Seriously? I went to take my before pictures for P90X and finally saw how different my two arms are...almost 2 years after surgery. This is pathetic...and I'm glad I'm finally doing something about it. Look how much bigger my right arm is compared to the left guy... We'll see if there are improvements in the "After" pics in 90 days :) haha

Sunday, July 20, 2008

ouch X 2

So if I thought extreme yoga was bad....wakeboarding is even worse!! Can no longer grip to come!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


OK /> I'm not officially starting P90X until Sunday or Monday but decided to do the yoga DVD to test it out. I YOGA!...I'm a marathon runner....can't be that hard. I probably wont even get sweaty and will have an awesome 2.5 mile power run. WRONGGGGGGG!! After about 2 minutes of twisting, tumbling, and torturing myself...I was drenched in sweat. The torture continued on for another 40 minutes when I finally said enough is enough. The DVD is an hour and a half long...but I think its pretty typical in the beginning most people can't finish the whole thing. HOLY MOLY! Everything in my body hurts. Muscles hurt that I never knew I had before....people have been making fun of me saying that I'm sore in these places because me and the hubby were having fun in the bedroom. I wish I could say it's true...but really it was me...some guy named Tony on the DVD...and a rubber yoga mat. Not too special. I'll show some pics of what I had to do

Ok and these were all in like the first ten minutes. hahaha. I thought I was going to be lots of sitting with my hands in prayer position like this ..

But OHHHHHHHHHH NO! They even tricked me into thinking that by having everyone doing that as the DVD started. While I was by the DVD player....they had everyone looking like that...." can do this..." Then the minute you turn your back and walk away...BAM!!! Lets twist and foot in mouth and ear up butt...etc.

I challenge you people......runners.....triathloners.....if you havent tried it....get an advanced yoga DVD and do it. Supposedly it really helps you with sports. I definitely got sweaty, sore, and it cleared my mind. In a freaky way it was relaxing.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Checkin in

Hi Guys!!! Things have been going awesome over here! Going to the post office in a few to pick up the P90X DVDS but for now I have just been working on speed with running. Each day I do a 2.5 mile power run..and then lift weights and do some abs. Its been going really well and I'm starting to get a lil faster as the days go on. So far my fastest time for 2 miles is 16:30. I usually jog the last half mile. Of course I did my long run of 8 miles this weekend and almost over heated and died...(not really...exaggerating)...but it was hot! P90X will officially start Monday! I have a friend coming in town today from Ohio. Her mom babysat me when I was 8 months old and we have been friends ever since. It will be great to see a familiar face again. I am not quite sure how many workouts will get done this weekend but I'm definitely going on my long run Sunday morning. I figure I run early enough that my friend will just be waking up when I get back (usually 9ish). I think we might do a bridge run....which will be super HOT and super FUN!

What are ya'll up to this weekend?

Friday, July 11, 2008

new look?

Real quick update...everything is going good! I'll write more later...but i didn't want to drop the bomb with out explaining (new look). Anyway...I finally got my last name changed after being married over a year. My new last name is "Moore". No I'm not scared to write this on the internet because everyone in the world shares this last name with me. Anyway...I finally came to realization that I have a new much as I avoided it like the plague for a year (Even naming my blog after my maiden name). Then it hit me.....this new last name could make a pretty cool blog title!! INSTANTLY IN LOVE! So heres to new last adventures...and of course...."runnin moore" hahahaha do u like it?
p.s. the cherry blossoms are significant because I ran my first marathon in ATL which is known for cherry blossom trees...and the theme of their marathon had cherry blossom trees on it.. cool huh?

Sunday, July 6, 2008


So....I have hit some hard times this summer (obviously..). Triathlons have again...been put on hold. As some of you know I had 6 screws put in my shoulder two years ago. I finished (graduated..haha..I even got the t shirt!) from rehab...and then pretty much quit rehabbing all together. I'm not a weight lifter...i just cant do it. I do one set..get bored..and jump on the treadmill. I'm not satisfied unless all limbs are flailing around and sweat is dripping. I'm not satisfied if I'm not moving at high speeds with dangers of running into trees...or pot holes....or animals.. its just not the same moving a dumbell 6 inches at a time. HOWEVER.....due to my lack of muscle building...I am suffering....well my shoulder is. So heres the deal...I realized I messed up by just jumping into the whole triathlon thing without having 1) a good biking base and 2) solid muscles to support my weak shoulder joint. I however.....learn by my mistakes....and am pretty good at correcting them. HERES ze plan: (sorry POM)

P90X! Have u heard of it? seen the infomercials? Looks amazing and have seen some amazing transformations on YouTube. My hubby said he might even join me. So the plan is to do P90X and then run 2 runs during the week and a long run on the weekend. The goal? To get a ripped hot bod and build up all my muscles so I can take the world by surprise. I think the plyometrics will make me a better and faster runner...the yoga will help as well. All in all...this should be something that will help me get strong, lean, and eliminate injuries. I don't have the DVDs yet..but they will be here soon! I will let u know how it goes..and I will post before and after pics.....anyone want to try it? Then I can finish up the ab challenge that I started...haha

Saturday, July 5, 2008

same ole

I'm finally starting to get the hang of this vacation thing.........hahahaha
Been getting my five miles in everyday....except yest I did turbokick
Brings me to a good running question

I've found lately that when I do karate chop hands I run much smoother and faster. WHY? Do the ancient asian powers seep into my skin through the karate chop hands and begin practicing chinese fight or flight techniques? I don't get it. If I keep my hands in a loose running is more of a jog...bouncy...sloppy. I whip out the karate chop hands...and I'm swift, fast, for miles. Does anyone have answers?????

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

boredom is a bad bad thing...

Monday- walked 5 miles....I had some talking to do on the phone so I just got up and started walking....better than nothing right?
Tues- ran 4 miles (9:20 pace) walked 1 mile ----getting there right?
Wed- I plan to run 5 miles and also bike....and wash and wax my car

My mom always told me bad things come of me when I'm bored. To be perfectly honest...shes scared of next year when I'm out on rotations with nothing to do in the evenings. She said when I get bored....I get this weird twinkle in my eye...and its never good. She predicts that I will have my next 10 years planned out while on rotations. ............this week off has brought on boredom. By Tuesday...I was already contemplating packing my things (& dog) and driving to Ohio. Yesterday? I started looking at children I want to adopt.....

I think my MOm is right....boredom is a bad thing for me :)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

runnin runnin runnin....away

Hey guys! In laws are in yes..I've been preoccupied. However...I have managed to escape and do a 3 mile run and a 8 mile run this weekend. I have off next week from school and hope to run 5 miles each day. I will post each day with the results...this is an attempt to get my running back to pre-marathon levels. I'm pumped. Hopefully the heat doesn't kill me.

Saturday after my 8 mile run I was SOAKEEEED SOAKED SOAKED! I mean..literally...could wring out my shirt and fill a bucket. But...I heard Old Navy had $1 flip flops so figured...I was driving right by the mall...might as well stop by and pick up my 5 pairs (there was a limit). OMG!!! MISTAKE!!!! Literally it was worse than day after Thanksgiving shopping. Everyone lined up and charged as soon as the doors opened. YOu would have thought they were giving away free gas. Meanwhile....everyone packed themselves in by the flip flops like sardines...and there I am....the stinky kid. Still wet from running...smelly....stinky...and people touching me on all four sides. I felt bad for them. Why is it that flip flops that are normally 2/$5 become such a huge deal when they are only $1. ?? I mean...even the guy at the cash register didn't understand. I simply stopped by because I had just finished the run and drove by the mall.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Oh man...what a long day. Practicing anesthesia from 5:45 am- 5:15 pm....eeeeeeek! We did some internal cardiac defibrillators today which was pretty cool. Met an 86 yr old that walks 2 miles every day, just quit practicing dentistry 4 years ago, and takes complete care of his wife who is losing a battle to alzheimers. What an inspiration he was.

Ran 3 miles yesterday...back is still a little out of sorts...but its getting better. Definitely loving running again!

Hope everyone is having a good week :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

what the back?

seriously.....what the back? I went for a 5 mile tempo run last night and sprained my back! How does that happen? One side of my bike swelled up and it felt like i slipped a disc. I'm feeling a lil better today...but foreal!?

at least 5 more miles in the bank right?!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Few runs behind the belt

Got me 2 runs behind the belt. haha. First one was 3.5 miles of sucking was BAD! thats what happens when you take two weeks off. The next one was a much more pleasant 4 miler. THANKKKKKK goodness! I'm going to basically be starting over and building my mileage back up. Tonight I'm going cycling as soon as it cools off a bit (HA ! ya right!). I've been thoroughly enjoying the new quarter (yes I finished finals friday and started school back up on Monday...had clinical 5:45am Monday morning and a presentation due later that day...what a break). LOVED having Tuesday off...randomly my husband and I both had Tues & Thurs off this week. Monday night I went and got sushi with a friend and we sat on the dock at my house and drank and watched the sunset over the water. It was breathtaking. I'm almost in disbelief that we are really getting a break this just doesn't feel real (keep pinching myself...starting to get red marks). I love having the new class here (lil kids as I call them...I'm sure they love it). I have off again tomorrow?! Like I said..I keep repeating it because I don't believe it. I barely feel like I'm in school minus the 22 hrs a week I spend in the OR and oh wait...another 12 in class...oh crap..and of course studying. But still...this is nothing compared to what I used to do. Ahhhhhh yes....runnin duff is loving life....SO MUCH that I was actually snapping my fingers to the music on the treadmill yesterday (embarassing) (and yes..i finally got smart and starting running inside instead of 109 F heat). HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Finito. Finished. Done. Did it. Got the T shirt!
I FINISHED FINALS!! WAHOO! And the best part? THe new class started so the heat is off us! what did I do to celebrate? Got extremely inebriated! EXTREMELY! Heres some evidence.
It was super fun...somehow I feel alright today (thank you H20 & Flax seed caps)....and ready to move on with my life. SUmmer is going to be awesome...I have off next Tues and Thurs to start. Gonna run lots, swim lots, cycle lots. It all begins...................NOW!

p.s. yes all my classmates are blonde...and I heard today from the newbies...thats why some of them came to this program...hahahaha!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Life is made of circles

Somehow you always find yourself back to where you started.....or at least it seems that way. So heres my circle
Start half marathon....start triathlon training....injury....burnout...illness....finals....and here I am.. Back full circle and ready to jump on the training bandwagon again. haha. Finals end Friday....look out! Here I come! However due to the unforseen events that happened (101 fever all last week, injuries, and burnout)...I will not be doing the Chatt Waterfront Tri. Just not enough time to prepare. I am however doing the hilton head beach bum sprint triathlon!! IN THE OCEAN!! AHHHHHHH SHARKS! and maybe doing Fall Creek Falls olympic tri at the end of the summer. We'll see. I think I'm going to pick out a fall half marathon to do....see my schedule below and let me know if you have any suggestions. I was thinking Columbus Ohio in october? Since I'll be in cinci!

Sorry guys...I'm almost back. I had a really rough time there for a bit...I wiggled around it as much as I could...but eventually I had a breakdown. I couldnt stop crying... but thats ok. I'm much much much better now...almost done with school. The new class is here to take some of the pressure off us. We get every other tues/thurs off this summer!!! WHOOO HOOO!! Things are looking up. Also found out my provided "housing" in september is living with some weird guy that works at the hospital. GREAT! looks like I'll be doing lots of 20 mile runs to get out of the house ;) hahahahaha

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Still sick. Dunno what it is. I'm not sure if its still from that heat thing (since it all started the same night) or the flu?! I've ruled out carbon monoxide poisoning..because Trav woke up in the middle of the night throwing up so I went out and got a detector. No dice. At the same time I bought a new thermometer and came home and found out :
1) no Carbon monoxide in my house
2) I have a high fever
That at least led me in the right of direction as to how to treat it. At first I was beating myself up for not exposing myself to oxygen while I was at school (inspired oxygen of 100% decreases the half life of carbon monoxide 4x). But on the other hand I forgot to pick up gatorade and electrolytic fluids while I was picking up the detector. AHHHH! It just sucks...I'm nauseated...dizzy..tired...achy...haven't ate...finally slept (THANK YOU ADVIL PM!!)...haven't worked out....tried to study for finals... oh its been no fun here

On the flip side. Hubbys brother got drafted to the NY METS yesterday in round 14/50. Thats pretty exciting!

I got my schedule for next year
Jan-Westlake, OH
June-Atlanta (board exam)

So if you will be in any of those places when I am.....holla! Lets race! haha

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's gettin hot in take off all your clothes

Foreal. Our air conditioning broke last night. I don't think my husband has ever seen me naked so much before. Our THIRD floor condo was 86 F. Our dog sat there panting..we kept covering him in cool towels. Got about a half hour of sleep. Woke up throwing up and passing out......awesome. Couldn't keep down any food....still 86F. Found out they wont be here till Friday to fix it. Great... Went out and bought a window air conditioner!! PROBLEMO Solved! However I'm confined to the guest room. Bummer. Part of why I was nakey so long is because I didnt have the strength to put clothes on. I would stand up...put one arm in the shirt..and have to lay back down. Finally I ate a quarter of a peanut butter sandwich, 3 ibuprofin, and took a nap. I'm feeling better now. But missed all my classes....crap! Finals start tomorrow...wonderful. For some reason I had all this my was weird. Ibuprofin took care of that...but it scared me and made me wonder if I have MS or something!??! Now that I'm the lil med girl I am...I diagnose myself with chronic illness...spectacular!

Other than that....I FINALLY went riding on Hunter Army Airfield the other day. It was AWESOME!!! Did about 17 miles...and looked up and say a sign saying 98F! I almost crapped myself. I forgot to bring fluids figured it was time to go home. Riding on the base is awesome though because its nice and flat without much traffic. Theres a 10 mile loop that is perfect. I will definitely have to go back soon. Pool is closed this weekend...and now that I have this sudden crazy illness and have eaten about 75 calories for the day..I doubt I'll be doing much. Plus only one room of our house is <90 degrees.

I bet this post gets a lot of attn do to the naked pic...hehehehe

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Blowing Bubbles

Seems easy right? Breathe in...blow bubbles out. Something we learned to do with our rubber ducky friend at the age of TWO! Something we were then again taught in swimming lessons at age FIVE! Then why does it seem difficult at age TWENTY FOUR? Ive been a swimmer my whole life, but never quite gripped the concept of breathing out while your face is underwater so when you turn you only have to suck in. WHenever I do it...I feel panicked and starved for Oxygen. Almost like holding my breath keeps me satisfied knowing I have air. I dunno what the deal is...but blowing bubbles has become increasingly more difficult as my calendar years increase.

On the flip side...I swam THREE times this week. Crazy huh? And I figured out a way to avoid running while power walking................the answer? Not power walking at all. Then theres no temptation to run. I pretty much eliminated the sport that requires my two feet to carry me. I have stuck to the two wheels...or two arms in the water. Therefore there is no temptation to pick my feet up off the ground while walking. Problemo solvedo! Its worked for 5 days. However I want to run soon..I'm thinkin I might do the treadmill. Since its flat...maybe it wont aggrevate the IT band as much (I've dubbed IT to stand for Idiotic Torture Band)..haha. Unfortunately the pool is closed next week for repairs. Thats part of why I got so much swimming in this week. Also finals starts next you remember we have two weeks of finals. WHOOO HOOOOOo = not much training..

Hope everyone has a great weekend:)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

RunninDuff...not a cake decorator

Me and the hubby celebrated one year!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYY! I tried to replicate our cake....since everyone ate it all at the wedding. What do you think????



Clearly it is a good thing that I'm practicing anesthesia vs. baking peoples wedding cakes. And maybe I shouldn't even be doing that since I clearly cannot pay attention to detail! Anywho...this is what has gone down in ONE YEAR! Timeline fashion
May 5, 2007: Graduate with my Biomedical Engineering Degree
May 27,2007 : Celebrate a beautiful wedding in Cleveland, Ohio
May 28, 2007: Pack up the vehicles and begin the journey to Savannah, GA! Oh wait...hubbys truck falls apart in WV mountains. Get truck towed to dealership...hand over our wedding money...and buy a new car
May 29,2007: Finally arrive in Savannah at 4 am....leave at 8am for honeymoon to Costa Rica
June 10, 2007: Start graduate school and hubby starts working at Zales Jewelers
July 27, 2007: Bentley (our puppy) arrives...
July 28, 2007: Bentley eats an earring and winds up in surgery
September 2008: Hubby starts selling Nissans
October 2008: Hubby gets a great job with the Enterprise management program
December 2008: Cruise to Grandy Cayman and Cozumel
Feb 2008: Run first half marathon
March 2008: Run first marathon
April 2008: Moved from a third floor condo to another third floor condo
May 2008: Sell the a mustang convertible
May 2008: Celebrate first anniversary has been quite an eventful year....wouldnt you say? Graduated college, moved across the country, bought two new cars, moved twice, bought a puppy, ran 2 half marathons, a full marathon, 5k, and 10k. Began training for triathlons, Started and completed a year of Hell (I mean graduate school)...when it was time to do taxes...hubby had 8 W2s!!!!!!!! EIGHT!!!!....I am now starting to see why I have been quite stressed..haha.

But lifes short....dream big! Go out there and get what you want...even if it means a little added chaos. I wouldn't enjoy life if I wasn't dizzy from being busy. Maybe I can make next year even more eventful with moving every 4 weeks for rotations! Buckle up....and look forward to the ride! This girl is coming!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Power walking is physically impossible..

For me.. I made a promise..a pact with myself that I wouldn't run for a few weeks. I had the plan set in stone, even documented on the blog. I would swim and bike, but powerwalk the running portions of my training. I gave it a go for a short 3 mile power walk...and ran the better half of all of it (prob 2 miles). I thought today I might give it another shot and do a long walk (5 miles) hoping that the longer distance would keep my feet ON.THE.GROUND! No dice! Somehow I ended up running about 3.5/5 miles. So what is the problem?!?!

Well as some of you remember my post about my relationship with running. Yes was all about how you can't really be in "love" with something until it takes work. The beginning was lust..then came love. Well now came the "break up". I swear running is like a high school relationship with me. I broke up with running for a day....tried SUPER hard to stay away, but just couldn't. Its like those teenage relationships when you "Go on a break". But the next day you are back together?! You know the one! And nothing has changed....the problems that were there before "the break" are still there now, but you realized you just CAN"T live without each other. Yep..thats us. My knee still hurts...but I simply can't live without running. So then what? what do those lil smitten high schoolers do?????? They compromise. *sigh* I buy an IT band band? (haha)...Do I stretch it? Run slower? Shorter Distances? Make some dates with my IB profen bottle? Thats what I'm working on. How to compromise in this complicated relationship. Suggestions are welcome... :)

Meanwhile... I wll continue to drag my butt to the pool and spin on my bike Benson! I may attempt power walking one more time...but I might as well just get over it and move on. Were back together for now....I circled "yes" on the "WILL YOU GO BACK OUT WITH ME?" love letter.....*sigh*