Sunday, May 30, 2010


My blog has been hacked....and its completely taken over my blogging mojo...i just dont even know what to do....suggestions?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Three is key....

So for some reason I feel that 3 miles is what you need to be able to run without stopping to have a running base. Running base....not something you do in baseball..but rather a tolerance to pounding pavement and being able to increase mileage. I'm just not there yet. Only being able to run once or twice a week...I'm still at about 1.5-2 miles without stopping. But once you get to can run 5...and so on. I want to be able to run 3 miles by June 1st. That is my goal :)

In other Mom got her hip replaced yesterday. She's doing really well...they had her up and walking last night. But since my Dad is will be along road to recovery and she lives alone. I think they are only going to keep her at the hospital 4 days...and then shes on her own. Of course with us to help....but its still going to be rough for her. Keep us in your thoughts.

1.5 more weeks of maternity leave! I love my little bug..but I'm excited to start working again :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Major Turbo Kick in the butt!

So my hubby had the day off today ;) :) :) and gave me $50 and said to go shopping...and to the gym. MUSIC TO MY EAYERS!!! Shopping....Gym....No Baby? Carazy! So off I went...of course the $50 only went so far and then I had to start pulling out money of my own. I accidentally showed up for my gym class an hour early..which meant an extra hour of shopping (my gym is conveniently located in a mall...). After I got a workout carrying all my shopping bags...I headed to the gym for a turbo kick class. Right before I got married I would do turbo kick almost everyday. It got me in crazy good shape..and I would supplement with running a few miles a few times a week. I got pretty good at it...and I realized how out of shape you get after poppin out a kiddo. My abs are nowhere where they used to be....(i mean they are still located in the middle of my body sillies!!...but they are weakkkkkkk) I was covered in sweat...I felt tight everywhere..and it was just glorious. Makes me realize that running isn't quite the full body workout that we think it is. I was able to get back to running pretty easily without crazy amounts of soreness. Yes I was breathing hard...and felt like the biggest loser contestant...but I was able to get up and move the next day. My friends.....moving tomorrow might be a bit of an issue. Either way I'm pumped and want to find a way to get to turbo twice a week. See ya later extra lbs......

Monday, April 26, 2010

Thank you :)

A MAJOR thanks to everyone that left encouraging comments on my last post. ESP thanks to the moms who re-assured me that it takes a little while to get back down to pre-preg weight. i was just un-realistic and expecting it to all just come off right away. I'm only 5 weeks out right I guess I just have to be patient. *sigh*

I had a great weekend filled with lots of shopping, some charity work, family time....but really no time for myself to go workout. I did walk 2.5 miles to my brothers house one day...and the charity work was very active...but that was about it. Tomorrow my husband has I'm hoping to go to the gym and do turbo-kick with my sister in law. The problem is that my husband gets home from work between 6:45-7. By the time he showers (he works out at lunch)..changes...and gets downstairs for dinner its usually 7:15. By the time dinner is is cleaned up etc its usually around 8 and bedtime routines are starting for the baby. Obviously breastfeeding makes anything difficult since you are tied down every two hours. It's pretty near impossible for me to get to the gym/run during the week. I am able to walk during the week with the stroller...but I can't run with a stroller until little man is at least 6 months. Any suggestions? I guess I could do some home workout dvds...just sounds mundane though. As soon as I go back to work and we have child care it will be easier because I can just drop by the gym before I go get the little guy at day care. But for now...maternity leave makes things difficult. Who woulda thought?

Do you get anxiety just thinking about traveling with your little ones?? Dirty gas stations...nowhere to breastfeed...McD's without a playground???

Check out !! My friend started this website with intentions of making traveling a breeze....even with little offspring tagging along. There is even an iphone app in the works!

I'll leave you with this bit of cuteness...brought to you by "the little man"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Biggest Loser...

Well I went for a run/walk yesterday. I had made the goal of not walking at all....but I don't think I'm quite ready for that yet (I had a pretty traumatic delivery..wont go into details). As I began shuffling my feet, one in front of the other, I felt soooo heavy. I know I'm carrying around a few extra lbs..(ok more than a few)....but really??? All I could think about was the Biggest Loser contestants. You see them the first time they try and get on a treadmill and you can almost feel their pain. You can hear how hard they are breathing...and it's not because they are running a sub 8 minute way jose....even just walking they are breathing hard. You can see the look of anguish on their face as they put one foot in front of the can almost feel how heavy they are just watching them. That's exactly how I felt yesterday.....I felt like I wasn't moving very fast...but at the same time...I was zonked! I pictured myself wearing a bright pink Biggest Loser t-shirt and could even hear someone in the distance telling me to pick up the pace....

I sure hope I feel different in a few weeks. I understand it took 9.5 months to get my body this it's going to take a bit of time to get it back. Right now I weigh 148 lbs....I hope to be 140 by the time I go to work May 17th! Time to stop whining and make it happen...1..2...3.. go!

Monday, April 19, 2010

BOB Revolution

So I've been contemplating jumping the gun and buying a nice jogging stroller....(maybe I should spring for some adult depends first...see post below on post-partum pants peeing). Its one of those things that I think if you are going to jog with your baby....its better to not skimp on the stroller you get. I feel like you are more likely to give up running...if you have rickety stroller that makes an already challenging task harder. So after reading some reviews...Ive come to the virtual conclusion that the BOB is the way to go!

The revolution that is!! any thoughts? experiences? opinions? HELP!! :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm one...

I apologize to everyone for falling off the face of the earth. you could probably life began to spiral faster than even runninduff could keep up with. I am used to maintaining 3 major life events at once....but even this was just too much to handle. For those of you who need a little re-cap......I moved from Savannah, GA back to Cleveland, Ohio last spring. My husband, puppy & I moved back in with "the Mom" for a while until I finished grad school. I continued moving back and forth from Georgia & Ohio to finish up my school rotations while studying for my national board exam. I cram cram cram....take the exam...and go out partying. See below..

The little bit of relaxation (aka bud light)....and some sexy time to follow...and sure enough...I was knocked up! Of course I didn't figure this out for a while because I was one of those lucky girls that was tagged "un-preg-able" by the doctors...boy did I show them!! September comes and I finally graduate!!! YIPPPEEEE!! We took an awesome trip to Alaska....and began looking for houses. In October I began my career as a real grownup. What a crazy ride!! All of a sudden I was responsible for peoples lives all by one could have prepared me for how stressful yet rewarding it would be to start life doing anesthesia on my own. In November we found the perfect house...see the previous post. IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!! And this is where the blog fell by the wayside! Trying to manage being pregnant, my new career, buying/moving into a house, preparing a nursery......was more than I bargained for....and the blog died.

It also didn't help that as these events went weight was going up. See below..

It was getting harder to maintain running and the other things that I used to blog about. I felt embarrassed...I didn't have much to talk about besides all the distractions pulling me away from running & staying active. After all...this blog was not titled "duffs crazy life"....I didn't think you all cared to hear the agonizing details of our house buying process...or what it was like to navigate through my first code (patient who crashed and needed advanced life support). then there was the MAIN event! The birth!! haha....

I'd love to introduce to you my newest little fan....Carson Jay..

I LOVE HIM!! Don't you?? He was born March 19, 2010 (obviously..haha) at 5:18 pm. He weighed 7 lbs and 13 oz (who knew I could fit that much human in me?) and he was 21 inches long! So far he is an absolute doll...and we are in love. So here I am....4 weeks out....not budging on buying new clothes in a new size.....yet the old clothes aren't budging to fit over my hips!!! I decided to go for a "run" and see what happens......well without getting too graphic...I peed myself!!! You have got to be frickin kidding me! The joys of being a here I am. I'm back!! I sincerely apologize for falling off the face of the many of you left nice comments wondering how I was. I'm alive...and well. The house is great....the baby is great...and peeing herself! GREAT! (insert sarcasm). I'm totally ready to start getting back in shape and I can't wait to run another race! Missed you guys!! xoxo!