Saturday, January 31, 2009

Things I've learned about having a trainer...

1) Never forget that extra swipe of deodrant right before the gets pretty ugly

2) When they say "Be Tough!" that means you cannot quit... somehow you will find the strength to do a few more

3) Never make plans for the next day that involve any kind of lifting or physical activity...even if that means putting your hair in a pony tail

4) Trainers can push you WAYYYYYYY harder than you would ever push yourself. I can't tell you how many times I thought I was done..couldn't do another rep...and he would say "OK five more good ones!". Some how I found a way each time to do 5 more...but never would have done them by myself

5) Take your wedding rings not because hes a cute trainer and you are trying to pick him up...but because lifting heavy weight makes the skin rip off your hands when you have rings on

6) Might be best to wear are often doing things with your legs straight up in the air and they are standing above you. I luckily had the running shorts on with the built in underwear so he didn't get any free shows...but I'm sure I was exposing all the cellulite on my thighs to everyone at the gym haha

7) Beware when they say something like "Oh I just learned this new cool core move..." Things that the trainer just "learned" are often pretty difficult

8) I have probably never been in this good of shape....

9) Being healthy is worth every penny you have

10) Looking good is worth every penny even you don't have :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Truckin along

Things are still going very well. Today I banged out a 4 mile run in 37 mins which included the warm up and walking for a minute or so. So that is a pretty smokin pace for this girl. Then I proceeded to do my leg workout. Everything goes well until I get to the Lunge/Scissor jump superset. I literally have to talk myself out of quitting everytime. I have tried doing it at the beginning..tried saving it for the end...almost skimped out on one of the sets of scissor jumps today..tried talking myself into only doing 2 sets instead of 3. So far..I've made it through each and every one. However in EVERY other exercise I've done I've been able to increase weight or reps. With these..I simply make it through. Usually my heart rate is sky high..I get kinda dizzy. No pain no gain right?

I mysteriously gained back one of the pounds I lost....but I've also been pushing it REALLY hard in the gym this week with lifting. I think it might be muscle water retention...I'm going to carefully evaluate my diet though just in case. Yesterday during my upper body workout I could barely open the door to the aerobics room because my arms were shaking so bad from the work out. I had to use my body to wedge in there and my hip to bump open the door. I'm sure it was a pretty funny sight. I can't wait for 4 weeks to fly by and see what weight I am and what my body fat has done. I've been workin harddddd! Also it seems that my footy isn't swelling up as much anymore. I think the interval cardio workouts have helped my speed a bit.

Wow this was a boring bad..haha

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Do You Ever....?

Do you ever eat a big meal...a meal that you know you probably should have left the last few bites on the plate...but for some reason you aren't full? You have that guilty feeling like I just ate 3 cheeseburgers and fries..there is NO way I should be hungry right now feeling. Then all of a burp....and think...well now I'm DEFINITELY not full!!!! Thats the worst feeling ever. Because before the weren't quite full...but not quite hungry either. After the burp you are definitely hungry with the new room...and my first conclusion is always to chug some diet pop to fill that space back up! haha

Sorry...very random. Just wonder if that ever happens to anyone else. Weight lifting and running is going well. I'm thinking of doing a half marathon April 4th in Indiana. Also contemplating a little vacay to Vegas....

Saturday, January 24, 2009

So Far...So Good

Trainers work...I love it! So far I've lost 4 lbs...feel great...look great. Its alllllllllllll good! For me, I've always been able to motivate myself to run. Mainly just getting the miles in...occasionally trying to speed things up. But Mr. Trainer says I have to do intervals...and all that good stuff. Things I know I should have been doing..but just never did. Now that I'm held accountable...its in full swing. Not only am I getting stronger, my runs are getting faster, my body is responding because its not the same steady-state runs I do all the time. I also realized that runs were very comfortable for me. I was never pushing the pace like I should have...but thats all changing...NOW!

Weight training for me was always sporadic. Do this 4 times..try that 5 times..never knew how much or what I did the time before. This structured workout is really helping me to make sure I'm achieving my goals of getting stronger. I write everything down..have a plan..and tackle it! So far so good....stay tuned :)

p.s. theres talk of another half marathon April 4th...IU (indiana university).. exxxxxxxciting!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


So I'm almost back to normal...key word..almost. The arch of my right foot is still swollen and bothersome. OK working on my feet 12 hours a day doesn't help either...but hopefully I should be good to go by this weekend. I can now happily run up and down the stairs without looking like a donkey trying to run hurdles and poop at the same time. Its pretty magnificent..............however.....I got suckered. The day after the marathon I decided to be ambitious and go up to the gym and do some bike and elliptical to work out some of the soreness from the *ahem* untrained marathon. I was watching all the personal trainers sit on their asses..and figured it wouldn't hurt to ask them some advice on my current situation. Judging by the limp I had going on..and the fact that I'm definitely not "gangsta" despite what some of you may think, it was pretty obvious that I was in some pain and in need of some help.

The guys were somewhat friendly...but I could tell they were elluding to the fact that maybe I hadn't prepared well enough for the marathon...who?????? me??????? who are they kidding? haha. One thing lead to the next..and I had an appointment to just "go over things". It got cancelled once due to open heart surgery I was in the middle of..but somehow the guy suckered me into picking out another day to come. Well unfortunately that day was today..and maybe I felt weak or something..or since I was still a little sore and off balance..I felt really stupid and in need of help. Each move he would have me do I felt like a 500 lbs whale trying to balance on a popsicle stick.I kept tumbling over...he tried to be nice and mention the words "shifting", "unstable". Now seriously folks...I was a little sore and stiff and probably could have done these moves better under different circumstances..but I honestly felt like an obese cow rolling around huffing and puffing. So there I am...signing my name next to a 12 month contract. I'll let ya all know how it goes....but once again...I'm a sucker :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

the real deal

Let me start by saying...nothing about this race was "ideal". I guess I'm just not the "ideal" kind of marathoner we all hoped for (including myself). I woke up Friday at 4:45 am SHARP and quickly got ready for the hospital. Got halfway there and noticed my car felt unusually unstable. WTF is going on? this car is brand tires...besides for the 10 inches of snow..there was def a problem. I take my hands off the steering wheel and almost go off the road. You've got to be kidding me right? Get out...flat tire! That's how it all started....

Go to the some surgeries..leave early to go let the dog out and catch my flight. I hadn't really packed yet (oh ya know..minor detail) I still had to do that as well. I was in a huge rush..walked out the door and forgot my camera and ipod. Let me repeat...FORGOT MY IPOD! Yes forgetting camera was sucky...esp since I was in Disney...even more especially because my friend I was staying with forgot hers too. But lets get serious...running a marathon untrained without an ipod? FORGET IT!

Flight was uneventful..thank god. Went and picked up race numbers..tried to scheme how we were going to sneak into the half marathon..have an amazing sushi dinner..and lights out. 3:45 am alarm goes off..there is no way we're getting out of bed. NO WAY! Shut it off..roll over...and not another word was said

Wake up at 9:00 and decide that a GOOD idea would be to do the park hopper deal at Disney and hop around all 4 parks ALL day. At this point...were thinking we might try to do the full on Sunday. Lets think...walking around amusement parks all the sun (no sunscreen by the way)...probably not the BEST way to spend the day before a UNTRAINED marathon.

So to the next point..our training. What training? Did you say a train was coming? Yeah..about that. If you call an 8 mile run in November training..then put a check next to the box. Because that is all we did in preparation of this event. I know its stupid...but no one ever said being adventurous was always the smartest thing. So here is another thing that made conditions NOT ideal...AT ALL.

Fuel...ya know...the stuff that keeps you repeating right foot, left foot. Didn't bring any of GU, no shot nothing. We ended up buying some cookies to eat for breakfast...but thats all the fuel we had.

Fanny pack....nope didnt have that either. My friend ended up letting me borrow an extra IPOD that she I ended up carrying my phone in one hand...Itouch (pretty large) in the other hand the whole race. DEFINITELY not ideal...esp for my shoulders.

Clothing...I had awesome running shorts with the built in underwear and all that good jazz. Did I wear them? Nope..opted for the capri wind pants because I thought the start of the race might be cold. HELLOOOO Runninduff...FLORIDA!? Did you even check the weather to see race day forecast? Nope.. haha I also wore my LONG SLEEVED marathon shirt as well...which ended up being tied around my waist the whole time and causing more sweating..more fluid loss..and more heat around the mid section. AWESOME

Oh yeah..and did we learn a lesson by not having sunscreen on the day at Disney parks? Nope..forgot it for the marathon well as my sunglasses. As you see... I failed on all aspects of executing this marathon.....but despite all odds....

The race started with fireworks. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Super fun...lots of atmosphere. I esp loved running past the epcot ball at the beginning, running through the castle, running through Epcot country at the end..and most of all...FINISHING! I hit the wall at mile 20..wait what? no one ever hits the wall at mile 20!! (jk obviously). Had to walk a little bit..then realized it hurt less to keep running. I finished in 5:01 which was good for a PR...but fell short of breaking 5 hours :( boooo! But for not training..and all the other circumstances...I was happy.

Now my body on the other hand...NOTTTTTTTTTT happy. My legs have never hurt so bad in my life...its insane! I can't walk, squat, kneel, stretch, bend over or anything that resembles any of those actions. I believe this is wehre the "I told ya so.." of not training for an event comes in. In other news...all our friends finished that were running...and Danielle (hot pants) rocked it out with a 3:57 KILLING her previous time of 5:19! Insane right? So that was it! Great times.. I'll probably stick to half marathons for a while...but surprisingly i Felt pretty good the whole race and am starting to get that bug ALREADY of..."man..i want to do another one" haha. INSANE!

Ran the full

Got a PR...details to come

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Change of plans

Last minute decision...were going to attempt to run the half as bandits! Lots of reasons..don't have time to explain, but I'll be cheer on the marathoners!! See ya at the kingdom!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Second Resolution the second resolution is running related. (which I guess is a good thing since this is a running blog!!)Resolution: Run every other day (at least 2 miles..but usually shoot for 3 or more). I mean this is something I usually do anyway..but I want it in writing. The thing is...I think I used to run everyday...but ever since I started running every OTHER day, I have gotten faster, stronger, less bored etc. So for me..this is the wayyyy to go. The other days I usually do the elliptical or something else cardio-ish. Another thing is that I'm not going to plan on running any marathons this year (besides Disney on Sunday which I didn't train for). I just realized at this point in my life that it's not feasible to put that amount of time into running all the time..and half marathons much more suit my lifestyle. SO half marathons it is. Also...I can't wait to meet some cycling buddies in Cleveland to get on my bike and start getting experience with that as well.

So here ya have it...resolution #2!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

First Resolution

So my first resolution...HYDRATION!!!!

Sounds easy right? Tip...Sip...and Swallow right? How hard can it really be to drink the clear stuff? Answer.....EXTREMELY! In my field we are not allowed to consume liquids for more than one reason. Obviously we aren't aloud to bring drinks into to the OR (although I have seen people bring coffee in..tisk tisk)..and secondly..we can't get up and go to the bathroom. This makes it very challenging to stay hydrated and I often notice my pee is NEON green. BAD BAD BAD!! So my goal is to carry a water bottle with me everywhere I go besides in the OR and completely load up as soon as my foot crosses the red sterile line. I'm also hoping to cut back on cola products (I drink diet..but its probably even worse than regular with the chemicals it has).

SO heres my least 3 bottles of water a day (doesnt sound like much does it?..that shows you how bad I've been). Does beer count? I think not! I definitely fulfilled the 3 bottle rule with beer today...but shucky doesn't count.

P.S. funny side note...I forced hubby to go workout after we got trashed at this beer brewing place..he ended up throwing up for 1/3 of our workout in the bathroom. too funny...that shows how hard core we are :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcoming 2009 with open arms..haha

2009...thank god you got here!! I couldn't wait ONE more second (since they already made me wait an extra second...)! The evening was very nice and laid back. We went to a friends party and hung out...celebrated 2009 with a nice kiss...and returned home to rescue my puppy (left him at home with my Mom and the grandkids). New years day has been nothing but laziness...took the puppy to the dog park..and decided to pretty much take a day off. I had worked out pretty hard the last 6 days in a row with yesterday being no exception. Today is all about relaxin!

Another big deal about a new year means one more year my husband and I have been together. We started dating on New Years Eve 2004/2005 which means we have officially been in love for 4 years!! Pretty good eh?

I'm sure everyone has some pretty big aspirations for do I..but I don't want to spoil my blog by listing them all. It will be more exciting if I just talk about them as I accomplish them. Also...if I miss one or one will know...hahaha.

I hope everyone had a great new years eve..lets have a great 2009...and maybe I can talk the world into skipping 2010 since even years seem to suck for me.