Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Truckin along

Things are still going very well. Today I banged out a 4 mile run in 37 mins which included the warm up and walking for a minute or so. So that is a pretty smokin pace for this girl. Then I proceeded to do my leg workout. Everything goes well until I get to the Lunge/Scissor jump superset. I literally have to talk myself out of quitting everytime. I have tried doing it at the beginning..tried saving it for the end...almost skimped out on one of the sets of scissor jumps today..tried talking myself into only doing 2 sets instead of 3. So far..I've made it through each and every one. However in EVERY other exercise I've done I've been able to increase weight or reps. With these..I simply make it through. Usually my heart rate is sky high..I get kinda dizzy. No pain no gain right?

I mysteriously gained back one of the pounds I lost....but I've also been pushing it REALLY hard in the gym this week with lifting. I think it might be muscle water retention...I'm going to carefully evaluate my diet though just in case. Yesterday during my upper body workout I could barely open the door to the aerobics room because my arms were shaking so bad from the work out. I had to use my body to wedge in there and my hip to bump open the door. I'm sure it was a pretty funny sight. I can't wait for 4 weeks to fly by and see what weight I am and what my body fat has done. I've been workin harddddd! Also it seems that my footy isn't swelling up as much anymore. I think the interval cardio workouts have helped my speed a bit.

Wow this was a boring bad..haha


Anonymous said...

YOu are doing great! Kepp it up.

Mark said...

Great 4 miler!