Thursday, January 15, 2009


So I'm almost back to normal...key word..almost. The arch of my right foot is still swollen and bothersome. OK working on my feet 12 hours a day doesn't help either...but hopefully I should be good to go by this weekend. I can now happily run up and down the stairs without looking like a donkey trying to run hurdles and poop at the same time. Its pretty magnificent..............however.....I got suckered. The day after the marathon I decided to be ambitious and go up to the gym and do some bike and elliptical to work out some of the soreness from the *ahem* untrained marathon. I was watching all the personal trainers sit on their asses..and figured it wouldn't hurt to ask them some advice on my current situation. Judging by the limp I had going on..and the fact that I'm definitely not "gangsta" despite what some of you may think, it was pretty obvious that I was in some pain and in need of some help.

The guys were somewhat friendly...but I could tell they were elluding to the fact that maybe I hadn't prepared well enough for the marathon...who?????? me??????? who are they kidding? haha. One thing lead to the next..and I had an appointment to just "go over things". It got cancelled once due to open heart surgery I was in the middle of..but somehow the guy suckered me into picking out another day to come. Well unfortunately that day was today..and maybe I felt weak or something..or since I was still a little sore and off balance..I felt really stupid and in need of help. Each move he would have me do I felt like a 500 lbs whale trying to balance on a popsicle stick.I kept tumbling over...he tried to be nice and mention the words "shifting", "unstable". Now seriously folks...I was a little sore and stiff and probably could have done these moves better under different circumstances..but I honestly felt like an obese cow rolling around huffing and puffing. So there I am...signing my name next to a 12 month contract. I'll let ya all know how it goes....but once again...I'm a sucker :)


Mark said...

The donkey imagery is fantastic! Yep, there's one born every minute..take it from me.
Hope all goes well,

Stuart said...

Well it will only get better! Consider it an investment.

Danielle Runs said...

you are gangsta... don't deny your roots ;)

love ya donkey!!!!

audgepodge said...

Who knows - maybe you'll love it!

Mnowac said...

A 12 month contract for PT? Oh man those Personal Training or the gym?