Saturday, January 31, 2009

Things I've learned about having a trainer...

1) Never forget that extra swipe of deodrant right before the gets pretty ugly

2) When they say "Be Tough!" that means you cannot quit... somehow you will find the strength to do a few more

3) Never make plans for the next day that involve any kind of lifting or physical activity...even if that means putting your hair in a pony tail

4) Trainers can push you WAYYYYYYY harder than you would ever push yourself. I can't tell you how many times I thought I was done..couldn't do another rep...and he would say "OK five more good ones!". Some how I found a way each time to do 5 more...but never would have done them by myself

5) Take your wedding rings not because hes a cute trainer and you are trying to pick him up...but because lifting heavy weight makes the skin rip off your hands when you have rings on

6) Might be best to wear are often doing things with your legs straight up in the air and they are standing above you. I luckily had the running shorts on with the built in underwear so he didn't get any free shows...but I'm sure I was exposing all the cellulite on my thighs to everyone at the gym haha

7) Beware when they say something like "Oh I just learned this new cool core move..." Things that the trainer just "learned" are often pretty difficult

8) I have probably never been in this good of shape....

9) Being healthy is worth every penny you have

10) Looking good is worth every penny even you don't have :)


audgepodge said...

Great list! I am totally with you on #6 - I always think about what I'm doing before I pack my gym back because I have the same fear about exposing cellulite :)

Laura said...

You really really really should register for the lottery for the NYC Marathon! If you don't get in, pick any other race in NYC and just come visit for the weekend :)