Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Little Monster

Heres a little peak at the monster that is growing inside of me
Belly & legs

Its a cute lil thing huh? Long legs...for sure! We still didn't find out what were having....yay! I'm glad we were strong!! Also I started work Monday....Monday was pretty rough. I actually had to stay an hour late on my first day. Today definitely made up for it...I got done an hour early :) And things went a lot smoother. Its going to be such a crazy transition...not to mention while I'm 5 months pregger and trying to buy a house. AHHHHHHHHH! Why do I do this to myself?

Still been managing to stay very active. Hubby and I walk 1.5 miles together everynight and then I walk an additional 2-3. Baby has been kicking me like crazy. Its such a weird feeling...and the worste is when he/she uses my bladder as a punching bag.

So thats the update :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

18 weeks preggers

Heres a pic of me at 18 weeks!!! wahooooo! Almost half way done :) Kid...if youre listening...feel free to come out a few days early!

Went for quite a few 3-4 mile walks this week. Tried to get to prenatal yoga...however punched in the wrong address and got there late. I'm going to re-attempt tomorrow evening. I HAVE TO START WORK IN A WEEEEEEEEK! Lordy lordy...that means no more lounging around...no more chatting with friends all day....no more nothin. Full days of working on my feet, knocking patients out, waking them up, sticking needles in peoples spines, eeeeeek! Can I please have another week off? Just ONE more weeek? I swear God, I'll be ready after that. I don't want to be a big girl (looks down....points to the baby)...yeah I know..too bad!

I refinished a dresser that was used by my hubbys Grandmother when she was younger. His Mom then used it...then hubby...and now baby. We painted it white and it looks gorgeous. We ordered some starfish knobs to go along with our beach theme! I'll def have to post some pictures when its all said and done.

Still working on buying a house...one of these days...just look for a big post saying...NO LONGER HOMELESS! It's bound to happen in the next few months.

I'll post some pics of the kid after the ultrasound....don't forget that were not finding out the gender. So that will stay a surprise until the end....(kid refer to the top about coming early).

Hope life is well with everyone else :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


It's not quite winter yet, but somehow I've been hibernating...or hidernating (hiding)..whatever you want to refer to it as. We had an amazing trip to Alaska...check out the pictures here
We saw Lions, Tigers, and Bears OH MY! Wait....Whales, Eagles, and Bears was more like it. We also saw harbor seals, sea lions, sea otters etc. We went salmon fishing and had 27 lbs of salmon shipped back to Ohio! It was just an awesome trip but you really have to see the pictures to get an idea of how great it was. So stop reading this boring thing and go check them out!!!

After we got back from the trip it took a few days to get used to being on Eastern time again. I wanted to write a blog summing up the trip and all that good stuff, but there was some depression looming over me. Everytime I would sit down to write, all I could think about was the fact that in a few days, it would be a year since I saw my Dad last. So then I decided I really needed to write something about that and just how fast a year goes by. And how crazy it was to hear the horrible news...and how hard it was to go back to the unstable life I was living moving around the country as an anesthesia student away from all my family and friends. All the ups and downs I had the entire year...but nothing could bring me to actually sit down and write about it. I wrote the blog post in my head night after night after night...laying there sleepless. Yet somehow I couldn't make my fingers type it.

So I waited until all that passed...then I went on a trip to North Carolina for my cousins wedding. And now I'm back...bumming around...waiting until October 26th to come so I can start my career and get on with my life. But truly....bumming around has been great! I've gotten massages, hair cuts, spent time working on my charities, spent time with my little puppy, taken a lot of long walks, gone to the gym, talked to friends....I really don't ever want to go back to work. CAN I PLEASSSSSSSSE BE A STAY AT HOME MOM??????? PLEAAASEEEE??

Oh yeah...the Mom thing....that's going well too. I've gained 3 lbs so far (as of last week) and I'm quickly approaching 18 weeks. I get my ultrasound next week (hiding my eyes so I don't accidentally see a hot dog or hamburger if you know what I mean)...and the baby is doing just great. I would post belly pics....if I had a belly at all. People make fun of me since I'm not showing at all...even the massage therapist said to just go ahead and get a regular massage laying on my back/belly instead of the prenatal one on your side. I can tell though....that little belly is just waiting to start popping any day now.

Workouts: ahhhhh yes....the main reason I started this blog. Workouts have consisted of 2-5 mile walks. Usually I end up squeezing in 4 times a week....sometimes more. Sometimes I lift a little...sometimes I dont. I would love to start jogging again....maybe I'll start some walk/jogging. Jog a few minutes....walk a few minutes.

So thats the update on me...I'm done hiding.. :)