Monday, November 10, 2008

Me vs. Nature

There is something so simple about lacing up a pair of running shoes and being out the door. A way to get away from the buzz of daily life, ringing cell phones, piles of unread mail, and the glare of violence from the tv. No $$ needed...its something that us Americans can share with the world. People of all countries, all ages, all races, all sexes can enjoy something so simple as putting one foot in front of the other, time and time again. Then there is the comraderie between runners. We don't even have to share the same language...all it takes is a simple head nod which says enough. A nod that silently acknowledges the simple gift of being one vs. nature.

Lately my world has been crazy, God has forced me to look at my life in ways I never have. Suddenly things that were of major importance have faded away. Money no longer has the same meaning, working your life away to make social gains are no longer tempting, and nothing is more precious than spending time with family. The weather, my car, the couch I sit longer have significance in my life. I have realized more now than ever....that "you just never know..." I want to leave this world with a solid sense of what it is...I want to experience it for everything it has to offer. I want to become one with nature...or at least battle vs. nature. There is one way to thoroughly get a grip on something so complex...and that is to conquer it. I want to live everyday like it was my last...or at least die trying. I have learned one big thing....that in the end...its all the little things. A hug from a friend. Your Dog's wagging tail. Laughing with family. Watching the sunrise. A pair of running shoes.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Summarize sum up the last week. I finished up my time at the hospital in Cincinnati. That night we had trick or treat at my cousins house. I soon learned how to be "cool" on Halloween. For the last ohhh...say 5 years....Halloween has been all about wearing a slutty costume and seeing who can do the most "jager bombs." Now that kids are in the distant future, I figured what better time to start figuring out this whole "Halloween w/ kids thing." So we dressed up lil cousin as a Lion...took a few beers and a bunch of candy...and set up "shop" in the driveway. Next thing you know...everyone is doing jell-o shots at the neighbors house. A half hour later...lil Lion and Dad come back with a mini beer (for Dad..not the Lion). So here is where I realized...that the "cool" peepz give out booze to the adults and candy to the kids. I'm totally stealing that idea and hoping it spreads like wild fire. The only problem is that when Trick or Treat is over....the adults pass out..and the kids are on a sugar buzz. I'll have to find a way to work in some benadryl in the mix of all the consumed candy.

Saturday morning I got up and played co-ed flag football. Later on my Mommy came into town with my Aunt and we celebrated my Mom's 55th birthday (sorry Mom) by making a gourmet dinner and a homemade cake. Sunday morning I was sad to leave Cinci and my fun roomies (cousins) but had to start my georgia adventure early.

So far it has completely sucked being back in Georgia. Its been great to have my husband, puppy, and house........but the rotation has been horrible. This city is notoriously known for treating you like shit in the hospital and this rotation has been no exception. I wish there was a switch I could turn in my head to make me back to "normal" (my version of normal anyway..haha)...but it just doesn't exist. People at the hospital asked if maybe I went back to work too soon (i think they were concerned i might kill someone....jk) Basically...all I can do is show up and do my best everyday. I know that its not the best I have...but its the best I can do considering the circumstances. Taking more time off won't will just allow me to get more rusty. Eventually the kinks will work itself out. It definitely is NOT helping that I have to move every month and start over. At this point...a little consistency and stability is what I'm craving.

In running news...I went and got fitted for some new running shoes. I loved my Brooks...but this time I got some Adidas.....weird...I never run in Adidas...but I'm willing to try it. I had a nice 5 mile run today... I gotta go for 8-10 this weekend. The training has begun my friends...and it feels wonderful. I also booked my flight and hotel for the Disney marathon. I want to make a shirt that says "In Memory * Disney 4 Dad" to wear...anyone have suggestions of where to do this?