Thursday, July 30, 2009

The follow-up: Hubbys Reaction

So I take the test....Preggers x 3! Believe me..I probably would have finished off the box of 5 if I could..but my Mom hid them from me. Meanwhile hubby is in New York visiting his brother (pitcher for minor leagues). Eventhough I was so excited that I wanted to run a marathon (no not really..)...I knew I had to wait until he got home. So the long wait began....and the wheels began turning.....

I laid awake all night on Sunday dreaming up baby names. I mean ALL night. I think the only way I got to work on Monday was on pure adrenaline...(esp since this lil peanut took away all my coffee). I decided to go over to old navy and get 2 little outfits one that said "I'm handsome like Daddy" and one that said "I love my Mommy & Daddy!" and figured I would put them in a bag with the test that said P-R-E-G-N-A-N-T! (or all 3 for that matter)

Hubby comes home frm the trip and I immediately ask "wheres my t shirt?" Of course he was a little offended that those were the first words out of my mouth...(he'll get over it). So he gave me my new brooklyn cyclones shirt and then I told him I got him a shirt too.

I hand over the old navy bag and he pulls out the first outfit. He has a strange look on his face and then says "so are we stocking up or something?"....pulls out the second outfit and looks at me like "wheres my shirt?"....pulls out the pregnancy test and says "Is this one of those tests girls take to see if they are pregnant"

At this point the lightbulb goes off........."WAIT!! IS this YOUR pregnancy test?" And he immediately turns bright red....and I had tears dripping down my face. I wrote him a nice little card about how its still early and just realize if you decide to tel people...that something bad could still happen (As I manage to share the news with the whole world!).

So Life being pregnant....
I think about baby names 75% of the day
Stomach hurts...a lot...
Booobs.....they should be free pregnancy tests....who needs pregnancy tests when you wake up one day and feel like your boobs got in a fight with each other?
Also I never feel alone. Its the weirdest thing...but I got in the car this morning and starting jamming to a song and I looked down and thought " like this song too?" Whenever I get really really excited I think...uh oh...Baby is probably getting excited too. It sorta feels like you have a little shadow with you at all times. A shadow that will eventually make your own shadow double in size...ughhh....yipppeeee...bring it on!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


oK... since I'm terrible at keeping secrets!! Heres the jumping bean in the belly...due to come out March 22nd. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I know I mentioned that I wanted to start trying to have a family soon...however as I was typing that I had no clue that I was already preggers. Crazy...heres the story..

To not completely gross out the guys..I'll say this....the normal thing that girls do once a month...I haven't really done in about 2 years. Ok..maybe 5 times in 2 years...but I know one thing...SOMETHIN aint right!! My doctor ran a bunch of tests and prescribed me fertility drugs for whenver I wanted to start trying. My Mom took 5 long years to get so lucky with me (when I say lucky....I mean SUPER lucky...:) So I really thought that hubby and I were going to have some "fun" trying for a while (sorry Mom). I mean really...who's not up for that challenge?

So I take my board exam (See below)..partied my brains off (see below)...and apparently made a baby right after. I honestly don't know how it happened (Ok...wait..I know how it happened..I don't need the birds and bees talk)..but I really didn't think I could get prego for a least until I began taking fertility drugs and made myself more regular. This is truly a miracle!!!

So all of a sudden my girl parts starting hurting real bad (no not my yahoo....the twins upstairs). Every time I rolled over in bed I would wake up in pain. I went for a nice hard run..and thought my ta-ta's were going to fall off. I also seemed sorta sleepy....but I had just started taking some new medication and thought it could all be side effects. I don't know what...but something posessed me on Sunday to take a pregnancy test. I really did not think I was pregnant at all..but just wanted to entertain myself on a Sunday afternoon (Oh come on people...don't act like you don't ever get bored on Sundays and take pregnancy tests to add some adventure to your life). So I'm on the phone with my friend..and look down and these words stared me in the face
P-R-E-G-N-A-N-T....what?????? theres no way...theres no stinkin way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So of course there were some profanities........and shock...then I chugged a glass of water and peed again...
So there it is! Today I went to the doctor and saw the little peanut through ultrasound...even got a glimpse at a heart beat. Peanut is 6 weeks along..and I'm due around March 22!! CRAZY right??? I hope it all works out..however I know its SUPER early. Keep me in your prayers...and hold on to your seats for this new adventure..(like I needed anymore adventure in my life..)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meet Yogi Duff

The things you do when you dont want to run....
1) skip dinner....skipping dinner = not running....calories in - calories out...if you do the math..a lot of times skipping dinner is the same as not running
2) Trying yoga! Huh? Runnin Duff does not do yoga....we all know I can barely touch my toes and that is why I failed to win the presidential fitness award in elementary school..
3) Lots of power walking...I almost even talked myself into "walking" a half am I thinking?
4) Bike rides to go scope out the housing market...hey...multi-tasking at its greatest

So I think its about time I sign up for a half marathon this fall and strap my running shoes back on. One more week on the road....and then it's go time. For can find me on my hotel floor doing downward dog! :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Walking through life

Literally..haha. Somehow my cravings for pounding pavement and stinging sweat dripping eyes has seized for the time being. It's been replaced by nice walks with the dogs, nieces & nephews, and walking to get errands done. I went for a nice 4 miler last weekend (run that is)...and my pace was as slow as a turtle and I felt completely out of shape...becuase I am. Right now I'm working an hour and a half away...working 13 hour days...and its just not really feasible to be the runner I used to be. But for now...I'm enjoying this new identity. Its relaxing....and will help me make babies (whoops...did i say that? shhhh)...I only have about 7 weeks left of clinical..and next month I'll only be about 40 minutes from home which makes working out much easier. I can see the light shining...I am ready to close this chapter of my life and move on to the next....houses & starting a family...(oh yeah...and my can see where my priorities are). I know I have gone through these cycles before of not running...and then getting addicted to it...then slowing down..etc. So I'm sure you are used to it by now. If I've learned one thing in the last few years is that you have to roll with the punches and listen to your body. A hobby is not a hobby if you are no longer enjoying it...however staying active is always a necessity. It may change forms at different times...but its not something that can be ignored.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Still alive...focus on the prize

Hey friends! Yes I'm still alive...and no I didn't kill myself over the death of Michael Jackson. My rollercoaster got a little crazier after I made that last post....(personal stuff)...and then I made the long trip back to Ohio from Atlanta. I had a nice week off (not really) prepare myself for the board exam. Whos frickin idea was that??? Who the hell wants a vacation to study? I'd rather just bust my balls whenever I can and enjoy a week of freedom.

The board exam was un-eventful. It was 3.5 hours of my life that I rather forget...oh but wait....I pretty much did. Because then this happened...

Oooopsies! A bunch of friends joined me for a few celebration drinks......and then this happened...
We won a lobster!!!! Think vending machine with claw that usually wins (if youre lucky) a nice pink stuffed rabbit....but a LOBSTER!

So we named him Lewie......short for Louis.....and had some fun.

Yes I'm smoking the lobster claw......
Then a few more drinks..

and bedtime!!! What a way to erase 3.5 hours out of your life.....
So here I a job....took the board.....only have 2 more months of clinicals!! What is a girl to do??? Well don't be fooled....clinicals are kicking my arse this month. The hospital is an hour and a half from some days I've been driving there (have to be there at the math on what time I set the alarm for)...and other days I get a hotel. I can't wait to be done!!!

Sunday night I noticed I could no longer chew on my left side. I thought maybe all the pop I had been drinking to get me through boards gave me some cavities. I was almost positive I needed a root today I went to the dentist. Turns out I have TMJ (tempomandibular joint pain) from all the stress I've been under. Apparently I go to bed and clench my jaw to the point it's sprained now..and they put me on a soft foods diet! (pshhh....does that mean cookies?!? ) You think this is funny right? Turns out....its more common than you think...esp since the recession has gotten all these loonies stressed about their house, job, 401k, bonneville sittin on 24 in rims...etc My dentist had an article about how the dentists have seen an alarming increase in patients with TMJ in the last year from all this bulllllllllsheeeeeeeeet we've had to put up with. Final conclusion: Stress is real biatchessssss!