Sunday, December 28, 2008

Can 2009 get here any sooner???

I think we'd all agree that 2008 has been a little rough for many reasons. Some high notes of 2008 for me were
- running my first half marathon
- running my first marathon
- getting a tri bike and starting my adventures in cycling
- a lil trip to Denver with the hubby
- finishing the first part of school and starting the next chapter
- exploring my life in fine detail and trying to make things more meaningful

The low points...are in the past...haha

So I am very eager for 2009 to get here and see what it brings. I have always said odd years are the best for me...its something my best friend and I discuss regularly. This year has been no exception. I can't wait for 2009 and turning 25 (hey..lower car insurance for one thing). I graduate in 2009, I start my career, maybe buy a house? maybe have a baby? (oh wait..that would require husband living in the same state..haha) who knows! But I'm pumped and running full steam ahead (no pun intended..I haven't done much running lately).

So 2009..and moving forward :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

We now continue our regularly scheduled program..

Sorry for the pause in broadcasting. Sometimes life gets crazy enough that you just have to take a step back from everything you are doing..and trim the fat...temporarily. For me..trimming the fat was not blogging amongst some other things. No worries.. I still read your blogs. But I honestly couldn't come up with anything decent to say for my own. It would have gone like this..

Its snowing..I'm depressed..I haven't really trained for my marathon thats coming up..good bye!

See...aren't you glad I spared you that?

Rotations are going well. My life is somewhat back to normal since losing my Dad. Its kinda weird..but at first I couldn't picture life without him..and now it's almost hard to picture what it was like when he was here. There is a countdown until I graduate in August...but wanna know a secret?? shhhhhhh...don't tell ANYONE....but I'm already looking for doctorate programs!! EEEEEEEK! I know...I know...but I'm just starting to look...innocent looking I promise!

Also I joined an awesome gym called Urban Active. ( I'm pretty obsessed with it and it's gotten me some greatttttt workouts... unfortunately though I haven't ran more than 6 miles in a LONG time. I may be ditching that full marathon in January after all...but we thought maybe we could run the half as bandits??? what do you think??

Missed you all :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Sorry..taking a much needed vacation from blogging and many other extra curricular activies.