Monday, April 27, 2009

Scrap that.....

Just went for a 6.5 mile run by the lake....beautimous...

so little time

I haven't had much time lately to update...whoopsies! But life has been busy with baby shower planning ( & executing)...studying...scheduling (my schedule for next month changed about 7 times in one verdict..I'll be in Cleveland next month)...job searching...etc.

Notice you didnt see running in there? I have only been running 3 days a week to do al the other extra curricular activities that have taken over. It happens to all of us...we get obsessed...then life gets in the way. No worries..when June 26th comes around I'm about to punch the daylights out of "life" and bring back running...bringin sexy back! But in the interim..I'll continue updating just so you know I'm alive :)

Friday, April 17, 2009


Finally..Friday at last! This week was filled with open heart surgeries, lots of studying, not as much working out, and not enough sleep. Heres how I capped off the week...

Ran 1.5 miles to my high school...ran laps around the track with running up and down the bleachers 8 times in between the laps...then ran 1.5 miles home. The weather was absolutely glorious and the run was great. Then afterwards...I took Bentley to do this!
How refreshing! This week will be filled with studying, running, lifting, slides. I swear my life is like doing repeat runs..or living re-run television shows. No worries soon as June rolls around I will be exciting again :)

In other news..I got floor seats to take my 12 yr old niece to go see Taylor Swift for her Birthday. I know I know..I'm the best aunt eva...!! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Change of gears

My life has quickly changed from running mode to school mode. Our board exam crept up on me like a little quiet mouse and will be taking over my life for the next couple months. Running will be ramped down to a few 3-4 milers a week to keep a base. Maybe a longer run on the weekends 5-10 miles. I'm continuing to lift..however I might try to go to higher reps and less weights. My arms are the size of texas and are starting to scare me.

I also got some bloodwork done and found out I have over-active thyroid?!?! WHAT??? This thing I was always jealous of other people having...I suddenly have and don't want it! Anyone else looking for an overactive thyroid? I have to a good home...must pick up. (No worries..I got the anesthesia just need a knife).
Make it go away...I don't want to get it zapped with radiation. Maybe thats the reason my neck grew an inch? Maybe I'm growing a HUGE goiter...ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday TO meeeee

So today I turned 25. YIKES! I'm a quarter of a century old..I'm halfway to 50..I'm now officially part of the "mid twenties" club..and officially get a car insurance discount. (However that doesn't mean that I drive any look out). I had a great birthday..the weather was beautiful, I got out of work way early, had dinner with my Mom and Hubby, went for a two mile walk in the beautiful sunshine with my was just perfect. The only thing missing was my Dad :( I had the cutest voicemail from him last year saying "I wanted to sing you a little Birthday song..if you want to hear that song..give me a call back!". Somehow after he passed away I managed to delete that message..I have NOOOOOOO clue how because I had been saving it for dear life. However I still have a random message from him telling me that Hubby's car is blocking his in the driveway...haha.

So there ya have it..I'm now an Old runninduff! Older & Wiser :) Lookin forward to the weekend..been gettin my butt kicked at the hospital all week. Daylight savings is crampin my style because I can't go to bed at 7:30 anymore..its still light out :( haha

Monday, April 6, 2009

My first DNS...and a fat neck..

Well I woke up Saturday to 35 degrees and 40 mph winds. Despite that..I still got up early and got myself ready for the race. I completely under dressed...just wearing some puma pants and tech shirt and sweatshirt. When I got to the race everyone was dressed like eskimos with hats, mittens, scarves, ...basically all I could see was their eyes. Ok but first...I drive out to the race. Its 35 minutes away and I gave myself an extra 15 minutes to get there. This was a very small race held at the local Metroparks...and when I pulled up to the location there was no parking to be found ANYWHERE! I ended up driving about 2 miles away to find the closest (Safest) parking place and then sprinting the 2 miles to the starting area.

Upon arriving to the race area, I see many runners with numbers similar to mine. PHEW! I made it! I'm standing there alone and freezing (this is the norm since I always run all my races by myself....running buddies? anyone?? ) and the race director says "The 5-k is starting in 10 minutes!!" So I look sorta confused but then look at everyones numbers standing around me and they are exactly the same. You know when you are by people with the same numbers that you can safely assume you are running the same race. WRONG! Turns out the half marathon had already started. BUMMER! So I start heading back to my car all bummed out at my first "DNS" "Did not start"...and I get halfway to my car and realize I should have ran the 5-k. I quickly turn back to see if I could make it to the start...and realize that had already started as well. In the end I got a COLD 4 mile run to and from my car and an hour and 15 min drive out of the deal...oh wait..and a crappy sweatshirt I'll use to ditch at my next race. SWEEEEET!

So to make a long story I didnt run the half marathon. Yes I did try...very hard. It wasn't meant to be :(

Well after coming back to my beloved gym in Ohio...they decided to recheck all my measurements. A quick little background if you havent been following...I got suckered into getting a personal trainer at my gym in January. It is then that I decided to start lifting weights (and quickly got obsessed).
Since January 19
My body fat went from 20.5 to 18.4!! SWEEEEEEET
But my neck grew an inch????? Thats a lot!
Biceps grew .25"
Calfs got smaller?!?...I swear those suckers only keep growing..esp with running and NOW lifting with legs...but apparently they are shrinking?
Everything else was pretty much the same
WEird though..maybe my head got bigger and my neck had to grow to support it?
Next thing you know I'll start gettin these....

EEK! I sure hope not! But I plan to take a nice buff picture sometimes soon to scare off any potential blog stalkers. :)

One last thing..I'm sure you all remember this disaster when I tried to bake a cake for my anniversary!? Well I'm happy to report the situation is getting better...check it out

Friday, April 3, 2009

Should I stay or should I go...

Theres a lil half marathon thing-a-ma-bobber in town tomorrow. I paid for the shirt...all that jazz. However..the weather is not cooperating here in the hood aka Cleveland. I became a spoiled brat when running in the South and decided to not do races that have bad weather. Thats no fun right? I know..I know. Either way I'm treating it like a fun training run since I havent been running long distances lately. The longest run I've done is 6 miles...and I've been focusing more on speed. I thought for $25 it would be fun to get out there and run a half mary with friends and just up my mileage and go nice and easy. Sooooooooo the question....should I stay or should I go??

Straight up gangsta!

Ok..this post may make you laugh...may make you cry....may even make you pee your pants....worse case may make you bust out your old crack pipe and dust'er off for a lil smokey smokey.

Danielle and I (also known as hot pants) have often had themes for our years. The first 8 years we were friends...we used the theme "Sexy Twins". See below.

Then...that got old. We grew up...we finally actually knew what "Sexy" was...we were sick and tired of trying to please others and declared 2008 the year with the theme "ALL ABOUT ME!!!!!!" All year long we decided to not give an what we want...say what we whatever we wanted...if you dont like us...then go away! See below.

Here we are seen with shopping bags which we together bought 7 pairs of shoes that weekend as well as some designer jeans and whatever the hell else we felt like. ALL ABOUT ME 2008!! ALL ABOUT MEEEEEE!

Well...lets get one thing straight...this theme failed MISERABLY! Maybe it was Gods way of punishing us for being selfish, but not gonna lie, 2008 was the worst year ever for BOTH of us. Bad relationships...Bad moves...Big losses...Stressed..Broke...Unfulfilled...Unhappy...ain't nothin good about 2008. OK fine..some good things came out of it running my first marathon, half marathon, 5k, 10k, getting an awesome tri bike, starting a blog, meeting some new friends and surviving. I'll repeat...*surviving*. Between the two of us we moved 7 times and lived in the following: Chicago, Sarasota, Cincinnati, Savannah, Atlanta, Cleveland & Gainesville. Then 2009 came along...what next? I mean we did th sexy twin thing...did the "all about me" theme...what could we possibly do to change things up and ensure an awesome 2009?

I know were a little late on our theme...not exactly. We've been doing it all along..just never went public with it. But now its time to keep it real! here it is gang.


You got it...down right ghetto hood rats with gangsta names and all. See below.

Here we are seen as "Double Deezy & Chizzle Nizzle"...please refer to us as this for the rest of 09.

Why hood you ask? Well...we work on a hood point system. When we do something "hooood"...we get hood points. Obviously there are different amounts of points depending on how hood it is. Lets say for instance...I drive by a car that is purple on 25 inch rims..I take a pic of it..send it to Double Deezy..and she writes back saying "HOOOD!" 2 points! Where else can you get points for doing things like skipping out of work, ditching your running group, sagging your scrubs in the OR, and drinking too much? Really its a great system that rewards you for things you might otherwise be embarassed about.

So I know everyone has a lil hoodrat in them. What have you done that's hood? Check here to find out your gangsta name and leave it in the comments section (FYI..Deezy's name is really Cow-Tippin Monkey Hunta..shhhhh)

Pretty funny...we try to outdo each other all the time. We even hope to run a race together with our gangsta names..and maybe even take some shot bloks!! SOOOO HOOOOOD! Basically when life gets us down..we get hood on it. We get our gangsta lean on and keep going....during races, jobs, training, dating, marriage, etc. Basically hoodrats make it through the toughest of situations. They may not always make it look pretty...but they forge ahead and when all else fails..they get downright dirrrrty! So really...being hood is a great way to live...unless you end up with a cap in yo ..nevermind.

Disclaimer: This is not an attempt to make fun of anyone. Its a joke on ourselves. The truth is..we are not hood at ALL! I had to photoshop out the backgrounds of our pics since it included things such as wine racks, candles etc. We are probably the least hood people on the planet of the earth...
Either way...we be keepin it 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Coming Clean

OK! I'm finally facing my own worst enemy......myself! I decided to CUT THE CRAP and start eating CLEAN! I used to be soooooo good about it and maintained a 25 lbs weight loss for 5 years flawlessly. Then a bunch of stress, unfortunate life events, therapy through exercise has turned me into a food monster..

So I decided enough is enough! The more I worked out...the hungrier I became (wow! really?..)..and I was overeating for the amount I was burning. Running and lifting has boosted my metabolism sooo much that it just makes me ravishing all the time. Not necessary a bad thing...but the bad part was the food choices I was making. Processed, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, frozen, microwavable, carbs, carbs, carbs, coookies in the lunch room etc. DONE-ZO! NO MORE! Luckily I have discovered some awesome food bloogs in the process which have given me some amazing ideas of how to incorporate veggies. Yes I'm like a have to essentially "sneak" them into food.

So here is what a NEW typical day of food has been looking like
-Oatmeal & Coffee (surprise surprise) (1/2 c oats, 1 scoop protein, 2 Tbsp PB powder, Dash of granola on top)
-Tomato Basil wrap with egg whites, spinach, 1 Tbsp hummous, cheedar cheese
-Basil Pesto Tilapia, Baked sweet potato, Piece of sprouted rye toast

The conclusion? Its amazing....when I eat clean..I stay more satisfied! DUHHHH! I know all this stuff about food but I just choose to ignore it to let myself grab twelve one more cookie! But I'm back on the wagon..If I want to get better at racing I need to fuel my body with the proper nutrients. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels..thats my story and I'm stickin to it. No more dirty..clean eating for me. (No that doesn't mean I can only eat cookies that haven't fallen on the floor)

Other news...with my recent coffee obsession I decdied to get one of these for my B day
When I decided to start liking coffee..I also declared that I was a coffee snob. I could not deal with filters, grinding, etc. I immediately turned into a starbucks girl that had to have fresh brewed coffee at an instant with no mess. This little Keurig guy was the PERF solution. Instant cup of coffee in 30 secs...any flavor I want..any time..and I can even grind coffee and put it in there if I don't want to use a K-Cup. ( I would really do that..after all this is why I got it in the first place). Even my mother who was all "Anti"..became suddenly obsessed when she realized how late for work she was and she could get an awesome cup of coffee in the blink of an eye. LOVE IT! Costco has a great deal on them...check it out!

And other sad news...I didn't win the san fran womens marathon lottery :( :( BOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO! I didn't win the lottery that makes you pay if you win! Maybe NYC will turn in my favor? Or maybe I'm meant to tackle a 70.3? my fate is in the hands of the new yorkers....SCARY! haha