Friday, April 3, 2009

Straight up gangsta!

Ok..this post may make you laugh...may make you cry....may even make you pee your pants....worse case may make you bust out your old crack pipe and dust'er off for a lil smokey smokey.

Danielle and I (also known as hot pants) have often had themes for our years. The first 8 years we were friends...we used the theme "Sexy Twins". See below.

Then...that got old. We grew up...we finally actually knew what "Sexy" was...we were sick and tired of trying to please others and declared 2008 the year with the theme "ALL ABOUT ME!!!!!!" All year long we decided to not give an what we want...say what we whatever we wanted...if you dont like us...then go away! See below.

Here we are seen with shopping bags which we together bought 7 pairs of shoes that weekend as well as some designer jeans and whatever the hell else we felt like. ALL ABOUT ME 2008!! ALL ABOUT MEEEEEE!

Well...lets get one thing straight...this theme failed MISERABLY! Maybe it was Gods way of punishing us for being selfish, but not gonna lie, 2008 was the worst year ever for BOTH of us. Bad relationships...Bad moves...Big losses...Stressed..Broke...Unfulfilled...Unhappy...ain't nothin good about 2008. OK fine..some good things came out of it running my first marathon, half marathon, 5k, 10k, getting an awesome tri bike, starting a blog, meeting some new friends and surviving. I'll repeat...*surviving*. Between the two of us we moved 7 times and lived in the following: Chicago, Sarasota, Cincinnati, Savannah, Atlanta, Cleveland & Gainesville. Then 2009 came along...what next? I mean we did th sexy twin thing...did the "all about me" theme...what could we possibly do to change things up and ensure an awesome 2009?

I know were a little late on our theme...not exactly. We've been doing it all along..just never went public with it. But now its time to keep it real! here it is gang.


You got it...down right ghetto hood rats with gangsta names and all. See below.

Here we are seen as "Double Deezy & Chizzle Nizzle"...please refer to us as this for the rest of 09.

Why hood you ask? Well...we work on a hood point system. When we do something "hooood"...we get hood points. Obviously there are different amounts of points depending on how hood it is. Lets say for instance...I drive by a car that is purple on 25 inch rims..I take a pic of it..send it to Double Deezy..and she writes back saying "HOOOD!" 2 points! Where else can you get points for doing things like skipping out of work, ditching your running group, sagging your scrubs in the OR, and drinking too much? Really its a great system that rewards you for things you might otherwise be embarassed about.

So I know everyone has a lil hoodrat in them. What have you done that's hood? Check here to find out your gangsta name and leave it in the comments section (FYI..Deezy's name is really Cow-Tippin Monkey Hunta..shhhhh)

Pretty funny...we try to outdo each other all the time. We even hope to run a race together with our gangsta names..and maybe even take some shot bloks!! SOOOO HOOOOOD! Basically when life gets us down..we get hood on it. We get our gangsta lean on and keep going....during races, jobs, training, dating, marriage, etc. Basically hoodrats make it through the toughest of situations. They may not always make it look pretty...but they forge ahead and when all else fails..they get downright dirrrrty! So really...being hood is a great way to live...unless you end up with a cap in yo ..nevermind.

Disclaimer: This is not an attempt to make fun of anyone. Its a joke on ourselves. The truth is..we are not hood at ALL! I had to photoshop out the backgrounds of our pics since it included things such as wine racks, candles etc. We are probably the least hood people on the planet of the earth...
Either way...we be keepin it 2009


Danielle Runs said...

i cried.

from laughing so hard!

love you ST aka HOOD SISTA!

Miss you so much!!! we need to get together ASAP... I need to drive to the Hood up in A-Lizzle!

you totally got 10 H. Points for this post!

im so not hood... i bet blogging about being hood is one of the things that white people like:

p.s. i'm skipping out on a few mins of work by writing this... hooood!

Benson said...

I giggled all the way.
You 2 are shizzle fo shnizzle.

sending you some love from
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