Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Whats new

So....I've recovered from the princess mess. Ive taken off the tiara...stepped down from the podium and moved on with life. Who would ever think a princess could move on?

I am booked solid for racing...April 16th I'm doing a 5k. April 22nd I'm doing the Cleveland 10 miler and May 7th I'm going to Indianapolis to do the Indy Mini (Half Marathon). Hows that for a recovery? I'm pretty excited about it all...and have been doing pretty well with training.

Last week I spend most of the week in Texas attending my cousins funeral. He passed away very tragically 2 Sundays the age of 25. I quickly packed a bag and caught a flight to Houston so I could be there for the rest of my family. It was a really tough week, but after we got through the funeral I turned to my best defense in tough situations....running. The temperatures were perfect in the morning...and the park (Memorial Park) was amazing!! Everyday I contemplated moving there (although i probably said "i hate texas" 600 times during the trip). Have any of you ever ran at Memorial Park in Houston? The trails are sand...which was pure bliss to my joints. In every direction I looked..I could spot about 35 runners. It was full of hustle bustle and wellness. Saturday I tackled 7 miles with my aunt and uncle (the ones who lost their son)....and it was the perfect thing to do with them...and probably my favorite part of the whole trip.

Heres a picture of the trails

So anyway....thats what I've been up to. My little guy turned one March 19th. Hes into everything!! I can't wait to take him out in the Bob as soon as the weather breaks.