Tuesday, August 26, 2008

no worries

No Worries everybody! I only milked the hurt finger for a day...I was lifting weights and doing push ups by the next day. Since I have all these finals and what not...I havent been doing the P90X DVD's but write down everything I'm supposed to do and do it at my own pace. That way I can finish up a little quicker. I skip their warm up and cool down..and just jump rope instead. I get it done in about half the time. I have all the numbers written down..so I know how much of each thing I'm supposed to do. OK....(deep breath)....back to studying.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


heres my excuse for not doing P90X today and for going and getting a large sub sandwich instead!!No I am not pregnant, and No I don't just have "fat fingers" Heres the story. I didn't really feel like doing P90X today. Finals start Monday (dont worry...its my 5th time going through finals in 15 months) and I was trying to study really hard. I havent been feeling up to par lately with the allergies going on here (Thanks a lot Hurricane Fay..you B#($@). But somehow I talked myself into it. I know I promised to post pictures and all that jazz...so I made myself get up and do it. Well I'm not quite badass enough yet to do more than one pull up (but yet badass enough to do one! still quite an accomplishment) so I simulate them by hanging my resistance tubes over the door and pulling down on them. ANd I know I'm an engineer...but I actually saw someone post that they did this and it worked (so not something I just 'engineered). Well I was trying to put a lot of tension on there to really simulate the pull ups (Hulk Style). Oh wait...rewind...after warm ups I almost shut the DVD off. I was like ughh...really dont feel like this...then said NO..YOURE DOIN IT!...ok back to the Hulk pull ups. I started to pull down and thought "hmm...I think this is a little more resistance than these tubes can hand.........SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ouch!!! Started shaking my hand...looked down...and cried! haha. It didnt really hurt but it scared the crap out of me that it looked like my knuckle was coming out of my finger. I had that little kid reaction...fall down....get up....start bleeding....freak out! haha. I called my husband crying (he was golfing..bc I kicked him out of hte house so I could study)..told him to come home...then changed my mind and said I would be fine.

Next feat....getting my rings off. Of course my husband wasn't extremely concerned with my finger that was now resembling a single hump camel..but more concerned with getting my wedding rings off so we wouldnt have to cut them off. So far I got the big guy off. I greased up my hand with our KY Gelly (JK) (soap)..and just kept pushing until it came off. I sent the picture to my mom on her cell phone (as I often take pics of my nasty injuries and outside in the light she thought they were legs from a double amputee. Funny huh?

Next I needed comfort food....ahhhh...sub sandwich. So doesn't look like I'll be posting pics anytime soon. Also..in the next two weeks I have 5 finals and 8 comprehensive exams covering every subject we've ever learned in anesthesia followed by a vacation to Colorado. So ya..not too promising on the workout front. Also after that I'm moving to my first rotation. I think life will settle down once I have this all behind me...oh and of course when my camel finger turns back into a horse? what???? I think I need to be checked for head injuries

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another fun weekend in the books

Wow! Can you believe it? Fun two weekends in a row??? craziness!! Friday I was at the hospital and I got a text message (....yes...we do live normal lives when in the OR...and yes...we leave our cell phones on in the hospital..haha) anyway the text was asking me to go with a friend to the Taylor Swift concert. I guess she babysits this Radiologists kids and his 12 yr old daughter wanted to go to the concert. I guess 12 is the age when its not "cool" to be with your parents...so they hired us to take her and her friends to the concert. No worries...we got to sport their luxury SUV..I snuck pictures of their mansion for future dreams of building a big house someday...and we were off with $500 to spend at the tweenie concert. (Don't worry..I got a t shirt...and I will probably sport it! hahaha). The concert was super fun...we had lots of fun with the kids. Makes me want to have kids soon!! Then we got stuck in a huge traffic jam in the parking lot (no shit!) and had a dance party in the car with the kids. Super fun!!

Saturday I went out with the hubby and some work peeps. P90X is still goin great...however running has totally fell by the wayside because of it. YIKES!!! I got a skirt chasin 5k coming up...(and yes...that shows you my lack of running lately that I'm worried about a 5k...esp since its at altitude). I know running will come back as soon as I start rotations and I'm done everyday at 3 in a strange city in which I know no one. But for now..things are kinda crazy and I'm trying to spend time with the hubby since I will be gone for months at a time starting in a few weeks. Also finals are around the corner in a week or so. Plus P90x has created wonders forme...so I have been religiously sticking with it. PEOPLE dont hate me for banishing running for a few weeks... I'll be a good girl again soon. Maybe I'll even go for a run today... :) !

Monday, August 11, 2008

Too much fun!

Oh get ready for this.......

Randomly me and hot pants were reunited. It was a Friday afternoon...much like most Friday afternoons...I have no plans. Funny how the older I get....the more Friday nights seem to be open. Anyway....Dani, sexy twin, hot pants, however you remembered her was chatting (working)..to me on AOL and mentioned she was bored. Of course I immediately responded with a "Come to Savannah!!" So there you have it.....a sudden illness quickly took over her body...one sooooo bad that she propelled herself out of the office at 3 and began trekking from Sarasota florida to Savannah Georgia.

The weekend was aweSOME! Friday night me and the 4:00 am hour met each other again. ANd this time it wasn't the alarm blaring in my face with that horrid number. I wasnt wiping the crust out of my eyes...and trying to peel my eyelids open. OH NO!!! This meeting with Mr. 4:00 am greeted me with liquor breath and the remnance of a red headed slut shot stain on my skirt. Followed by some other devious things with the hubby that he seemed to like way too much and I can hardly remember. (Sorry for the TMI). Saturday was full of shopping....real girl style. Huge deals..tons of fun...shop till you DROP! literally. We stayed in sat night and got a pizza and rented enchanted. ALso drank some wine called "Bitch"...google it.

So there ya have it...had a blast. Missed a day of P90X! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'll survive. fo sho.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

DAMN! I'm white like rice

This was taken from "what white people like dot com"

#27 Marathons

In life, there are certain milestones of physical activity that can define you. A sub 5 second 40 yard dash, a 40 inch vertical leap and so forth. To a white person, the absolute pinnacle of fitness is to run a marathon. Not to win, just to run.

White people will train for months, telling everyone who will listen about how they get up early in the morning, they run when it rains, how it makes them feels so great and gives them energy.

When they finish the marathon, they will generally take a photo of themselves in a pair of New Balance sneakers, running shorts, and their marathon number with both hands over their head in triumph (seriously, look it up, this is universal).

They will then set goals like running in the Boston Marathon or the New York Marathon.

If you find yourself in a situation where a white person is talking about a marathon, you must be impressed or you will lose favor with them immediately. Running for a certain length of time on a specific day is a very important thing to a white person and should not be demeaned.

Also worth nothing, more competitive white people prefer triathlons because Kenyans can’t afford $10,000 specialty bicycles. If the subject ever comes up, just say that triathletes are in better shape than football and basketball players. It’s not true, but it will make the conversation a lot more genial.

Could NOT keep our arms down to our sides and play it cool. NOPE!!! We are soooooo white. I wonder if theres a post on that blog about white people wearing hot pink spandex pants??? hahaha

p.s. look out kenyans...I got the bike too!!! I'm coming..beware!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

bridge run

So today instead of our normal long run we decided to run the Talmadge Bridge. We ended up running slightly over 4 miles..which I know doesn't exactly qualify as a long run...but with the bridge and heat involved...it was strenous enough. THis is also where they host "the toughest bridge run of the south". Heres the info:

Come run Savannah's Talmadge Bridge. It's a 1.4 mile span at a 5.5% grade, 196 feet above the Savannah River

We ran from our car...to the bridge...up...over...and down...then back up...over...and down! It was super fun. Heres some picures of the bridge

ALso heres some pictures from P90X. Day one vs. Day 15. Don't mind me..this was after the bridge run. haha

Saturday, August 2, 2008


SO I made the "yummiest" salad ever today! I got the inspiration from my Shape magazine. Basically it has romaine lettuce, mangos (yes..u can see the sticker on the mango..i know...and NO...I did'nt eat it), sliced avocado (yes my new fav food...too bad its so fattening), and some croutons. THe dressing was supposed to be olive oil, lime juice, and brown sugar...but I just sprayed it with my 1 calorie italian. The chicken was parmesean crusted chicken that I sauteed with parmesean and salt and pepper. I also added purple onions....one word.....DELICIOUS!!!!!! Try it!!

P90X going well! TOmorrow I have a long run..and arms and shoulders. I might post some pics tomorrow..or might wait until the full 30 days has passed. Can't decide. Hope everyone is having a great weekend :)