Sunday, August 30, 2009

They never tell you this...

No one really ever explained before I got pregnant that I would have....
-back pain
-weird sexual dreams
- worry endlessly
- the urge to urinate every half hour
- dry mouth so bad it feels like you smoked a pound of pot
- that nine months of being pregnant feels like 9 years.....and the weeks creeeeeeeeep

Nooooooo....they never tell you that stuff. Because if they would NEVER get pregnant! Who wishes that upon anyone..let alone themselves?? They tell you alll about how wonderful it is...and without going into detail but how "everything" is worth it in the end. The only thing they really complain about is labor. SO you think....ehhh...anyone can deal with one day of horrible pain. But you never really think it's going to be 9 months of hell........because everyone forgets to mention that part.

Haha...done complaining. Just kinda funny though. I think I'm allergic to babies in my belly because I pretty much get all the symptoms except for leg cramps and peeing my pants (not yet anyway).

This week was better...I'm getting my energy back. I have one week left of the first trimester. Monday I went for a 2.5 mile walk, Tuesday I went to the gym and jogged 2 miles, Wednesday I went for a 45 minute bike ride and a 20 minute walk. Saturday I jogged 2 miles at the gym.

Friday night we went to the high school football game and sat in the pouring rain. Yes I love football that much! My family has had season tickets since I was a baby and its something my Dad and I really enjoyed doing together. It was weird to go there for the first time without him....but we still had fun! Im glad my hubby was a good sport and wanted to go sit inthe rain with me. I could watch football everyday of the week. Also the Browns won AGAIN!!! Crazy!! I know its only pre-season..but they were still exciting to watch. We went to a fun family reunion last's weird being the only one not drinking. Well me and my sister in law...we are preggers together. It seems like at all parties we kinda gravitate towards each other. Except shes in her second eating is fun...and I'm still in the ...."can't even look at food" trimester. Ughhh!!
Heres a few lil snapshots..Me, my sister in law, and my brother
The main reason for the party was to give this velvet elvis picture to my uncle. It was my Dad's (no worries....we kept it in the basement)....and it was a big joke in our house. When my Dad passed away my uncle said he wanted it. So we threw a big party...and hung it in his house (which is immaculate....perfectly designed down to every detail, picture,mirror, etc) and he walked past it about 10 times without noticing. Finally we were going to have all the guys take a picture inside so we told them to line up on that wall and he FINALLY noticed it. It was pretty funny!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

pick up the pace Duff!

Ok so I'm starting week 10 of being preggers....and I'm startin to feel a little better. WAHOOOOOOOO! Still haven't really started working out much....but I think today is the day. I've been doing pre-natal yoga and walking a few miles a few times a week. A far cry from my usual work out schedule, but I've also been trying to listen to my body...and almost everyday my body says TAKE A NAP! hehe

Today will be pre-natal yoga again..then later we are going to the pre-season Browns game!!!!! I'm super excited even though they are terrrrrrrrrible! Should be fun though, and hubby is lucky that he has a DD for the next 7 months!!!

Also my best friend is stoppin by with her new baby Madeline...I swear everyone is poppin babies these days. I had a dream last night that we're having a girl. What do you think? Boy or Girl??

2 weeks and 3 days left of clinical forrevvverrrrrr! You have no clue how exciting this is to me. I've been getting treated horrible everyday this month...HORRIBLE...I didn't even get a lunch yesterday and I'm pregnant! I almost passed out! While my preceptor sat in the hallway and was just talking to other people as I did his job all day. 2 weeks and 3 days....I can do it!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Feelin Icky...

Well I can honestly say that I've never felt so crappy for an entire week in my life. My workouts sum up to a 30 minute bike ride with my mom ONE day. Thats it! Ive been so exhausted/sick/weird feeling all week that I literally collapse into bed when I get home. No joke...I hit the sack at 5 pm today and just woke up now for a short intermission.

On the flip to see another sneak preview of the babes yesterday. Hubby got to come to...and it was his first "girl doctor" appointment. He did great though and really enjoyed it. The doc made him stand in the corner of the room so he was watching the ultrasound...not the giant penis-look-a-like ultrasound probe. Baby is doing great and I'll be 9 weeks on Monday. Official due date: March 22nd. I'm sooo excited! I even picked out the bedding....

Its nice and modern and gender neutral. I love the fun colors. Now I just need a house...........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I went and looked at one the other day and my mom said its "the one". I'll give you a little sneak preview of that too!! But we can't buy until February ish....great timing with a junior on the way in march...NOT!

Luckily for us its a "short sale" which means looonnnnnnnnggggg sale. Makes sense right? Not really. But for us its a great thing since we need a few months of me working (shucks...who said I want to work) before we can have a down payment. Supposedly a few peopel put in offers but it takes the banke like 3 months to decide if they accept the offer or not and people can't wait that long and give up. Luckily for us....we have infinite time...since were living with Momm-O! (thanks mom!!)..sooooo maybe its perfect?!? we'll see!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Keepin it real...with the wild banchee

So things have been steadily moving along here in pregger duffer land. This week I got my a$$ kicked by my trainer (who is doing great things like helping me build up my back for when I have a hefty front load)....and I also did some yoga, some running, some biking, and walking. All in all...I aim to do at least 30 minutes a day. I've been dealing with some intense nausea and sleepiness.

I have another ultrasound this Thursday to check on the peanut. We are NOT finding out what we are ya'll will be in for the long haul and a big surprise at the end. However we DID decide on names...

Carson for a boy
Kinsley for a girl

I'm excited...I really love these names and have for a long time. I had to coax the hubby a little bit ( I had to put Carson with his Dads middle name..but hey..whatever it takes). Also my sister-in-law is preggers with a boy and they are naming him after my Dad. SUPER exciting!! Dad Jr will be born in January...and RunninDuff Jr will be born in March.

Other news...I never really talked about...but my Mom has cancer. I sorta avoided making it public on my blog, but this all happened when I drew that picture of far as ups and downs in my life. The rollercoaster ended up pretty good because I got my first choice job offer...but that was followed by the biggest downhill ever that flipped my stomach literally when I found out about my mom. She will be starting radiation in a week or so...and after that..she should be good to go. But then of course...the rollercoaster goes up hill again when I found out I was preggers. Welcome to my life...its a rollercoaster called "The wild banchee". Anyone wanna ride?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Current Craving....

English Muffins and Chocolate Milk!! Helllloooooooo fructose corn syrup :)

On the other hand...caffeine is about out for good now. A few little drips here and there. I promise I will never start drinking Diet Coke again. Promise Promise Promise...PROMISE! Its just too hard of an addiction to beat.

Little peanut is doing fine so far! I got to see a little heart beat the other day..and will be going back to see the doc in another 2 weeks to get a final due date. EEEK! Keeping my fingers crossed that everything is still going really well!

Also were kinda starting to decide on names......I know its early...but I'm one of those people that has been thinking about baby names since I was in my moms womb. Like I said..I know its early...but I think were going with Kinsley & Carson for now. Obviously that could change.

Had a nice workout yesterday...did 20 mins on the elliptical, ran 20 mins, and lifted a bit. I was thinking about maybe building up mileage and doing a half marathon in october? Maybe walking a lot of it..but just something fun to accomplish while I'm preggers. What do you think?