Sunday, August 30, 2009

They never tell you this...

No one really ever explained before I got pregnant that I would have....
-back pain
-weird sexual dreams
- worry endlessly
- the urge to urinate every half hour
- dry mouth so bad it feels like you smoked a pound of pot
- that nine months of being pregnant feels like 9 years.....and the weeks creeeeeeeeep

Nooooooo....they never tell you that stuff. Because if they would NEVER get pregnant! Who wishes that upon anyone..let alone themselves?? They tell you alll about how wonderful it is...and without going into detail but how "everything" is worth it in the end. The only thing they really complain about is labor. SO you think....ehhh...anyone can deal with one day of horrible pain. But you never really think it's going to be 9 months of hell........because everyone forgets to mention that part.

Haha...done complaining. Just kinda funny though. I think I'm allergic to babies in my belly because I pretty much get all the symptoms except for leg cramps and peeing my pants (not yet anyway).

This week was better...I'm getting my energy back. I have one week left of the first trimester. Monday I went for a 2.5 mile walk, Tuesday I went to the gym and jogged 2 miles, Wednesday I went for a 45 minute bike ride and a 20 minute walk. Saturday I jogged 2 miles at the gym.

Friday night we went to the high school football game and sat in the pouring rain. Yes I love football that much! My family has had season tickets since I was a baby and its something my Dad and I really enjoyed doing together. It was weird to go there for the first time without him....but we still had fun! Im glad my hubby was a good sport and wanted to go sit inthe rain with me. I could watch football everyday of the week. Also the Browns won AGAIN!!! Crazy!! I know its only pre-season..but they were still exciting to watch. We went to a fun family reunion last's weird being the only one not drinking. Well me and my sister in law...we are preggers together. It seems like at all parties we kinda gravitate towards each other. Except shes in her second eating is fun...and I'm still in the ...."can't even look at food" trimester. Ughhh!!
Heres a few lil snapshots..Me, my sister in law, and my brother
The main reason for the party was to give this velvet elvis picture to my uncle. It was my Dad's (no worries....we kept it in the basement)....and it was a big joke in our house. When my Dad passed away my uncle said he wanted it. So we threw a big party...and hung it in his house (which is immaculate....perfectly designed down to every detail, picture,mirror, etc) and he walked past it about 10 times without noticing. Finally we were going to have all the guys take a picture inside so we told them to line up on that wall and he FINALLY noticed it. It was pretty funny!


Mnowac said...

You'll feel better soon! The first tri is tough. Oh yeah I had heartburn and wierd sex dreams for sure. But mostly I was just tired. I had it pretty easy.

Carolina John said...

my wife had sex dreams about Rodney Dangerfield while she was pregnant. it was disturbing. You are not alone.

The biggest thing that nobody told her was that your hair falls out towards the end of the pregnancy/first 3 months after birth. Not all fall out like bald style, but more like you look at the shower drain with amazement. Enjoy!

Jess said...

You already have heartburn? That sucks because I hate to tell you this, but it's only gonna get worse as the baby grows and presses on your stomach.

RhodeyGirl said...

I know that this is super dorky but I just started tearing up at your most recent posts. I missed a bunch since I was getting ready for my wedding, but I am all caught up now. First, I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I wish her a very fast treatment and an even sooner recovery.


RunnerGirl said...

One more thing they never tell you about being pregnant is that it actually lasts 10 months; I'm down to my last five weeks and feeling every day of it :)

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