Sunday, January 30, 2011

Frosting covered...

This was an absolute AWFUL week...followed by a very busy weekend. Everything about this week was terrible including my 7:30 c-section in which the patient could feel the entire surgery..EEEK! The spinal went in well..but the patient had a previous spine fracture so the medicine didn't spread as expected. THey tested the spinal and she was numb..but when they got elbow deep in guts & baby...she could feel everything! We ended up having to give her a lot of drugs to get her through the surgery (one which produces hallucinations) the rest of the c-section was followed by me answering the same questions over and over and over and over and over again.
Patient: "Where is Rick?"
Me: He went to tell your family about the news of the baby
Patient: "Where is Rick?"

You get the point. I think we discussed 7 times that the baby weighed 7 lbs 2 oz..which everytime she said "NO WAY!! That is what I guessed!" I thought it would be rude to quit answering her i just went along with that fun game. This example sums up how the entire week went...and then this weekend was jam packed full of :
bowling/play group/massage/bridesmaid dress shopping/ dinner w friends at our house/ church/ running/ family pictures/ church community group/ laundry/ bills etc

The highlight......definitely taking "smash cake" pictures of Carson for his first birthday invites. I will post pictures as soon as I have them. That kid was fisting his cake in his mouth faster than we could take pictures. I had to keep telling the photographer " I swear we don't feed him cake at home" because he knew exactly what to do with it. And even as we were trying to clean him up..he was picking up crumbs on the floor and shoveling it into his mouth!! Adorable!

Oh said this is a running blog? I did do 5 miles outside today..and it was awful :) nuff said :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fun Weekend and a Ten Miler

We had a blast with our visitors this weekend!! We played Euchre Friday night (Boys vs. Girls...Girls kicked butt!!!). Saturday Morgan and I knocked out our 10 miler. It was -4 degrees so we decided to take matters inside and we did half on the track and the other half on the treadmill. It was one should ever have to run 10 miles indoors....EVER! But we got through it and I've been super sore ever since. Towards the end I was really pushing the pace to get done since I was miserable. Saturday evening, Morgan and I went and bought supplies to make tutu's for our disney princess race! I don't want to spoil the fun..but I'm sure we will take lots of pictures during the spectacular event :) Here are some fun fotos we took this weekend...

You can pick your can pick your friends...but you can't pick your friends nose!!

Travis's cousin home on leave teaching little Carson how to play guitar


Today I did a 3 mile recovery run..and it was glorious! Happy Monday ya'll!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Whenever I think of the word visitors...for some reason I think it has a negative connotation with it. Do you feel that way?? Anyway I'm excited because we have people coming into town tomorrow. My friend Morgan is coming because she is running the Disney Princess Half Marathon with me in February and we decided to get together and tackle the 10 miler together (since neither of us have a really good running group to do long runs with). We also plan to make some cutesy tu-tu's for our race :)

My hubbys cousin Nathan is also coming to town (he's in the navy stationed in Norfolk..I've never met him). So it should be a fun weekend with lots of running, eating, and hopefully some good fellowship. It's fun having visitors now that I have my own house...with lots of bathrooms!!! haha

Hope everyone has a great weekend and send warm wishes my way (hoping to do my 10 miler in double digit degrees!)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hi Again!

Hi to anyone who decides to stop by! I haven't posted since May...after I got frustrated. But I am back! Its a new goals etc. Let me break it down....

1) I'm training for the Disney Princess half marathon in February. Training is going well and it will be my first race since 2009.

2) I hope to blog at least once a week. I think I used to get frustrated trying to come up with something to say everyday. Once a week is definitely do-able

3) I'd like to make another one of these this year....
So those are my little goals of 2011!! Maybe I should catch everyone up on what I've been up to during my hiatus!

Well obviously raising my little cutie...Carson. He's not so little anymore! He's crawling alllllllllll over the house now..pulling himself up on furniture...and making lots of monster noises (I didnt teach him that). He's the best thing that's ever happened to me and I've enjoyed every minute of being a Mommy!!

I bought a BOB running stroller during the summer and I LOVE IT! One problem...I live in Ohio. It was fantastic until the temperatures hit single digis and there was no way I would drag the little guy out in that weather without risking child services showing up at my door. I finally broke down and got myself a treadmill....I got the Sole F-80 and its been wonderful! I can run downstairs with the baby monitor while Carson is sawing logs upstairs and I find it's much easier to sneak runs in without sacrificing time with my son. I was having a really hard time using my gym membership because I felt like it took too much time away from Carson and kept him in daycare longer.

I'm still enjoying the new house. We are quickly filling up the rooms. It's everything I've ever dreamed of!!

And I picked up a new photography you will see lots of fun photos being posted (like the one above). I missed you guys!!! Feels great to be back! Leave a message and let me know what ya'll have been up to!