Thursday, January 20, 2011


Whenever I think of the word visitors...for some reason I think it has a negative connotation with it. Do you feel that way?? Anyway I'm excited because we have people coming into town tomorrow. My friend Morgan is coming because she is running the Disney Princess Half Marathon with me in February and we decided to get together and tackle the 10 miler together (since neither of us have a really good running group to do long runs with). We also plan to make some cutesy tu-tu's for our race :)

My hubbys cousin Nathan is also coming to town (he's in the navy stationed in Norfolk..I've never met him). So it should be a fun weekend with lots of running, eating, and hopefully some good fellowship. It's fun having visitors now that I have my own house...with lots of bathrooms!!! haha

Hope everyone has a great weekend and send warm wishes my way (hoping to do my 10 miler in double digit degrees!)


Nobel4Lit said...

I like having "visitors." Nothing negative about it... except maybe the "monthly" one, ha ha.

Jess said...

I like having company, but I'm always glad when they're gone. Enjoy your visitors!