Monday, January 24, 2011

Fun Weekend and a Ten Miler

We had a blast with our visitors this weekend!! We played Euchre Friday night (Boys vs. Girls...Girls kicked butt!!!). Saturday Morgan and I knocked out our 10 miler. It was -4 degrees so we decided to take matters inside and we did half on the track and the other half on the treadmill. It was one should ever have to run 10 miles indoors....EVER! But we got through it and I've been super sore ever since. Towards the end I was really pushing the pace to get done since I was miserable. Saturday evening, Morgan and I went and bought supplies to make tutu's for our disney princess race! I don't want to spoil the fun..but I'm sure we will take lots of pictures during the spectacular event :) Here are some fun fotos we took this weekend...

You can pick your can pick your friends...but you can't pick your friends nose!!

Travis's cousin home on leave teaching little Carson how to play guitar


Today I did a 3 mile recovery run..and it was glorious! Happy Monday ya'll!


Carolina John said...

Good luck! I'm sure you'll be well prepared for a nice princess half. And it's good to see you back in blogland!

Laura said...

WOW I cannot believe how fantastic you look after Carson!!! You lost any baby weight super fast.

Jess said...

You look great!

Glad it was such a fun visit!

Jes said...

Great pictures, and great job doing 10 miles indoors! Man!