Monday, March 30, 2009

Smell the roses?

It's spring break but there are no roses! allergies are still insane! I thought it would be better in the O-H-I-O..boy was I wrong.

So I'm sure you're all DYING to know what I'm doing for spring break right? Too bad I spent 10 hours driving in the WRONG direction this weekend (from South TO North). But I was so excited to see my family and puppy that I couldn't wait to get out of Georgia. I have a little list of things I'd like to accomplish this I'll put it on my blog and that way I am kept accountable

- Finish inputting my case logs for school (this will take forever)
- Get my chapter summaries done for next month
- Create my next senior seminar presentation
- Job interview on Tuesday...
- Program spare key on new car
- Get new license with new last name with new age (scary!! I'm turning 25 very soon!)
- Finish switching all my other stuff over to my new name
- Celebrate hubby's b day
- Possibly run a half marathon (weather depending)
- Workout everyday
- Take puppy to the Dog Park (hopefully when its not SUPER muddy..bc then I'll have to add Puppy Bath to this list)
- Visit my Dad...we have some long overdue chats..and I missed him on St Pattys Day..never too late to celebrate :) Maybe I'll drink a green beer with him at the funny would that be?
- Enjoy some relaxation, sleeping in, & middle of the day chats with hot pants

So there ya have it! A week goes by quick..hopefully I can accomplish all of this haha I better get started now!

p.s. add this...mail in my evals from last month

Friday, March 27, 2009

You know you are a runner dot dot...

The plumber comes to fix your toilet...and says
"Have you been running lately?"

I give him a weird expression and say... "My toilet's running!??"

He then looks around and says "No..YOU!..."

Of course there are scattered race numbers, "City Sports" bags, running shoes, age group medals (60 & over..yes!!)...scattered all over my I quickly respond "Yea..I do a little running here and there"

EEEK!! What do you have in your room that labels you "runner"? I even have a box of safety pins...Aleve...water bottles...protein bars, drinks, etc.

Anyway...I'M DONE WITH PEDIATRICS!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOO! Did NOT enjoy this rotation AT ALL! I dunno what it was...but I didn't like it. The kids were cute though...not cute enough to make me ever want to work at a Childrens Hospital. Tonight I'm going to go workout..finish packing up my stuff..then Homeward bound.

And one other big thing!! ITS SPRING BREAK!! I get a week jealous :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The little oat girl...

So this girl did some strange things while in Atlanta. When I come family is going to think someone kidnapped me and brainwashed me. While living in this lovely city for a month...I indulged in 2 things that I completely despised my entire life!
1) Oatmeal
2) Coffee

How weird is that? And its not like I just tried it once or twice and decided it wasnt soooo bad. I freakin ate/drank it every single day! How does that happen? You go from HATING despising feeling like you absolutely positively cannot go a day without it.In fact....I finished an entire can of oats while I was here..and broke my rule of "No More Grocery Trips Before I Move" because I was in a panicked state that I couldn't have oatmeal. This is freakin nuts! Has this ever happened to you? I mean I know they say "its an acquired taste" but seriously?

Also the allergies have been absolutely insane here! I can't breathe, my throat is raw..i wake up everytime I have to head is pounding. For proof that I'm not just being a whiner...this is what was next to my car this afternoon...

POLLEN ATTACK!! because I've been feeling so miserable..I took monday and tuesday off running and today I only did 2.5 miles. Tomorrow I plan to do 5 miles no matter what..and make myself suck it up even if I'm not feeling well. OVER IT!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Only 4 more days....

So as most of you know..I haven't seen my hubby or puppy since February. I have been living a solitary life in a hotel in a city in which I don't know anyone..working at a hospital in which I don't know anyone...and running races secretly as a 60 yr old...again...where I know not a soul. Why does it turn out that when I have 4 more days here...I find out I knew someone here...who was also running DIFFERENT herself? WHY? Why do things work like that? A girl from college happens to be in Atlanta doing her pharmacy rotations here this month..and just so happens to have run a different 5k last weekend. Neither of us knew we were here..until of course...the month was about over. Ughh! Also I just NOW found where the good running trails are...just NOW found where a track to do sprint workouts is....and can finally get to the hospital and gym without my Garmin. Of its time to go. I guess its good I'm coming back here in May & June because I now know how to rock out the ATL!

Also..I'm trying to finish out my last 4 days on whatever groceries I have left. Things are about to get verrrrrrrry interesting in this little hotel of mine. Things I have left to work with
- celery (eek..its a little old..)
- cheese
- few Tbsp of peanut butter (yes I went through a whole small jar in one month)
- Strawberry preserves
- Cinnamon/Raisin mini bagels
- Egg & Cheese lean pockets
- Oats
- Milk
So today I tried PB & J Oatmeal! I'm sure many of you eat this all the time..but being a newcomer of oatmeal (hated it for 23 years) was new to me! Also for breakfast I had PB & J on a cinnamon raisin mini bagel! Life will come to a hault when I finish up those last few Tbsp of PB..I will then be eating celery and cheese on a mini bagel! EEEEK! (this may be a good diet trick....)

One other thing...I mentioned earlier that I threw my name in the hat for some lotteries (San fran 1/2 marathon, NYC full marathon). Well...depending on the results of these lotteries..will decide my fate this fall. I was tossing around the ideas of those two races as well as a possible half ironman in November (Beach 2 Battleship). I think my plan is to see if I get into any of these events...and if not...the 1/2 Iron is ON! So...I'll know very soon about the san fran...won't know until May about NYC..but either way I couldn't jump FULL force into Iron training until after I take the board exam (June 28th). So all of this timing works out! Also my plan with tri training is a little different and was wondering if I could get some opinions. I was going to swim 2500 m once a week (I grew up a swimmer...swimming comes easy to me..however I have a shoulder with 6 screws in it..and so if I swim too much..I'll be hosed..) And then I was planning to do one long bike a week..and one brick a week. So essentially I would be swimming once, biking twice, and running 4 times. I feel like this is probably the only way the training would work for me....but will this work for the race? Any suggestions welcomed...all you hard core triathloners!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

You have GOT to read this...

So...if I told you I was 60 would you believe me??? Keep that question in mind....

The Operation Homefront 5K run for the troops....Race Report...Extravaganza..Disaster..Triumph...Victory....Defeat...

Those are the words that describe todays race..sounds interesting right? Keep reading!

I woke up multiple times in the middle of the night wanting to forfeit the race..I was exhausted...sore from all the weeks workouts...sleep just sounded sooo much better!

Despite all odds...I pulled my butt out of bed (with a little help from the bursting bladder)...and figured if I was up to go to the bathroom...I might as well be up to run a 5k! Easy enough right?

Driving there made me realize right away a sub 25 would not happen. My car was complaining to me about the I knew my lungs wouldn't be happy either. In the long as I could get a new PR I would be happy.

We walked up a hill to start the race and then took off. You would think that walking UP a hill would mean a fast start going downhill!?! Wishful thinking right? Somehow we started climbing right off the bat. I did my best to power up the hills and let my self recover a little bit once I got up them as to not completely whack out my heart rate. This one girl with a shirt passed me and I decided to just draft off her the whole race...then with about .5 mile left I passed her up on a hill. With about .25 left this girl passed me and looked like she was going strong..and I thought "Awwwww helllll no you dont! You will NOT pass me in the last .25 mile!"...and I just took off like a bat out of hell and sprinted past her and kept sprinting till the end. My splits were as follows :
Finishing time was 26:31 for a pace of 8:32 which is good for a PR by 36 seconds (which is GREAT considering that PR was set on a flat course) I decided to stick around for the awards since I didn't see too many girls ahead of me..I thought there was a chance I might win something.

I could hear all the chatter on how tough the course was...and talk about the hills..and traffic (they warned us multiple times about the traffic and risk of dying on the course...sweeeeeeet! The race was to benefit wounded soldiers..however I felt like they were trying to recruit wounded runners). We then planted a tree in honor of all the wounded soldiers and dumped coffee, water, gatorade, baby formula on it. I wouldnt be surprised if the tree is dead tomorrow.

So we get to the womens age group of 20-29 and they call the third place girl with a time of 28:30...Inside I get all excited thinking "YES!! I got 2nd in my age group!" 2nd place girl with a time of "25:40"....wait..what? Did they just skip me? Wait..what age group are we in again? HOLD UP PEOPLE!! WHAT JUST HAPPENED HERE?

So I start talking to myself..Do I say something? Do I walk up and make a scene? Do I care? What do I do??? Then I started thinking...this isn't fair. I'm not fast enough to EVER win an award..and I have a blog..where I could post the picture of me and my I decided to step up and say something. The guy acted like it was a BIG deal that they messed up..and I kept trying to explain it's not that big of a deal..and I quietly disappeared back into the crowd. I figured once they finished announcing the women that he would announce the mistake or something..nope nothing...finishes the guy awards...even finishes the DOG AWARDS!!!..and no mention of runninduff :(

So then I was annoyed..this guy KNEW he messed up...tried to cover it up and let it slip through the cracks..(funniest part..his company was called "Exact Timing"...riiiiggghhhttt) I decided to say something. He was able to scrounge up a 3rd place age group medal for the 60 & Over! AWESOME!!!!! (being super sarcastic here). Never announced it to anyone.....and I had to ask to get my picture taken with my 60 & OVER medal! ANYONE could get 3rd place in the 60 and OVER group! frustrating. So by the end I felt extremely stupid...for making a big deal out of a stupid 5k...but at the same time I felt sooo slighted. I know if he would have admitted the mistake to everyone I probably would have walked away and never thought anything of it. It was the fact that I never got ANY recognition for poppin lungs out there on those hills....

Ok....and secretly the worst part. The girl who walked away with MY medal was the girl that I decided to beat this time because she wore tights with stirrups on them and running shorts over them. The whole combo was making her out to be some super duper professional runner..and I just KNEW I had to beat her. The best part...I never even saw her as I finished 2 minutes ahead of her...but wait...who has the medal? She does! I think that made it worse.... it all its glory!! My 60 & Over award....

Am I sad I didnt break 25 minutes? Yes..however this was NOT the course to do it on. The 20-29 GUYS division first place winner ran 25:56 only 30 seconds faster than me. Does it make me want to run a sub 25 on a flat course even more? Yes!...I can't wait to get back to O-Hi-O and do it! I need to check this goal off the list. Did the world stop since I didn't conquer my goal? I don't clock is still I guess not haha.

I will post the final stats when the race results are up.....although I'm sure they will be all screwed up and say I ran a 3 hr much for "exact timing"...they didnt even use chips...what a joke!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Foto Friday

Heres a lil pic from the last race I did! I thoroughly enjoyed myself despite the rainy weather. I am crossing my fingers to run a sub 25 tomorrow....can I do it? Will the world end if I don't?? Stay tuned to find out........hahaha

Also..I have had interest in the protein bar wrapper, a taker for the 2 pink highlighters, and a question on the quench gum. Anyone want the half used deodrant or anesthesia book? Come on people!!! These are GOOD Giveaways! Especially for all you runner anesthesia students out there ;)

Another week week left until I get to move back to Ohio and see my family again! I havent seen the hubby since the end of February...same with the puppy :(

Since I titled this "Foto Friday" I will leave you with some fun and silly pics of me through the years...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Its almost friiiiiday!

SO lately it seems that everyone has been giving away stuff on their really cool stuff I would love to have *hint hint*...So I was thinking about what I could give away..and started looking around my hotel room: Here is what I came up with...let me know if anyone is interested...

1) 2 pink highlighters
2) An anesthesia book
3)2 pieces of quench gum (no hasn't been chewed yet)
4) Half stick of deodrant (unfortunately this HAS been used)
5) A protein bar wrapper

Now if you are interested...just let me know...I'd be glad to send one of the items to any victim winner of choice haha

But do you people get all this cool stuff to give away? I am majorly missing out..or not cool enough to have a popular blog with sponsors...any advice is appreciated!!

Today I ran a 5k on the treadmill in 24:30 which is a record for me...buttttttt its on the treadmill. We all know on Saturday morning I will get slowed down by the "heels" of Georgia. Sooo...because I'm absolutely positively terrified of failure and putting myself out there...I'm going to do just that. I want to run a sub 25 on Saturday. EEEEEEK! I'm going to do it! Eeeek....I'm scared...what if I cant do it? It absolutely killed me to run the 24:30 on the flat treadmill...I was dying. What if I cant do it?? See this is what happens..I get all scared I might fail and wimp out. Breathe...1..2...3...deep breaths...I can do it...Danielle said I can...Holly said I can do anything...I can do it!! right??

Today I had an evil 17 y.o patient say "If you stick me one more time I'm going to F#C#K%N@ kill you!" Who says that to a surgeon and anesthesiologist that are about to render them unconscious and put a scalpel to their skin? Who does this kid think she is? It seriously disturbed we told her to not talk nasty/quit the death threats and she said "i'm not a nice person..I never have been." What possibly could have hardened this child sooo much by the age of 17? It just really boggled my mind...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Little Updater...glaciers here we come!

Today was no fun..I'll just leave it at that! haha

But after work I kicked my assssss at the gym. I seriously put a whoopin on myself... Ran 5 miles in 41:30 (yay! new record for me) 8:18 pace then did chest, back and core. My trainer walked by and caught me staring off into space and was pleased with how soaked my shirt was! haha Then I joked that I ran into the bathroom real quick when I saw him earlier and doused myself with water to make it look like I was working hard. Either way.....verdict is...hes going to kick my ass tomorrow :) Saweet :)

Also I think I might do a 5k this weekend...I'm seriously addicted friends. I dunno what it is..but I just want to race race race!!!!! Its fun exploring Atlanta that way and meeting new people in this BIG city. However I don't know which one I want to do. There is a womens one where they give you a flower at the end for $27, or one to support the troops where they take your picture at the end for $20....or one for a scholarship for someone girl that died for $25...any thoughts? haha I was thinking the support the troops get a shirt too.

One other cool thing...Hubby and I booked a cruise to Alaska for when I'm done with school. Exciting right? I have always wanted to go to Seattle and the cruise leaves from there and then "cruises"on up to Alaska. I can't waiiiiiiiiit to see humpback whales and bears oh my! But more importantly..I can't waiiiiit to be done with school! haha.

Like I said...little updater....still thriving off the endorphins from this much better than drugs I tell ya :) (not as good as ice cream though)

p.s. check out Sarah's sweet food blog if you want a chance at winning Jillians Shred DVD! Plus get awesome ideas on great snacks :)

Also check out Run TO the Finish 's blog for a giveaway on youbars. These things look AWESOME!! YOu get to create your own workout bar..or shake! SWEET

Sunday, March 15, 2009

10K PR!!! PR!!! PR!!! YAY!!!

Up until today....the 10k was my absolute LEAST favorite race. The first one I ran,the Critz Preservation 10k,was god awful. I started out too fast...dressed too warm...ended up beat by my arch was BAD! It left this NASTY aftertaste in my mouth of 10k's. I knew I wanted to do it again..and dispell all negativity of this distance in my head...but the time never came...until TODAY!

The story?....Woke up...POURING RAIN! 40 degrees and absolutely pouring (funny how the last st. pattys race I did started out this way as well). I got dressed, went and got my free breakfast, and off I went. It was fun watching the 5k guys finish and I sorta got those chills that races give you sometimes. You know..the ones where you are all excited...yet nervous..yet happy...and you just feel soooo good about being a runner. As I was lost in the moment...I see "her". Who is "her"?? The one that I decided I MUST beat! Why you might ask? Because her pants didn't fit right. Yes I said it. They weren't capris...they weren't know the ones that hit right at your ankle!? Its like WTF were you thinking when you bought those? sorta like these..but they were running pants (and not tights...tights would be fine)

So wasnt just the pants....she also had this snotty look on her face like she was super cocky. There was something about "her" that I just couldnt stand and decided I MUST beat her (having no idea what kind of pace she ran...coulda ran 6 min miles for all I knew).

The race starts and we immediately start doing the hill thing. reason I couldn't live in ATL...just toooooo many hills. Once the congestion settles out...I look up the hill and I see "her". Wow I think to myself....we seem to be on similar paces. This race was a double loop 10k meaning you ran the course twice. I felt mentally this could be challenging as I would want to stop at the 5k mark (this never happened)..and surprisingly..I liked it! After running the first loop I sorta knew were the hills were and when I was 'home free' to really pick it up. I think I might keep this in mind for future races...double loops can actually help you since you know the course. ANyway...back to the race.

The first 3 miles went by pretty good...the hills slowed me down a lot...but then I would pick it back up as soon as I felt my breathing was back under control. Every once in a while I would look up and see "her" up there in her little flood pants and pink hat. She was a good 500 feet in front of me the whole time. I noticed I would gain on her on the hills...but then that little brat would pick up speed on the downhills and still be way out in front. This made me even more mad..because I knew that I was beating her on the hills.

As we made our second loop around I started to try and pick it up a bit. I kept thinking of Beth and the one race where she kept repeating "Turn..O..Ver....Turn..O...Ver.." I started doing it too..and it helped keep my feet goin. I kept looking down and I could tell my pace was getting one point the Garmy said 8:48..which made me SUPER happy and I realized I was running a negative split. Also I had downloaded a bunch of music for the race and never got to it. Made me realize how short a 10k is..haha.

So were onto the final stretch..I keep trying to pick up the pace but I CANNOT gain any speed on this "her". HOW ANNOYING! My lungs are startin to burn a little and I see a little water stop. I decided to stop and walk 2 steps to actually swallow the water so I wouldn't choke and get out of breath. It definitely cost me though because "her" gained ground on me...SHIT! I started to feel a little hopeless...I didn't think I could do it. Then all my mind kept saying is "My Dad would be SOOO proud if I could "chick" this girl..." Luckily they set it up so the finish is a I'm running down the hill there is 'her', this other kinda chubby girl in pink I had been battling with..then me. I kept thinking "i'm going to finish one person behind "her"..this sucksss!!!" All of a sudden I took off like a bat out of hell..blew by "chubby pink"...blew by "her"...and crossed the finish line with the BIGGEST smile EVER!

My time was 55:14 which is an 8:55 pace. But that is MORE than 3 min PR!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH!
I got 10/35 for my age group
215/577 overall

mile 1: 8:59
mile 2: 8:53
mile 3: 8:36
mile 4: 8:53
mile 5: 9:01
mile 6: 8:07
not sure on the last .2

I like 10ks :) :) :)....all rumors are dismissed. I also seem to do well in St. Pattys Races that are raining...I'll keep this in mind. I feel great...for getting such a big PR...running hard...and getting a chance to "chick" someone. Also I talked to "her" after the race and said she was an awesome pacer..she turned out to be really nice and not snotty at all...go figure.

Me before the race doing my "Lets get ready to rumble!"...and showing proof that I have indeed been flexing a lot in the mirror....haha

Live in a will too...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weird things you do while living in a hotel

Living in a hotel can be interesting....i almost think they should do experiments with people and watch how they act while living in a hotel...the results would be surprising

I normally am not one of those people that likes to be naked. I will often be caught in bed with socks on...even a columbia jacket (thanks a lot hubby for keeping our bedroom 60 degrees in the WINTER!). However...since I've been living in the hotel...I find myself hanging around naked quite often. (Thank god I'm not disclosing the location of my hotel)....and it's kinda fun. I can put self tanner on..and not worry about getting it on clothes or getting streak lines. I have never been real great about drying myself off with a towel after why not just walk around naked for half the day an hour and dry off?? Seems logical to me...

Also I paid to get my laundry done at a dry cleaners and refused to go to a laundry mat. My laundry is still sitting in the bag I picked it up in...and have been living out of it ever since. I have no plans to put it might go back to Ohio in that same bag..still folded..

I run the dishwasher EVERYDAY...haha. They gave me like 3 bowls, 3 plates, 2 forks etc. So I just bought my own dish detergent and run the dishwasher everyday and am too lazy to physically hand wash the dishes.

Eventhough I have plenty of breakfast food..I walk over to the reception place and eat the free hotel breakfast on the weekends... (even had oatmeal today without chocolate in it...are you proud?)

I walk in and drop my keys, wallet, cell phone in the middle of the floor and just leave it there and continue to step over it...just because I can...and no one can see me or judge me or tell me to pick it up.

In addition to the naked can check out your newly acquired muscles in the mirror a lot..without anyone catching you checking yourself out. I find myself flexing int he mirror all the time

You can cry as loud as you want...and no one will hear you....except maybe the person you share a wall with...and then you just say "Man did you see that movie that was on last night about the girl whose husband died? she was crying sooo loud"

Of course the puffy eyes might give it away..haha..and then they will totally think you are a whacko!

Have you ever lived in a hotel? What weird behaviors did you exhibit? haha

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

I had no clue what to title this I decided to come up with 13 things to tell you..since thirteen starts with a "T" and so does "Thursday" ...(and 3 seemed too little..and 30 t00 get the point)

1) I actually had a good day today...these little pediatric monsters aren't sooooo bad afterall.. (more or less the people I'm working with aren't sooo bad...the kids were always cute)

2) The new "shady" trainer actually turned out to be awesome and totally kicked my butt! He was actually a lot better than my trainer in Cleveland (shhh..don't tell Craig). When I got there he had all the equipment we needed pulled out already so we didn't waste time looking for stuff..he had everything written down..he knew how to push me. At the end..he made me run stairs for 5 minutes and he did them with me! ALso...he asked me to help teach one of his bootcamp classes and said he would pay me......saweeeeeet!

3) I signed up for the Hermes 10 miler race in Cleveland after a blogging friend recommended it (its in april!) I think I'm going to bail on the ING half marathon at the end of this month because 1)I've already ran it (the full) 2) its $75 and 3) no one will do it with me...and 4) it has heeeeeeeeels..and put me out of commission for 2 months last year

4) I started liking oatmeal....well sort of. I end up adding banana, peanut butter, and chocolate is that still oatmeal? But it fills me up a lot (which seems impossible these days)

5) I am now obsessed with Vita Tops..check em out

6) I registered for two lotteries this week (NO I will not be winning any money...actually if i win... I have to PAY money!!!! WTF?) But seriously...I registered for the NYC marathon lottery and the san fran nike womens half marathon......keepin my fingers crossed on both of them

7) The stove at my GHETTTTTO hotel doesnt work..its either on high or off...which means everything gets burnt. As its turned out though...burnt chicken tastes pretty good...I actually think "burnt" is a flavor...there should be a spice called "burnt". I would use it..haha

8)Today someone farted in the operating room and I about peed my pants laughing. Sounds mature right? Well you know how when you AREN'T supposed to laugh...its almost impossible not to? Well I was literally doing everything in my power to not laugh...and in the end just made a big farty fool of myself. Later on I discussed the incident w/ my preceptor and I almost had to get a THIRD pair of underwear from laughing so hard again. He was like "man..he should have known that you have to do a test dose first to find out if its going to make noise...THEN you go for it!" OMG..too funny...yes I'm five years old and I like disney princesses

9) I have to take a board exam in June..and I really should be writing down 13 things about anesthesia right now but umm..I guess I'll do 14 on Friday...procrastinate one more day.

10) Ever since I wrote the "Negative Nancy" Post I have felt amazing. As soon as I hit the "save" button...I felt like a million pounds were lifted off my chest. Not to mention the amazing response from blogosphere! You all made me feel 120398148 times better and I have been feeling great ever since. Amazing what having a blog can do for thanks to everyone for the support

11) I now have an insane list of races I want to run in my lifetime ----> haha..thanks for that too!

12) Its almost St. Pattys Day....I'm super Irish (Thanks Dad!)

13) Isn't 13 supposed to be unlucky? Maybe if I want to win these lotteries I shouldn't be focusing on the number 13....

13.5) to avoid stopping at 13... I added a .5 for you all....which is.....I'm HALF DONE WITH THIS GHETTO PLACE! hOLLa sista soldiers!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Help a sista out!

Besides for the newly created blog...I also added a list to the right -----> with the future races I want to do (in my lifetime). I would love everyones input of their FAVORITE race they have ever done....and I will be adding a bunch to that list! THANKKKKKKKKKKS in advance!! XOXO!

Monday, March 9, 2009


I spent the entire night designing a new background for my blog *as I push up my glasses onto my nose and reach for a tissue in my pocket protector*. I literally placed every pearl where it is...the ribbon..the chandelier...etc. I'm such an idiot...but enjoy! The other one that I found wasn't quite as sophisticated and I couldn't settle on something I didn't make myself to display as my blog. I know...stupid. Dear can I please have back 3 hours of my night? You can add it on to Friday night if you wish....Sincerely, Runnin Duff

Friday, March 6, 2009

Imma survivor!!!!

PHEW! Made it through week one of H-E double hockey sticks! I SUCK AT PEDIATRICS!!! Let me just say this LOUD and CLEAR! IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN THAT NEED SURGERY...KEEP THEM AWAY FROM RUNNINDUFF! haha..I'm just playin. Honestly though..this has been one of the most challenging weeks of my lifeeeeee! I thought I was getting pretty smooth and putting adults to sleep and waking them up...and then my first day of pediatrics I had to take everything I knew ...toss it out the window...and start from scratch.

Now we call "Stretchers" either a) princess carriages or b) choo choo rides. EKG pads are now "stickers". Pretty much anything you see in the operating room on television now either has the word "princess" in front of it..or "space ship"

Johnny ..its ok...this is just a space ship mask!!
Isabelle...dont cry...this is a princess IV!

No joke folks! I also wipe snotty noses...take blows to the face while trying to do a mask induction..and NO! I DONT CHANGE DIAPERS! Thanks for asking though :)

On the running front..I went for an amazing (insert mileage) run today. I forgot Garmy so I'm not sure how far I went..but I ran 50 minutes outside and then went inside to my ghetto fabulous gym and did another 1.5 miles on a 8:20 pace. Pretty sweet right? Well..if you want to think of me as this fit healthy girl...stop reading now. If you want to know the real me.....I followed up this fabulous run with a trip to "Fat girl heaven!". I found this awesome place called "sweet tomatoes salad bar buffet". Sounds innocent right? Well they should have named it "Some salad, mostly pizza and pasta, and lots of cookies & ice cream buffet!" Because that's what it was....oh and a diet coke of course! So it was fun stuffing my face by myself (loser) at this awesome food amusement park and was probably the highlight of my weekend. Awesome right?

Also I signed up for a 10k next weekend ! I'm pretty excited as its st. pattys day themed with green techincal tees. The only thing that's got me worried is the "heeeeeeeels". We know hotlanta...and she has some "heeeeeeels!"....should be fun though! Happy Fryday!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday randomness

Live from HOTLANTAAAAAAAAA!!! HOLLA!!!! Ok...I can officially act ghetto because I will be residing in the most ghetto hotel EVAAAA for the next month. Yes I shower in flip flops...I also turn the lights out and light a candle int he shower so 1) I can't see the grime and 2) it feels more like a day spa vs. my grimy hotel shower and 3) covers up the nasty smell of this stanky place. Ok...everyone let out a big BOO HOOO sob for me...I know...I feel sorry for myself way too often. Oh wait...before I quit new gym sucks too. Well I can't say most people it would probably be an awesome gym..but I'm totally spoiled with my gym (urbanactive) and this does NOT compare. Not to mention...its all shady...the guy gave me a "deal" and took cash and wrote me a 30 day guest which I know he just pocketed the money and wrote down that I won a free months pass. SLIMMMMMM SHADYYYYy...minus the slim.

Oh...and my new trainer for the month...also shady...and wants me to pay him under the table eventhough he works for the gym. I just dont have good vibes about this place at allllllll.....

Despite all that...I'm surviving. Today was my first day at the pediatrics hospital working with the little monsters...however I found most of them to be quite cute..esp Trey the downs syndrome kid that liked to show me his muscles and say "Rarrrrrr!"

I broke my previous 5k record on the treadmill with a time of.....................drumroll......26:30...does that count as a PR if its not an official race and its on a treadmill? prob not! haha

The stationary race didn't happen because I wasn't able to get to cincinnati until Saturday. Howevcer, on Saturday I got to see my awesome cousins (Hi Holly!), friend Lizzy and her bf BK!, and hotpants Danielle! (Hi ST!) Thats a lot huh? Then drove down to Atlanta on Sunday in which they were experiencing a BLIZZARd! wHAT????? Blizzard in hotlanta? It was the funniest sight EVA! People were walking around with umbrellas and it was SNOWING! Seriously people...

Anyway...Monday down...that means the week is half over....