Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weird things you do while living in a hotel

Living in a hotel can be interesting....i almost think they should do experiments with people and watch how they act while living in a hotel...the results would be surprising

I normally am not one of those people that likes to be naked. I will often be caught in bed with socks on...even a columbia jacket (thanks a lot hubby for keeping our bedroom 60 degrees in the WINTER!). However...since I've been living in the hotel...I find myself hanging around naked quite often. (Thank god I'm not disclosing the location of my hotel)....and it's kinda fun. I can put self tanner on..and not worry about getting it on clothes or getting streak lines. I have never been real great about drying myself off with a towel after why not just walk around naked for half the day an hour and dry off?? Seems logical to me...

Also I paid to get my laundry done at a dry cleaners and refused to go to a laundry mat. My laundry is still sitting in the bag I picked it up in...and have been living out of it ever since. I have no plans to put it might go back to Ohio in that same bag..still folded..

I run the dishwasher EVERYDAY...haha. They gave me like 3 bowls, 3 plates, 2 forks etc. So I just bought my own dish detergent and run the dishwasher everyday and am too lazy to physically hand wash the dishes.

Eventhough I have plenty of breakfast food..I walk over to the reception place and eat the free hotel breakfast on the weekends... (even had oatmeal today without chocolate in it...are you proud?)

I walk in and drop my keys, wallet, cell phone in the middle of the floor and just leave it there and continue to step over it...just because I can...and no one can see me or judge me or tell me to pick it up.

In addition to the naked can check out your newly acquired muscles in the mirror a lot..without anyone catching you checking yourself out. I find myself flexing int he mirror all the time

You can cry as loud as you want...and no one will hear you....except maybe the person you share a wall with...and then you just say "Man did you see that movie that was on last night about the girl whose husband died? she was crying sooo loud"

Of course the puffy eyes might give it away..haha..and then they will totally think you are a whacko!

Have you ever lived in a hotel? What weird behaviors did you exhibit? haha


Anonymous said...

Never lived in a hotel. You crack me up with the flexing in the mirror. Hope you don't have much longer.

Amanda said...

Funny post, I would love to be able to put self tanner on and not worry about it getting on clothes, or turning my sheets brown. And lol at the crying (well,not that you cried but at the movie part) and flexing.

Brian said...

I try to force myself to leave the seat up. My wife has trained me well.

As for the hermes 10 miler, sorry but I'll be running the KY Derby marathon that weekend.

Benson said...

totally with you on walking around naked to dry off.
I often rearrange the furniture (if it's not nailed down) to suit my view of either the TV or out the window.

Danielle Runs said...

you are hilarious... i loved it when you read this post to me via blackberry... even better reading it for the 2nd time

sasa said...