Monday, September 29, 2008

ahhhhhhhh sorry

My life is insane. Moving every four weeks to start a new job is nuts. Everytime I go to look for anything.....I pull open every drawer...and of course its in the last drawer I haven't opened yet. UGHH...

Heres some saweet pics of the "heeeeels" i've been running in Georgia.

Since I've been here in the "ville"...Gainesville...that is...I've participated in a penis prosthesis! How neat right? It works kinda like the old reebok shoes that you pump up....

Lastly...on a more sober of my high school friends has gained his angel wings fighting in Iraq. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

As you can see theres been a lot going on in my life...and I'm mentally exhausted. I'm leaving my husband and home behind or the next 5 weeks..moving to OHio next week to start over again...losing a good friend. I hope to have more..and better posts to come.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Funny incidents

So I go to take my first shower at the new "pad" (aka basement). I get in there, get the clothes off, turn the water on. The water is nicely flowing out the spicket part of the shower....however I don't see anywhere to make it come out of the showerhead. No levers, no buttons, no nothing. Im thinking...hmm...maybe the light switch?? I stand there for a few minutes pondering where this little gadget could be and finally decide to throw my clothes on and ask the "Dad" of the family what to do! How embarassing! Apparently this little piece at the bottom of the spicket just pulls down...its a stealth shower. Button-less, lever-less.

So I'm all the water coming out the right place...even got the temperature figured out. Then I realize I forgot shower gel. Normally I would just sorta wash up with my shampoo but I look over and see a pink bottle that looks to be shower gel. I put a big ole squirt in my hand and figure...well..I'll just use theirs for one day. Just as I start to clean my private parts I take a closer look at the bottle and see a picture of a large dog on it and the words "FLEA & TICK SHAMPOO"..Holy S#&! I just put dog flea shampoo on my private parts. So far I haven't had any adverse reactions but you can bet my husband won't find me coming home with any weird bugs in my pants. hahaha

P.S. running in the mountains is impossible....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Destination one

So....I promise...there will most likely be a lot of blogging going on in the next year. I have arrived at destination one. A lil background...our school program basically kicks us out into the world and provides no direction for us. We pretty much have to find housing for one month at a time at each place we go. Occasionally housing is provided..or i you are lucky you might have an aunt, uncle, (blog friends anyone??) that might house you. So here I the basement. I found htis place on and they said the family was moving away and would rarely be here. Well today I find out as I arrive...that the family decided to move back. So here we big happy family..hahaha should be interesting.

Also worth destination is in the mountains. This makes for awesome training hills for running....cant wait to get my camera this weekend and bring it back with me! How cool! I can actually train and be prepared for hills this time..they are monstrous.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well the trip to Denver was awesome!!! The skirt chaser 5k was awesome! It was very difficult to run at altitude and even more difficult to swallow down a crappy 5k time knowing half of it was due to being out of running shape. We'll blame the first minute being over PR time on the mountains and the second minute on being out of shape....hahha...hows that? My hubby caught up to me at about the half way point (he started 3 minutes after me) (hes also 6'4'') hahahaha (excuses).....and then sadly he passed me up. Also in the last quarter mile I gathered myself and started sprinting like a crazy woman. Everyone was pointing at me like "look at that girl!" ....and ipod flew out of my armband and skidded across the cement. My race came to a sudden hault....I almost got ran over by 4 guys....and my poor ipod suffered some surface scrapes (on the back thank god). I forgot to save my little tag with my name on it and since there was no chip timing system I'm not sure of my exact time. I know it said 29:15 when I was coming we'll go with something like that. Either way it was super fun and it was hubbys first race! I'm hoping he will join me for some more. Other things we did....

Visited two breweries in one day...(we like free beer!)..Budweiser and Coors
Went to the Colorado Rockies Game
Ate a buffalo burger (bison burger)
Had a few beers at a local micro brew (holy crap...basically we did a brew crawl)
went shopping..

Other bloggy news...I got to meet my first blog friend POM. We shared a pre-race drink (Don't ever get Dales Pale Ale if you go to Denver...icky..icky..icky). She kicked my butt in the 5k (25 something was her time....WOW!) and then we hung out for a bit afterwards. I definitely need to start meeting some of you more often! Heres a pic of us at skirt chaser :)

Other life news...I completely chopped off alllllllllllll my hair. ALLLLLL OF IT! I mean every last bit of it! Picture below! EEEEEEEEEEEEEK! (i love it don't say anything bad! know I'm talking to you males...who often give unwanted opinions..hahahha)

And yes..I passed all my comp exams and its finally time to move on with my life. I am moving to Atlanta for the month of September and Cincinnati for the month of October (holla Dani!!). I am getting back to running shape...and continuing with P90X as well. My life is back..and I couldn't be happier. No more more books....just running shoes...and a pair of scrubs exploring the country. PUMPED!

Friday, September 5, 2008

semi truck accident

I feel like i got hot by a semi didn't really happen...but it feels like it. I just took a vicoden because my back hurts so bad from being crouched over my books for 14 days straight. I just took the last college final EVER in my life....and the last in a series of 13 finals that lasted the last two weeks (with 8 being in the last 2 days). I really have no emotion...I should be jumping for joy...but this program has sucked the life out of me.

On the flip side....this girl is outttttttttttttttttta here!! (hurricane allowing). I will be headed to DEN-VAH for the skirt chaser race. Can't wait to meet up with some fellow bloggies (POM!! holla!) And just get away for a bit. I got teary eyed when I dropped my dog off to board him....LOL!!! Hopefully thats just stress...if not..thats totally lame. But look at him..I mean really?!

Peace home fries (french fries sound good right now!)