Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rest...whats rest?

So I wasnt sure what today had in store for me. My back has gotten increasingly more tight and sore as the week has gone on. I could also feel a slight twinge in my knees. I skipped my rest day...I already ran my long run yesterday that was supposed to be what in the world would I do today? I toyed with the idea of rest......couldn't do it. I started out hoping to just do a easy recovery run.......3.66 miles later...I felt amazing and like I could run 10 more. Didn't start out that nice you can see from the started with side cramps and twinging knees. But by the end....I felt like I could run for days...not tired...not hurting.....just foot after foot. I feel good :) And I'll feel even better in my new "new years" dress tomorrow because of it!

Also...Can't wait for my new running shoes to get here. The Brooks Trance 6. I would have loved the 7's....but with is tight. Found the 6's for 59.99 free shipping. wahhoooo for deals!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Runnin Duff Runs Again

So yesterday was my day off...and I ran a 5k. Today was a cross training day...and I ran ~4 miles. My long run is supposed to be 4 miles what the heck am I going to do tomorrow? is my run today. Credits to nikeplus and my new ipod sensor :)

I ran hard today. I played a game with 2 miles then try to make it back faster than you got there. I finished the two miles in 18:26 minutes trying to run slow (which ended up not being slow at all) as not to screw myself on the way back. I got back to my original starting position at 35.53, however it said 3.94 miles. Close enough...haha. I actually felt like a runner. At no point did I feel tired. I felt really really relaxed. A few things I have learned:

1) I definitely run faster outside than on the don't know
2) Somehow I managed to progress my speed as the mileage went on...which is great!
3) Blogging has definitely inspired me
4) I thought I was a lot slower than I am...
5) How did I just run 5 days in a row??? ahhh! I hope I can keep it up when school starts
6) I love the nike ipod sport kit :)

final note...leave comments :)

Friday, December 28, 2007

A new beginning

Well here it goes. I'm going to do Hal Higdon's Beginners program. I've been on track for about 3 weeks now...and eventhough today was my day off...I pushed out a fast 5k. I think my avg time was like 9:00 per minute (which is pretty quick for me...haha) esp since it was a rest day. I am hoping to either run the Charlotte half marathon APril 12th or Cleveland May 18th or both. I'm super excited, nervous, scared, excited....did i say excited? However my school schedule is INSANE! i usually have to be at the operating room by 6am...and have class till 7 pm. I have 2 tests each week to study for after that...(obviously I'll be doing my long runs on weekends..haha) SO feel free to comment and keep me on track :) Here goes nothin...