Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rest...whats rest?

So I wasnt sure what today had in store for me. My back has gotten increasingly more tight and sore as the week has gone on. I could also feel a slight twinge in my knees. I skipped my rest day...I already ran my long run yesterday that was supposed to be what in the world would I do today? I toyed with the idea of rest......couldn't do it. I started out hoping to just do a easy recovery run.......3.66 miles later...I felt amazing and like I could run 10 more. Didn't start out that nice you can see from the started with side cramps and twinging knees. But by the end....I felt like I could run for days...not tired...not hurting.....just foot after foot. I feel good :) And I'll feel even better in my new "new years" dress tomorrow because of it!

Also...Can't wait for my new running shoes to get here. The Brooks Trance 6. I would have loved the 7's....but with is tight. Found the 6's for 59.99 free shipping. wahhoooo for deals!

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Meg said...

Can I ask you what adapter you have for your Nike+ipod? Your blog has made me kind of psyched to buy it - I like new gadgets. :) I'm not nearly ready for a new pair of shoes though, so if you like your adapter, I'd love to know what it is and where you got it!