Sunday, June 29, 2008

runnin runnin runnin....away

Hey guys! In laws are in yes..I've been preoccupied. However...I have managed to escape and do a 3 mile run and a 8 mile run this weekend. I have off next week from school and hope to run 5 miles each day. I will post each day with the results...this is an attempt to get my running back to pre-marathon levels. I'm pumped. Hopefully the heat doesn't kill me.

Saturday after my 8 mile run I was SOAKEEEED SOAKED SOAKED! I mean..literally...could wring out my shirt and fill a bucket. But...I heard Old Navy had $1 flip flops so figured...I was driving right by the mall...might as well stop by and pick up my 5 pairs (there was a limit). OMG!!! MISTAKE!!!! Literally it was worse than day after Thanksgiving shopping. Everyone lined up and charged as soon as the doors opened. YOu would have thought they were giving away free gas. Meanwhile....everyone packed themselves in by the flip flops like sardines...and there I am....the stinky kid. Still wet from running...smelly....stinky...and people touching me on all four sides. I felt bad for them. Why is it that flip flops that are normally 2/$5 become such a huge deal when they are only $1. ?? I mean...even the guy at the cash register didn't understand. I simply stopped by because I had just finished the run and drove by the mall.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Oh man...what a long day. Practicing anesthesia from 5:45 am- 5:15 pm....eeeeeeek! We did some internal cardiac defibrillators today which was pretty cool. Met an 86 yr old that walks 2 miles every day, just quit practicing dentistry 4 years ago, and takes complete care of his wife who is losing a battle to alzheimers. What an inspiration he was.

Ran 3 miles yesterday...back is still a little out of sorts...but its getting better. Definitely loving running again!

Hope everyone is having a good week :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

what the back?

seriously.....what the back? I went for a 5 mile tempo run last night and sprained my back! How does that happen? One side of my bike swelled up and it felt like i slipped a disc. I'm feeling a lil better today...but foreal!?

at least 5 more miles in the bank right?!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Few runs behind the belt

Got me 2 runs behind the belt. haha. First one was 3.5 miles of sucking was BAD! thats what happens when you take two weeks off. The next one was a much more pleasant 4 miler. THANKKKKKK goodness! I'm going to basically be starting over and building my mileage back up. Tonight I'm going cycling as soon as it cools off a bit (HA ! ya right!). I've been thoroughly enjoying the new quarter (yes I finished finals friday and started school back up on Monday...had clinical 5:45am Monday morning and a presentation due later that day...what a break). LOVED having Tuesday off...randomly my husband and I both had Tues & Thurs off this week. Monday night I went and got sushi with a friend and we sat on the dock at my house and drank and watched the sunset over the water. It was breathtaking. I'm almost in disbelief that we are really getting a break this just doesn't feel real (keep pinching myself...starting to get red marks). I love having the new class here (lil kids as I call them...I'm sure they love it). I have off again tomorrow?! Like I said..I keep repeating it because I don't believe it. I barely feel like I'm in school minus the 22 hrs a week I spend in the OR and oh wait...another 12 in class...oh crap..and of course studying. But still...this is nothing compared to what I used to do. Ahhhhhh yes....runnin duff is loving life....SO MUCH that I was actually snapping my fingers to the music on the treadmill yesterday (embarassing) (and yes..i finally got smart and starting running inside instead of 109 F heat). HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Finito. Finished. Done. Did it. Got the T shirt!
I FINISHED FINALS!! WAHOO! And the best part? THe new class started so the heat is off us! what did I do to celebrate? Got extremely inebriated! EXTREMELY! Heres some evidence.
It was super fun...somehow I feel alright today (thank you H20 & Flax seed caps)....and ready to move on with my life. SUmmer is going to be awesome...I have off next Tues and Thurs to start. Gonna run lots, swim lots, cycle lots. It all begins...................NOW!

p.s. yes all my classmates are blonde...and I heard today from the newbies...thats why some of them came to this program...hahahaha!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Life is made of circles

Somehow you always find yourself back to where you started.....or at least it seems that way. So heres my circle
Start half marathon....start triathlon training....injury....burnout...illness....finals....and here I am.. Back full circle and ready to jump on the training bandwagon again. haha. Finals end Friday....look out! Here I come! However due to the unforseen events that happened (101 fever all last week, injuries, and burnout)...I will not be doing the Chatt Waterfront Tri. Just not enough time to prepare. I am however doing the hilton head beach bum sprint triathlon!! IN THE OCEAN!! AHHHHHHH SHARKS! and maybe doing Fall Creek Falls olympic tri at the end of the summer. We'll see. I think I'm going to pick out a fall half marathon to do....see my schedule below and let me know if you have any suggestions. I was thinking Columbus Ohio in october? Since I'll be in cinci!

Sorry guys...I'm almost back. I had a really rough time there for a bit...I wiggled around it as much as I could...but eventually I had a breakdown. I couldnt stop crying... but thats ok. I'm much much much better now...almost done with school. The new class is here to take some of the pressure off us. We get every other tues/thurs off this summer!!! WHOOO HOOO!! Things are looking up. Also found out my provided "housing" in september is living with some weird guy that works at the hospital. GREAT! looks like I'll be doing lots of 20 mile runs to get out of the house ;) hahahahaha

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Still sick. Dunno what it is. I'm not sure if its still from that heat thing (since it all started the same night) or the flu?! I've ruled out carbon monoxide poisoning..because Trav woke up in the middle of the night throwing up so I went out and got a detector. No dice. At the same time I bought a new thermometer and came home and found out :
1) no Carbon monoxide in my house
2) I have a high fever
That at least led me in the right of direction as to how to treat it. At first I was beating myself up for not exposing myself to oxygen while I was at school (inspired oxygen of 100% decreases the half life of carbon monoxide 4x). But on the other hand I forgot to pick up gatorade and electrolytic fluids while I was picking up the detector. AHHHH! It just sucks...I'm nauseated...dizzy..tired...achy...haven't ate...finally slept (THANK YOU ADVIL PM!!)...haven't worked out....tried to study for finals... oh its been no fun here

On the flip side. Hubbys brother got drafted to the NY METS yesterday in round 14/50. Thats pretty exciting!

I got my schedule for next year
Jan-Westlake, OH
June-Atlanta (board exam)

So if you will be in any of those places when I am.....holla! Lets race! haha

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's gettin hot in take off all your clothes

Foreal. Our air conditioning broke last night. I don't think my husband has ever seen me naked so much before. Our THIRD floor condo was 86 F. Our dog sat there panting..we kept covering him in cool towels. Got about a half hour of sleep. Woke up throwing up and passing out......awesome. Couldn't keep down any food....still 86F. Found out they wont be here till Friday to fix it. Great... Went out and bought a window air conditioner!! PROBLEMO Solved! However I'm confined to the guest room. Bummer. Part of why I was nakey so long is because I didnt have the strength to put clothes on. I would stand up...put one arm in the shirt..and have to lay back down. Finally I ate a quarter of a peanut butter sandwich, 3 ibuprofin, and took a nap. I'm feeling better now. But missed all my classes....crap! Finals start tomorrow...wonderful. For some reason I had all this my was weird. Ibuprofin took care of that...but it scared me and made me wonder if I have MS or something!??! Now that I'm the lil med girl I am...I diagnose myself with chronic illness...spectacular!

Other than that....I FINALLY went riding on Hunter Army Airfield the other day. It was AWESOME!!! Did about 17 miles...and looked up and say a sign saying 98F! I almost crapped myself. I forgot to bring fluids figured it was time to go home. Riding on the base is awesome though because its nice and flat without much traffic. Theres a 10 mile loop that is perfect. I will definitely have to go back soon. Pool is closed this weekend...and now that I have this sudden crazy illness and have eaten about 75 calories for the day..I doubt I'll be doing much. Plus only one room of our house is <90 degrees.

I bet this post gets a lot of attn do to the naked pic...hehehehe