Saturday, June 7, 2008


Still sick. Dunno what it is. I'm not sure if its still from that heat thing (since it all started the same night) or the flu?! I've ruled out carbon monoxide poisoning..because Trav woke up in the middle of the night throwing up so I went out and got a detector. No dice. At the same time I bought a new thermometer and came home and found out :
1) no Carbon monoxide in my house
2) I have a high fever
That at least led me in the right of direction as to how to treat it. At first I was beating myself up for not exposing myself to oxygen while I was at school (inspired oxygen of 100% decreases the half life of carbon monoxide 4x). But on the other hand I forgot to pick up gatorade and electrolytic fluids while I was picking up the detector. AHHHH! It just sucks...I'm nauseated...dizzy..tired...achy...haven't ate...finally slept (THANK YOU ADVIL PM!!)...haven't worked out....tried to study for finals... oh its been no fun here

On the flip side. Hubbys brother got drafted to the NY METS yesterday in round 14/50. Thats pretty exciting!

I got my schedule for next year
Jan-Westlake, OH
June-Atlanta (board exam)

So if you will be in any of those places when I am.....holla! Lets race! haha


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your brother in- law, how exciting.

I hope you shake this bug soon. I can't believe all the traveling you have to do for school, but it will be cool to visit some different areas. It might make the year go by faster too.

Feel better soon.

Viv said...

Congrats to Trav's bro!! How fascinating!!

I hope you get better soon chickie. I will send good vibes your way. No Houston :-(
At least you got some time in Ohio and can peep the family :-)

triguyjt said...

props to trav's brother...
what a year ahead.!!! wow....

get well soon

Laura said...

Get well soon!!!

I get my travel schedule like... one week in advance. But I'll let you know if I'll ever be anywhere close by!

Benson said...

Hey some good news and bad news eh?
Congrats to the new major league player and bummer you're all sick and cooking in your condo like biscuits in the oven.
I hope things improve quickly for you.
stay cool.