Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 10 I thought I would give a little sneak preview. THis is only after 10 days. I plan to show the full before and after photos of the first 15 days on Sunday. I got anxious and wanted to see if I was making progress...I know its only been 10 days. But I can tell a difference, can you?? P90X rox! Promise! Cant wait till Sunday :)
Day one is on the left...Day ten is on the right!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Holy Gaucamole

Who ever thought a slimy green dish could taste so good???? I didnt start liking guacamole until this year..and boy was I missing out. I was one of those really picky eaters growing up that would complain that something of this sort resembled boogers. Most likely I would flick it at my brother and turn my head the other way...or start picking at my chicken nuggets. NOT ANYMORE!!! Its so easy to whip up some fresh gauc with some cilantro, lime juice, hot sauce, onions. LOVE IT!

P90X still goin well. Hubby has been doing it as well! Yesterday was arms and shoulders followed by a 30 min bike ride. Today is Yoga X and running! 3 more weeks of school after this until I'm done with classes forever!!! Can you believe it???? Then its on to my first rotation...Gainesville, GA! SOOOO Excited to get out of savannah for a bit. Sad to leave my hubby and puppy....but ya goes on. Speaking of which...look at this lil doll. I swear he should be a model....*CALLING ALL DOG MODELING AGENCIES>>LEAVE A COMMENT WITH A CONTACT NUMBER IF YOU WANT TO BOOK BENTLEY*

Sorry...I have to brag up my dog because lord knows we'll never make a kid that cute! hahaha. Hope everyone is having a great week..and thank you for the encouraging posts about my life as an anesthesia care provider. I love what I do...but its not always easy.. (meaning reading a book with my feet up on the anesthesia machine) JK

Monday, July 28, 2008

What it feels like to not wake a patient up

Unfortunately....I had to experience this today. As an anesthesia provider.....we put patients to sleep everyday and at the end of the case....we wake them back up. Simple...easy...for the most part. I have only been doing clinical rotations for one year...and I have always dreaded this day. Luckily..there was a large positive aspect to this case...the fact that this unfortunately young lady was giving 4 other people a second chance at life.

I know organ donation is a touchy subject to many people. And being a part of an organ donation (procurement) definitely leaves you with a knot in your stomach...and drains the emotions out of you. I didn't shed a many of us in the healthcare field have learned...death is a part of life. It was just the first time.....that I only got to deliver half of the anesthetic. Fortunately for was no ones fault...not the surgeons fault...not my fault...and I think that makes it easier the first time. Also the positive aspect that this person is saving other peoples lives helps. is still not easy...and I'm sure I won't have sweet dreams tonight.

On a MUCH MUCH Brighter note....P90X is AWESOMEEEEEE!!! THats all I can say about it. I can't wait to post comparisons at the 30 day mark! I love this program and recommend it to everyone out there who doesn't feel that running alone gets them "ripped". I can feel my shoulder getting stronger and stronger each day. My legs, my abs, my back, everything is tightening up. My diet has been much cleaner as well. I did a 6 mile run yesterday...but MAN is it hard to run in the heat. Hope everyone has a great week!!!!

p.s. I didnt know they really put tags on your toe before they take you to the morgue.. ...sorry..random

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Skirt chasin

Or wait.......being chased in a skirt is more like it!!!! whoooooo hoooooooooo! I'm Joining P.O.M and dragging my husband along to DENVER COLORADO!!! To do the skirt chaser race. How cool is that? It just so happened to be during my week off...sounded like were cheap....hiking in colorado sounds like a blast....getting chased in a skirt by my hottie hubby and hopefully not letting him catch me....PrIcELeSS!! hahahaahahaha...bring it Trav!

p.s. the best part...Trav doesn't even know where were going...or that he will be chasing me in a skirt...its all a surprise! hahaha

Monday, July 21, 2008

Lopsided...and no not the boobies

Usually when people talk about being lopsided...they are talking about breastssss....not arms haha. Ya know..the typical middle aged woman trying to convince her husband of why he needs to buy her a new set of Ta-Tas..."oh come on honey....they are lopsided". Should I be asking my husband for a Bicep/Shoulder implant? Seriously? I went to take my before pictures for P90X and finally saw how different my two arms are...almost 2 years after surgery. This is pathetic...and I'm glad I'm finally doing something about it. Look how much bigger my right arm is compared to the left guy... We'll see if there are improvements in the "After" pics in 90 days :) haha

Sunday, July 20, 2008

ouch X 2

So if I thought extreme yoga was bad....wakeboarding is even worse!! Can no longer grip to come!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


OK /> I'm not officially starting P90X until Sunday or Monday but decided to do the yoga DVD to test it out. I YOGA!...I'm a marathon runner....can't be that hard. I probably wont even get sweaty and will have an awesome 2.5 mile power run. WRONGGGGGGG!! After about 2 minutes of twisting, tumbling, and torturing myself...I was drenched in sweat. The torture continued on for another 40 minutes when I finally said enough is enough. The DVD is an hour and a half long...but I think its pretty typical in the beginning most people can't finish the whole thing. HOLY MOLY! Everything in my body hurts. Muscles hurt that I never knew I had before....people have been making fun of me saying that I'm sore in these places because me and the hubby were having fun in the bedroom. I wish I could say it's true...but really it was me...some guy named Tony on the DVD...and a rubber yoga mat. Not too special. I'll show some pics of what I had to do

Ok and these were all in like the first ten minutes. hahaha. I thought I was going to be lots of sitting with my hands in prayer position like this ..

But OHHHHHHHHHH NO! They even tricked me into thinking that by having everyone doing that as the DVD started. While I was by the DVD player....they had everyone looking like that...." can do this..." Then the minute you turn your back and walk away...BAM!!! Lets twist and foot in mouth and ear up butt...etc.

I challenge you people......runners.....triathloners.....if you havent tried it....get an advanced yoga DVD and do it. Supposedly it really helps you with sports. I definitely got sweaty, sore, and it cleared my mind. In a freaky way it was relaxing.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Checkin in

Hi Guys!!! Things have been going awesome over here! Going to the post office in a few to pick up the P90X DVDS but for now I have just been working on speed with running. Each day I do a 2.5 mile power run..and then lift weights and do some abs. Its been going really well and I'm starting to get a lil faster as the days go on. So far my fastest time for 2 miles is 16:30. I usually jog the last half mile. Of course I did my long run of 8 miles this weekend and almost over heated and died...(not really...exaggerating)...but it was hot! P90X will officially start Monday! I have a friend coming in town today from Ohio. Her mom babysat me when I was 8 months old and we have been friends ever since. It will be great to see a familiar face again. I am not quite sure how many workouts will get done this weekend but I'm definitely going on my long run Sunday morning. I figure I run early enough that my friend will just be waking up when I get back (usually 9ish). I think we might do a bridge run....which will be super HOT and super FUN!

What are ya'll up to this weekend?

Friday, July 11, 2008

new look?

Real quick update...everything is going good! I'll write more later...but i didn't want to drop the bomb with out explaining (new look). Anyway...I finally got my last name changed after being married over a year. My new last name is "Moore". No I'm not scared to write this on the internet because everyone in the world shares this last name with me. Anyway...I finally came to realization that I have a new much as I avoided it like the plague for a year (Even naming my blog after my maiden name). Then it hit me.....this new last name could make a pretty cool blog title!! INSTANTLY IN LOVE! So heres to new last adventures...and of course...."runnin moore" hahahaha do u like it?
p.s. the cherry blossoms are significant because I ran my first marathon in ATL which is known for cherry blossom trees...and the theme of their marathon had cherry blossom trees on it.. cool huh?

Sunday, July 6, 2008


So....I have hit some hard times this summer (obviously..). Triathlons have again...been put on hold. As some of you know I had 6 screws put in my shoulder two years ago. I finished (graduated..haha..I even got the t shirt!) from rehab...and then pretty much quit rehabbing all together. I'm not a weight lifter...i just cant do it. I do one set..get bored..and jump on the treadmill. I'm not satisfied unless all limbs are flailing around and sweat is dripping. I'm not satisfied if I'm not moving at high speeds with dangers of running into trees...or pot holes....or animals.. its just not the same moving a dumbell 6 inches at a time. HOWEVER.....due to my lack of muscle building...I am suffering....well my shoulder is. So heres the deal...I realized I messed up by just jumping into the whole triathlon thing without having 1) a good biking base and 2) solid muscles to support my weak shoulder joint. I however.....learn by my mistakes....and am pretty good at correcting them. HERES ze plan: (sorry POM)

P90X! Have u heard of it? seen the infomercials? Looks amazing and have seen some amazing transformations on YouTube. My hubby said he might even join me. So the plan is to do P90X and then run 2 runs during the week and a long run on the weekend. The goal? To get a ripped hot bod and build up all my muscles so I can take the world by surprise. I think the plyometrics will make me a better and faster runner...the yoga will help as well. All in all...this should be something that will help me get strong, lean, and eliminate injuries. I don't have the DVDs yet..but they will be here soon! I will let u know how it goes..and I will post before and after pics.....anyone want to try it? Then I can finish up the ab challenge that I started...haha

Saturday, July 5, 2008

same ole

I'm finally starting to get the hang of this vacation thing.........hahahaha
Been getting my five miles in everyday....except yest I did turbokick
Brings me to a good running question

I've found lately that when I do karate chop hands I run much smoother and faster. WHY? Do the ancient asian powers seep into my skin through the karate chop hands and begin practicing chinese fight or flight techniques? I don't get it. If I keep my hands in a loose running is more of a jog...bouncy...sloppy. I whip out the karate chop hands...and I'm swift, fast, for miles. Does anyone have answers?????

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

boredom is a bad bad thing...

Monday- walked 5 miles....I had some talking to do on the phone so I just got up and started walking....better than nothing right?
Tues- ran 4 miles (9:20 pace) walked 1 mile ----getting there right?
Wed- I plan to run 5 miles and also bike....and wash and wax my car

My mom always told me bad things come of me when I'm bored. To be perfectly honest...shes scared of next year when I'm out on rotations with nothing to do in the evenings. She said when I get bored....I get this weird twinkle in my eye...and its never good. She predicts that I will have my next 10 years planned out while on rotations. ............this week off has brought on boredom. By Tuesday...I was already contemplating packing my things (& dog) and driving to Ohio. Yesterday? I started looking at children I want to adopt.....

I think my MOm is right....boredom is a bad thing for me :)