Monday, January 28, 2008

First test, first race, etc.

Sorry it's been a few days. No worries...I have been running....and not barfing all over myself. I'm just having some problems with my hip....aka can't walk. I've managed to get my runs in though. Here is the latest one:

I'm going to take it easy this week since my race is Saturday. Just do some 2-4 mile runs...and rest up. My first test of the quarter is on Friday so I will also be doing LOTSA studying! I had sort of a boring weekend...not much to recap. I did TONS of shopping. Check out Old Navy and Gap...HUGE sales! Also...I couldn't get my nike ipod thing to sync up with my computer. I ended up reformatting my hard drive....hahahahaha...just to get my runs uploaded! The things I go through for you guys!! (and my own addictions of course). I've got something really exciting coming up...some of you know about (Benson :) some of you don't. But stay tuned...I will keep you updated!

Also I thought I was blog about some of the "characters" I see at the running park I go to. I feel like they all fall into one of these categories:

Kenyan runner guy: This is the guy that is running circles around you (no wait...I actually kept up with him for 10 miles somehow). But either way...looks like they could win a marathon.

Waddle walkers: I think that explanation is good enough...I'm not talkin about your average walkers...these people are extreme..but give them lots of credit

Hot Mammas: These are the Moms that want to look they are running/joggin/walking with the stroller and kids/dogs spilling out everywhere. Give them tons of credit. If you are dying...they probably have a cracker and some sippy juice (keep that in mind)

Snoop dog guy: This guy SCARES me! He sits on the park bench...lookin like snoop dogg... and then I swear he tries to time it so that he rides his bike past me when I am all by myself on the other side of the lake. And each time I start speeding up bc I'm deathly afraid of the snoop dogg maneuvers he might pull on me. Yeah...if you see this type of character at your running will be sure to end with a FAST pace! Promise!

Seagull feeders: These are the worste. These people think it's super cool to feed the seagulls moldy bread so that 1092834 seagulls take large craps on the runners heads. DRIVES me NUTS!

And then theres me......just minding my own business...cruisin along to some tunes. To them..I probably look like the CRAZY person...running 10 miles. It's all perspectives I tell ya!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I GOT DOUBLE D's!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO....not the boobies you silly heads. Double digits in MILES!!! I made it 10 miles today! My longest run ever.....and somehow my fastest pace time. I know..I'm dumbfounded too. I think I get so bored that I speed up to get it over with. Also the sun was starting to go down..and I was getting scurrrrrrrrred!! All in didn't feel the greatest. I have been feeling sick the last few days with runny nose and sore throat. I again had to be up at 4:45 today...and had 6 hours of clinical..and then 3 hours of class. But thats not the point.....I FINISHED! Also I sent out an e mail to my classmates inviting them to do the 5K of the race that I'm doing the half marathon for. So many of them are super excited and want to do it!! Hoorah! Here she is...aint she beautiful? Until I died at 7.5 miles...I'll work on that! haha

Interesting day today. My first case of the day was an emergency gunshot wound(s) (plural). This guy got shot in the abdomen, both arms, and right kneecap. It was such an interesting case and I just kept praying that today would not be the day that I would lose my first patient. The guy was pretty tough and did just fine. They left his limb wounds alone and only tackled the abdomen stuff. Thankfully he has survived so far. Maybe this will be a wakeup call for him that there is a better life out there for him..and that there is a God.

Well....I'm legs hurt...and I want to barf all over myself. Im going to hover in a corner with a blankey and go night night:) XOXO!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Rock Bottom

I have hit rock bottom. My addiction soared to an all time low. I HAVE A PROBLEM! Look at these two runs.....look very closely. Come ON! You can look closer than you see something odd???

GOT IT??? ....check out the dates. Odd huh? Did my ipod mess up? Why did it record the same date two days in a row? Oh wait....I RAN TWICE TODAY! I couldn't get enough...once was not good enough. And thats when I realized...I HAVE A PROBLEM!

Here is where you guys come in. PLease...tell me. My legs are going to fall off...I'm going to get injured...and never be able to run again. SOMETHING to stop me. It's all I can think about. I can't concentrate in school..I can't focus on anything but RUNNING! I know I sound like I just did 10 lines of coke....I promise you....I'm not a drug addict. But I feel WRONGED.I feel like someone should have warned me. Like there should have been a surgeon generals warning on my new shoes..."this could have disasterous effects on your mind and body." I feel like I should have learned about this dangerous addiction in phys ed as a child..when we learned about saying NO to drugs...and cigarettes...and sex. But NO! I was wronged. And now I'm stuck with this horrendous addiction. My only hope is that running and cycling and training for a triathlon can divert my addictions. IF anyone has battled this disease...or knows the 12 step process...PLEASE help! I'm desperate!

*Edit..I even said "running" as a typo instead of "swimming" for triathlon training. See how bad this is? *

Sunday, January 20, 2008

GO BROWNS!! (wait...browns aren't in the playoffs..)

My workout w my new running partner! she goes out too fast...thats why there is a dip at one mile.I was so proud of her though. She went 1.5 with me without stopping! Get it Girl!Also....note the fastest yet :)

Other than that...I went to a football playoff party. Here are some pics (yes I'm still sportin Cleveland Browns eventhough we are out of the playoffs.....TRUE fan right here!)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dressing UP to dress DOWN

So as many of you know, I'm a broke graduate student. Usually I never spend any money on workout clothes....they usually consist of t-shirts from the thrift store...and some random nike shorts, VS pink sweats, or whatever I've had in my drawer since 9th grade (including high school sports t shirt). When push came to shove..I always spent most of my money on "going out" clothes to strut my stuff at the local club. Well I am now MARRIED with the golden hand cuffs and realize I spend the majority of my time dressed DOWN. I am a scrub wearing (literally...medical field), sweat pant sportin, hoody hoodlum grad student. So I figured these days I might as well look smokin hot in workout clothes....therefore I will be dressing UP to dress DOWN!

So heres the first start....some bia brazil capri pants so that NO ONE will miss my undertrained ass in my first half marathon! This is the first apparel item of the "sexy twin" running gear (more info to come about that). Got them on sale 40% off....for a grand total of $34! YESSSSS! This is just a start....I have no other items will have to come as rewards for finishing races. Plus I'm saving up for my first triathlon bike... :)

Also...I found another victim yesterday. Her name is Nikki....and I made her go running with me (on my rest day). It was a blast...although I'm sure she was cursing me the whole time. But at the end...(when I made her sprint the last 300 m) she managed to mutter "that was..........FUN!" She used the F word!!!! ANd totally not the F word I thought she was going to say...haha. So I'm hoping I might have someone to run with some days. SHe even agreed to come run with me Sunday already. I hung the bait out there....and she bit! THats like victim number 6 for me. Stay away...I'm serious! Oh...and heres the run! Then we stuffed our faces with sushi. What's running for if you cant make up all the calories you burnt by eating a bunch of shit?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Eight & Ate....well almost

So this week is my week for a 7 mile run. However I sorta wanted to do EIGHT...since I'm trying to squeeze in a half marathon in 2 weeks. So "we" (crazy duff and straight duff that is)came to a happy medium. But thats not how the story went. The story went like up at 4:45 went to the OR. (Got free lunch from drug reps..this is where i ATE) then came home. Had a little lunch...set out to do my 2 mile run. If you have been following my blog all know what happens when i set out to do a short run towards the end of the week. Half way through I decided to make it my long run....and I'm shootin for 8 miles. Me, (@ this time...crazy duff) never looked at the clock. I had class at 3:00. I look down at my watch...I've gone 7.05 miles and realize its 2:22. I quickly hurry back to the condo (7.5 miles total...) and have ten minutes to shower, get dressed, makeup, take out dog, get things ready for school. Still walked in ten minutes late...haha. so here it is

OK!! and as promised to POM..I'm going to post some very scary pictures....some before and after pictures. I couldn't find a before in my bikini...but I'm sure you will get the idea. hahaha! Laugh all you want...I was a fat girl! I am now a runner...and will soon be a triathlete. Peace homeflys!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Little Things part 2

Make the biggest difference....and it's all the little things. I have realized how many people I have impacted in a positive way since embarking on this running journey ( life). So friends Danielle, Jen, & Morgan have bought the nike ipod sensor. My friend Nikki went for a husband sometimes incorporates the word "run" in his vocab as something he wants to do again (in his lifetime..haha) ...Others have agreed to train for races (shout out to my home girl Kris in Cali). And then some of them have inspired Other friends to start running too. Its a trickle effect of running...INSANE! Something that has made my life so awesome has given me something positive to share with everyone else. ANd blogging.....HOLY COW! That reaches out to the WoRLD!!! THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!! I want to reach the world one blog at a time and make them get off their chair and put one foot in front of the other and experience this. It will change your life!

And of course new blogging are the ones that have inspired me :) And thanks for all your advice...bc I'm pretty sure if all goes well I will be rocking out the Tybee half marathon Feb 2nd completely unprepared! Here is my 2 mile run that turned into a 4 miler on the DREADMILL= SLOWWWWWWWW...and a running challenge w my friend Dani! JOIN US! :)

Little Things

Monday, January 14, 2008

Potato Salad...

Why you ask...would I name my blog potato salad? BC I MADE SOME AWESOME Potato salad yesterday! Here is a pic! :)
Yummy red skin potatos...dill...celery....onions...were a few of the key ingredients. And get husband said "The best potato salad I've ever had in my life!!!" SCORE!! BETTER than his MOMS!! He never says that...that is a huge ego inflation for me!

SO I've been running everyday since Thursday. Friday 6 miles, Saturday sprint miles, Sunday 3.5, today 3.5. I'm happy to announce yesterday's pace was 8:50. I think that is my best so far. TOday was worse...I ran early in the am for the first time...and half on the dreadmill and half outside and it was FREEZING! I don't run well on bare with it. But here they all their glory!
Funny thing. I couldn't get my ipod to sync up to It kept saying check my date on my computer. Well I changed a bunch of things and did a system restore on my computer, call technical support for apple....then realize my calendar does say 2007!!!!!!!! DUH!!!!!!!! Blonde fixed itself then! haha.

Next bit of affairs.....I NEED SOME ADVICE ON THIS ONE! I am sched to run a half marathon (my first) on March 30 in Atl, GA! Well I'm getting super antsy and just want to run one really bad. THere is one here in town on Feb 2nd. By then my longest run will only be 8 miles...but I'm so tempted to just gut it out. Even if I have to walk some. I have a HUGEEEEEEEE Fear of failure and it holds me back in many ways. I get anxiety about long I usually gut them out a day or two before I'm supposed to bc I get scared putting it off. With that said....I'm super tempted to just gut out the half marathon Feb 2 to put away my fears that I can finish. THis way I can just focus on my training for atlanta (ill still have about 2 months to train) that I can run a good race. Also this race is really cheap (Feb 2nd one) $40...and really flat. So it would be a good first? WHAT DO U THINK?! PLEASE COMMENT!!

ANd lastly...I think I am going to be a triathlon girl this summer. I was born a swimmer...morphed into a runner...and ready for some metamorphosis (think butterfly) into a biker triathlon chick!
NOWWWWWWWWWW....I just need to find a bike!! Any advice would be great for this too...I'm a graduate student low on funds.

PEACE friends :)

*Edit*(wow...I found this pic AFTER i posted the perfect )

Friday, January 11, 2008

Nasty Trick...

Today I played a nasty trick on myself. On my plan I was supposed to run 3.5 miles. I had gotten up at 4:45am and been on my feet for 6 hours in the OR. It was a crazy intense day including a one year old pediatric patient crashing in the middle of surgery (no worries..he was fine). Everytime I checked my pulse throughout the day it was like 85-90 = STRESSSSSED OUT! So off I go....after about 1.5 miles I'm frusterated. I feel like I should have ran 2.5 by now....this SUCKS! Then my mind starts tricking me...."If you get the long run done won't have to get up at 5am tomorrow to do it"....Thats what it said....foreal! So next thing you know I'm cranking out 6 miles completely unprepared in several ways:
2)Not mentally prepared for a long run
3) Not H20 with me..No nutrition with me
4)Not properly paced for the first 2 miles...(to run a long run)
5)Very hot outside...midday

I felt like it would be a great mental challenge...a way to train my mind not my body. It was pretty awesome...but I still think it's a cruel trick to play on yourself. Maybe it won't be so bad when I'm not running 6 miles tomorrow :) So here she is folks.....and get this...the avg pace was still 9:18! I think that was the same pace I had last week for my 5 mile run? How long can I continue to run long runs at this pace?!?

Ok sidenote. I have been feeling pretty crappy about myself bc of my consumption of diet coke. I know it is horrible for me...yet I basically pour 4-5 cans in my veins a day. I feel pretty embarassed of my uncontrolled habit...and it's so bad that I actually got migraines on the cruise when I wasn't drinking pop. I had to break down and buy one a day to avoid the headaches. But check this out! While i was trudging up 3 flights of stairs with my new purchase (12 pack of diet pepsi)...feeling horrible about myself...I look down and discover this!!!!!!!!!!You might have to click on it to make it bigger to see it better. But basically..its saying that Diet Coke is not only totally A-OK for the bod....but it's HYDRATING!!! say that with me.....HY-DRAT-ING!!!!!!!!! I jump for joy in the stairwell and drop all the groceries! All this time I'm feeling bad about myself and I'm really just hydrating my body!!! HOW SILLY! So next time you crack open a diet pepsi (or 10).....don't feel bad. Think of the hydration you are giving your bod...bc THE COCA COLA COMPANY SAYS SO! I might even start carrying them on my run for hydration.I'm sure you all can sense my sarcasm here...I know it's still bad for me...but maybe I won't beat myself up so much. Just about everything we consume these days is full of chemicals and least I'm not addicted to crack cocaine (although sometimes I swear caffeine addiction is worse)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Is the week over yet?

Oh my gosh! Its been the longest week of my life...and its only hump day! Started school and clinical Monday....and it's so exhausting to be back. Im at a new hospital this I am completely lost and feeling stupid a lot. Today was really hard bc we had to deal with a patient that had lost her baby. She was sooooo upset....and finally I broke. I was exhausted...and I couldn't watch this girl cry anymore. Someone told me that in this profession I can't let my emotions get to me...and I'll see much worse things.. (which i know)..but for some reason I just started crying.

Here is my run from last night.....I know the pacing looks a little scary. I had to do it in the parking lot of my condo and part on the dreadmill. To make my path outside longer...I was weaving back and forth across the road (thank gosh it was dark and no one could see me). SO this is why my pacing looks crazy! The things I do for running...I'm telling ya! But I didn't want to leave the gates when it was dark by myself....tooo scurrred!

Wow I'm beat. No worries...I'll find time to get my 2 miles or X training in today! Tata for now!

I went to bed at 7pm...haaaaa!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

ahhhhhh! D DAY TOMORROW!

So today I again was awesome....and woke up at 11. Missed church...sorry God. Then decided to go check out the hospital I will be at tomorrow (diff from last quarter). I make my way to the surgical suite and next thing you know I'm scrubbed up in surgery and there are intestines flying everywhere. (not really what I had in mind for my last day of vacation). I found an appropriate time to duck out thank god..and decided to go do a recovery run on the track. I had in mind about 2-3 miles...seeing that my long run yesterday was 5. I start running around this trail..and forgot my nike sensor so I have no way of tracking how far I was going. After 2 loops...I'm thinking I've gone about 2 miles..thinking its a mile long trail. I make the decision to go one more to run 3 miles. I'm finishing up my loop and stop and ask a biker how long the trail is. 1.45 miles!!!!! So recovery run was about 4.5 miles to recover from my 5 mile run yesterday...hahaha! Also..heres some cute pics of my puppy Bentley :)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Calm before the storm....

So with T-2 days until my alarm blares in my face at 4:45...I managed to pull my lazy ass out of bed at............... a whoppin 10:50. I am soooooooooooo screwed. Its so weird but I can't get to sleep at a decent hour...and even when I do get my heiny in bed by midnight..I lay there until 1 or 2 am. It's now 12:31 and I'm still sitting on the couch in sweats...dreading the moment my hubby walks in and says "what did you do today so far?" I will have one of those George Bush dumb looks on my face. (I like GB....don't worry I'm not hatin...but he does give a lot of dumb looks).

Anywho..yesterday was my rest day and I did about 27 mins on elliptical....5 mins on the bike...and ran for 5 mins to calibrate my nike ipod kit. So I chalked it up as about 40 mins of cross training. Sometime this weekend I have to get in a 5 miler..I know..doesnt sound bad. But when you are training for your first half mary...each long run sounds SUPER scary.

One other thing I wanted to point out to all my new running blog friends. Here is my product of the month (or more like marketing gimmick I fell for this month)!! Its called oxygen plus!
Its a little personal can of oxygen that you can give yourself oxygen shots of when you need a pick me up. Theres peppermint, regular and grapefruit flavors. Its supposed to take the place of a caffeineated (sp?) beverage....cigarette...50 mile run...whatever you use as a pick me up!
as some of you may know, I am currently studying anesthesia and have 24/7 access to free O2 shots whenever I may need why you ask? Would someone like me be interested in such a product packaged at 17.99 for 3 canisters (20 shots each)?

1) I fall horribly for marketing gimmicks. The thought of having this cool gadget in my purse and people getting excited and asking what it enough to make me blow 17.99 of my hard earned school loan money on it
2) Im extremely addicted to caffeinated beverages (AKA diet coke)..maybe this would ease the pain of the addiction?
3) peppermint sounds sooooooo invogorating
4) Its not plausible to carry around a huge E cylinder (anesthesia) with me for whenever I need a pick me up...and going to the school lab is likely to cancel out any pick me ups the oxygen tanks could give me training tool for 2008? Oxygen plus! Whos on board?

p.s. this is not a paid advertisement for oxygen plus...however when 4:45 am on monday rolls around...I may be looking into a new career.. "Oxygen Plus Marketing"

*edit* I rocked out my 5 mile run today. Started off nice and slow...ran strong and hard the whole way. I realize the best thing for me is to run out half for a 5 mile run..I need to run out 2.5 miles..then turn around and come back. That way...not matter what...if I'm crawling, skipping, jogging, walking, clicks 5.0 when I get back. Also the next week...I know I only need to get a half mile further..which sounds so much nicer than saying I have to run 6 miles. But today I ran hard...on a 9:15 pace...never stopped..never slowed...never got tired. I feel amazing..and proud!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

new feel

Got my 3 miles in today....didn't feel as good as it should have. Funny how one day you feel like a gazelle flying across Africa effortlessly and the next day you feel like a 300 lbs hamster running aimlessly in circles sucking wind. Ok wasnt that bad...but like I said...should have been more gazelle like. Still lovin me the new shooz though. I'm so scared now that I booked my hotel for AtLaNtA! Did any of you have similar anxiety issues when training for your first run? You start investing so much money and you are scared you are going to cop out...well I better go get my stinky ass in the showa! Peace :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New shoes.....

Theres something about getting a new pair of running shoes that makes running so much more fun! Its like you put them on...and wonder how you continued running in the old ones..and vouge you wont wait this long again before getting a new pair. And each time...they seem like the most comfortable running shoes you've ever owned. Well anyway....Brooks Trance 6 are awesomeeeeeee! Today I did my two mile run like I was supposed to...and pretty much sprinted the last half mile. Then I walked about a half a mile..and stretched out. I didn't have a ton of time bc I'm making an exotic dinner for the hubby tonight. I think I might get dressed up and put a skirt on for him too....just one of those moods. New years does that to people. No fancy graphs of my run...I have to wait until I get the adapter for my nike+ sensor for the new shoes. Stupid nike! Hope everyone is starting off 2008 on the right "foot"...hahahaha (bad joke).

*edit* booked my hotel for aTlaNtA (hotlanta) for the half marathon........eeeeeeeeeeeek. THere are stakes on the table now :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 here we come!

New years was super fun. I finally took a day of rest...(long story). I wanted to X train but it never happened. I needed body is starting to hurt all over. We went to a fancy dinner at this Sushi Lounge here in Savannah. Our neighbors own it so we got lots of free drinks. Then we came back to our condo and celebrated new years out on the dock with friends. It was so nice...the weather was perfect...the stars shone bright..and the water was peaceful. The pictures look a lot crazier than the peacefulness that surrounded us. new running shoes never got here....I'm so bummed. Here is my half marathon plan...let me know what u think! And here are some crazy pics from new years...laugh all you want :)