Saturday, January 5, 2008

Calm before the storm....

So with T-2 days until my alarm blares in my face at 4:45...I managed to pull my lazy ass out of bed at............... a whoppin 10:50. I am soooooooooooo screwed. Its so weird but I can't get to sleep at a decent hour...and even when I do get my heiny in bed by midnight..I lay there until 1 or 2 am. It's now 12:31 and I'm still sitting on the couch in sweats...dreading the moment my hubby walks in and says "what did you do today so far?" I will have one of those George Bush dumb looks on my face. (I like GB....don't worry I'm not hatin...but he does give a lot of dumb looks).

Anywho..yesterday was my rest day and I did about 27 mins on elliptical....5 mins on the bike...and ran for 5 mins to calibrate my nike ipod kit. So I chalked it up as about 40 mins of cross training. Sometime this weekend I have to get in a 5 miler..I know..doesnt sound bad. But when you are training for your first half mary...each long run sounds SUPER scary.

One other thing I wanted to point out to all my new running blog friends. Here is my product of the month (or more like marketing gimmick I fell for this month)!! Its called oxygen plus!
Its a little personal can of oxygen that you can give yourself oxygen shots of when you need a pick me up. Theres peppermint, regular and grapefruit flavors. Its supposed to take the place of a caffeineated (sp?) beverage....cigarette...50 mile run...whatever you use as a pick me up!
as some of you may know, I am currently studying anesthesia and have 24/7 access to free O2 shots whenever I may need why you ask? Would someone like me be interested in such a product packaged at 17.99 for 3 canisters (20 shots each)?

1) I fall horribly for marketing gimmicks. The thought of having this cool gadget in my purse and people getting excited and asking what it enough to make me blow 17.99 of my hard earned school loan money on it
2) Im extremely addicted to caffeinated beverages (AKA diet coke)..maybe this would ease the pain of the addiction?
3) peppermint sounds sooooooo invogorating
4) Its not plausible to carry around a huge E cylinder (anesthesia) with me for whenever I need a pick me up...and going to the school lab is likely to cancel out any pick me ups the oxygen tanks could give me training tool for 2008? Oxygen plus! Whos on board?

p.s. this is not a paid advertisement for oxygen plus...however when 4:45 am on monday rolls around...I may be looking into a new career.. "Oxygen Plus Marketing"

*edit* I rocked out my 5 mile run today. Started off nice and slow...ran strong and hard the whole way. I realize the best thing for me is to run out half for a 5 mile run..I need to run out 2.5 miles..then turn around and come back. That way...not matter what...if I'm crawling, skipping, jogging, walking, clicks 5.0 when I get back. Also the next week...I know I only need to get a half mile further..which sounds so much nicer than saying I have to run 6 miles. But today I ran hard...on a 9:15 pace...never stopped..never slowed...never got tired. I feel amazing..and proud!


Gotta Run said...

Congrats on completing your 5 miler. Next weeks wake up times will be a crusher but you can do it. Mind or matter!!

Here is a link to a SC Ultra Series. These are all trail events with NO time limits. Don't be cared of the distance. Again...mind over matter.

Also very cost friendly to the wallet. You will love it I promise!

Wes said...

Well, I wouldn't get caught up on your pace on weekend runs. They are SUPPOSED to be LSD (long slow distance) runs. But hey, 9:15 may be your slow pace! ROFL!!! That would be cool.

I'm not so sure about the oxygen thing. I prefer coffee and beer, not necessarily in that order ;-)

Benson said...

Good job on the 5er.
I am so in for that Oxygen hitter!
I think a hit of 02 might snap me out of the afternoon drousies. I'm definately lookin into this gadget.

kate said...

Congrats on the awesome 5 miler and good luck in your marathon training! I can't wait to read about your expereince.

TJ said...

Congrats on a great run.

Susan Oseen said...

So does the Oxygen Plus work?
Good Job on the running!

Freddie Sirmans said...

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