Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New shoes.....

Theres something about getting a new pair of running shoes that makes running so much more fun! Its like you put them on...and wonder how you continued running in the old ones..and vouge you wont wait this long again before getting a new pair. And each time...they seem like the most comfortable running shoes you've ever owned. Well anyway....Brooks Trance 6 are awesomeeeeeee! Today I did my two mile run like I was supposed to...and pretty much sprinted the last half mile. Then I walked about a half a mile..and stretched out. I didn't have a ton of time bc I'm making an exotic dinner for the hubby tonight. I think I might get dressed up and put a skirt on for him too....just one of those moods. New years does that to people. No fancy graphs of my run...I have to wait until I get the adapter for my nike+ sensor for the new shoes. Stupid nike! Hope everyone is starting off 2008 on the right "foot"...hahahaha (bad joke).

*edit* booked my hotel for aTlaNtA (hotlanta) for the half marathon........eeeeeeeeeeeek. THere are stakes on the table now :)

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