Friday, April 25, 2008

What it means to be a triathlete?

Well at this point...I'm not really sure. Because I'm not a triathlete YET...I have not completed a triathlon. However...In the past 2 weeks I have been training like one. Here is my insight!

Running......I firmly believe it is something anyone can do. It is something we do everyday....put one foot in front of the other. I believe it is a gift from God to be able to do that.....but the majority of us...get around daily by feetsies! Natural instinct when you are being to RUN! Some people are obviously faster than others..(ahem BILL!)...I would surely get eaten by the lion or whatever...but lets face it...running is a natural instinct. (*Disclaimer- I am not trying to make running seem any easier than it is or take away anything from runners. Running is difficult sport and it challenges me has also changed my life for the better)

ON THE OTHER HAND.......Swimming and Biking.....not so much a natural instinct. As I learned at a young age, every natural instinct you have in the water is WRONG. If you are floating on your back ever so peacefully and that stupid shi*head kid splashes you in the face while doing a cannonball...your instinct is to lift your head out of the water. WHat does that do???? Makes you sink and drown! Same as swimming laps, when people first pick up the sport they carry their head high out of the water....especially during breathing. Again this makes them sink (hips)...makes it more DIFFICULT to get air....and slows them down. So swimming is basically a constant struggle fighting against natural instinct. Not to mention...with running and biking you increase your ventilation rate as your muscles need more oxygen. Swimming? not so much. It is so hard to be working your body that hard and not always delivering the oxygen it needs to your muscles.

Biking....well I just started. But it seemed easy in theory. Sit down....push these metal things round and round...and this little machine carries you all over. ALmost like a traveling personal automobile right????? WRONG! I now have so much more respect for bikers its not even funny. I also learned why they wear spandex....haha. I tried biking in the wind in a baggy tshirt and I could barely pedal and pretty much turned myself into a KITE! I couldnt go ANYWHERE because of the drag. Also try sitting crouched over for an hour while trying to lift your head up to see the road and have cars flying past you at 50 mph while your quads are on fire. Really people...its not as easy as it looks..and not quite the personal automobile i thought it was. Maybe I should try motorcycle racing instead. haha.

And lastly....the mental power it takes to get geared up for a multi sport workout is far greater than that for a single sport workout. WHen you head out for a can be brainless at times. Which is the know that when you go out and back...all you are waiting for is that turnaround point...and then seeing home again. Its hard to describe...but after swimming and kicking your butt in the pool for 40 get out and then get mentally pysched to get on the bike for another very difficult. Your muscles feel akward from the strains of the previous sport. You feel tired...AT THE BEGINNING of the ride!!!!! I mean could you imagine starting every run after doing an hour or so of other hardcore workouts? How hard mentally it would be to BEGIN the run and be DRAGGING the first mile? Its tough...I promise!

Anyway...just a little insight on my new sport. NO FEAR...i am still a runner. I will always be a marathoner (ooooh man...that sounds cool). But this new direction my life has taken me is such an exhilarating challenge......and am I scared of failure? Absolutely not! BRING IT ON!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Well...I hoped to do a nice brick workout today. Woke up...couldnt find the bike pump (moving mishap)....hubby couldnt find it either. So I decided to do the run first...and put him on a man hunt. And then bike hence RIKE. A lil backwards..and I think there will be a short intermission between the running and biking...but still a RIKE workout in my book. (I invented it..I make the rules!)

The run...was 3.5 miles on a 9 min/mile pace! This is a VAST improvement over my 11/mile pace the week after the marathon. Hopefully I'm good to go and can look forward to the half marathon on May 18th.

Not sure if any of you have heard of Randy Pausch?! The professor from Carnegie Mellon with pancreatic cancer. ABout 7 months ago they gave him 3-6 months to live...and hes famous for "The Last Lecture." He's been on Oprah..and prob a handful of other shows. him..and watch some of his videos. They are SOOO inspirational. He is looking in the eyes of death...but yet never worries about what the next day will bring. He is all about celebrating life...and not worrying so much about the rest. He bikes for an hour everyday...and runs races. He really focuses on accomplishing dreams. Setting goals...and achieving those dreams.

SO many people begin to set a goal for themselves and before they finish the sentence of what they want to accomplish, they already have doubted themselves...and end up saying "nah...I cant do that." Even if you cant accomplish your goals, if you at least try, you are so much further. You learn and grow through failure and its a step closer to ACHIEVING that goal. I for one have experience with this. I was the one that said run a 10 k? ...OK....oh geez...what if I dont finish? What am I going to tell people when i fail..or if im really slow? yeah...forget running a 10k. I'll just jog for fun...then I won't ever have to face failure.

This was me...the old me. I was always a high achiever......IN THINGS I WAS GOOD AT. Like school for instance. I have always done well...set goals...and succeeded. But I never really worried about failing. I knew I was good at it. Anything I had the slightest doubt in myself with...I would not even attempt. I had too much pride to stare into the mirror and see failure. But then something changed. I was busting my ass in graduate school, spending countless hours in the operating room and many many more in class...and then studying all night. Day after day after day. My life became a high speed chase....with no turns. It was boring, I was stressed, unhappy and looking for an out.

In december I decided to go on a cruise with my mom and some girlfriends. I decided to check out the fitness center in hopes to not gain 50 lbs while eating the marvelous food on the ship. It was BEAUTIFUL!

There were treadmills that just stared out into the middle of the ocean...where nothing could be seen. I fell in love. Everday at 7am I would get up and walk a mile with my Mom on the track around the boat. It was great mother/daughter time. Then I would go straight to the fitness center and jump on the treadmill. First day I ran about 3 miles. I could not get off the was just too beautiful. It was on that cruise that I told my mom I would run the half marathon with her in Cleveland in May. Those feelings of facing failure immediately started circulating in my head. I tried so hard to push them out.

I still had 2 weeks of I knew I could workout hard during those weeks. I'll never forget how scared I was to do my first long run of 5 miles. I kept telling my friend Danielle "I'm so scared...what if I can't do it?" It's so funny to look back now. I was terrified that when the grueling 15 hour days of school started back up that I wouldn't be able to keep up with the training. I did my best to make my schedule work for me. I always had my off days during the week..usually one was the night before our exam day (We have 2 tests every friday). And what do you know? A short 5 weeks after that cruise...I ran a half marathon. WHAT? but said you told your Mom you would do one in MAY! not JANUARY!? Ah HA! YOu see.....this time...I used being scared of failure to push me...instead of making me give up. I was so scared that I might not finish in May....when everyone was watching that I decided to just give it a shot in Jan. And then if I did it...I would lose that fear of failing. It worked!!

It threw me into a whole new world and changed my life. I am now not afraid of all. I laugh in the face of it. I am now in a whirlwind of setting goals and living life to the fullest. Here are my goals....thanks Dr. Randy Pausch

1) Do an IronMan
2) Become a Pilot
3) Qualify for the Boston Marathon

Those are like my long term life long goals. I can already cross run a marathon off my list...YESSSS! Make some goals...write them down...put them on your blog. Make everyday a step closer towards achieving them. I will never forget this quote that my good buddy Benson wrote on my blog when I asked if I should go for that half marathon 5 weeks after starting..

Mark Allen says "Unless you test yourself, you stagnate. Unless you try to go way beyond what you've been able to do before, you won't develop and grow. When you go for it 100%, when you don't have the fear of "what if I fail," that's when you learn. That's when you're really living."

I have used it so many times. Get up...and go get em! You have one chance to live April 19th, are YOU going to live it? Carpe Diem! Holla..

Thursday, April 17, 2008

got my legs back

And the internet!! Getting settled in the new condo. School sucks...and clinical sucks worse. First test of the quarter this week. House is still kind of a wreck...gonna fix that this weekend. But on the news front.....I GOT MY LEGS BACK!!

It always takes me a week or so after a long race (esp an untrained marathon in the mountains) to get my legs back. I usually run a lot slower for a week or so. I was having some significant knee pain..which got worse with moving (stairs..eek). But yesterday was FABULOUSO! It was about 73 degrees and sunny..I was absolutely exhausted. I headed out for a 3-4 mile run and the first mile clicked off at around 8:53! WHOOO HOOO!!! Get it girl! And then..................... the unthinkable...............the Garmin died!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I wanted to quit and die right then. I was so excited about me being able to run fast again...that I lost all motivation when I realized I would have no idea how hard I pushed it at the end. But did i quit? Nope...kept on trudging..and fast too! Still no idea how fast I ran...but it was a good pace for sure!!

I'm back guys!! Legs..internet...and all! Until the next race (May 17th)...when I lose my legs again. Silly legs...silly legs. No worries..I always find them! Also swimming and cycling and tri training has been going well so thats good!

Missed ya'll!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Still Alive

Hey Friends! I'm still surviving "the move". I have not worked out since Monday....unless you count carrying large objects up and down 3 flights of stairs as a work out (I do). My husband is gone from 7-7 and I'm usually gone from 5am-6 we've been having to move at night. Doesn't leave time for much else. The internet won't be officially hooked up until THursday....although right now I'm bumming it off the previous condo owner. I have no clue how long that will last. I plan on going for a run today...however my knees HATE life right now from all the stairs. Wasn't the much needed marathon recovery they hoped for. Hopefully I can get a decent run in today though.

Other husband got transferred to Savannah with his job. Previously he worked 45 minutes away. THat was basically like a $3000 raise for him (bc of gas $)...and cuts down 1.5 hrs of commute every day. YESSSSSS!!! The new location is about a mile away from our house...convenient eh?

I took the dog to get groomed..he now looks like a Prarie Dog (sp?)...they had to shave his ears off to get the knots out. No my dog is not know what I mean though. Poor dog..he looks so funny.

One more husbands brother is doing awesome in baseball and has had like 9 scouts at every game. His agent said hes 99% sure he will get drafted in the upcoming baseball draft. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he hopes to live out his dream of playing professional ball.

Ok...sorry such a lame update. Not much going on in the workout front right now. Will get better...promise!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Birthday from hell

Today is my birthday. Ughhh! I dont get excited about getting all. And on top of that....Even year birthdays are always hell for me....and odd years are fun. Unfortunately for me...this year I'm turning 24. Heres a lil recap

16th birthday- High school sweetheart broke up with me...."sweet" sixteen...YEAH RIGHT! Dont worry..I was also sick and got in a car wreck that day as well

18th birthday- Wake up...faint in the shower...spend the day in the hospital. Nothing like looking at your hospital bracelet and seeing DOB=Todays date. No fun

20th- eehh....not great, not horrible

22nd- SPent the day crying in my room because I had been locked in their for 3 days studying organic chemistry. I had to listen to my boyfriend (now husband) pitch online since I couldnt be there. We had to mail our birthday gifts (his is 4 days before mine)...and we hadn't seen each other in 5 weeks. By the end of the night I was bawling because I never even got a piece of birthday cake...

so here we are...24th birthday. I'm in the middle of moving down 3 flights of stairs and up 3 flights of stairs. How stupid could I be? Agreeing to move to the third floor again...booooooo! Not to mention pulling the 15 hour days again. Nothing like being up since 4:45 and then continuining to be on my feet until 10:30 moving furniture up and down stairs. Oh..what a glamorous b day!

On a happy note. I am officially registered for the 2009 Disney FULL marathon....and the 2008 Cleveland Half Marathon MAY 18! This will be the first time I've been home since I moved to Georgia and got married last May. Definitely the longest time I've ever been away from home. I'm having a few friends and a couple family members also participate in this race. I'm super pumped...but will have to take a test early and a personal day for clinical. third...we only get 4 (all 3 were due to races...yikes). Oh gotta live life...fooooo shoooooo!

Sorry I'm a little MIA! (been fainting in the OR...going through lots of medical testing) sucks! Sorry for the downnerr...I think my endorphins finally wore off.....another Boo! Holla!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Whats next? dare you ask...haha

Well..I know that is the question. WHat is next? TRIATHLONS! I'm recovering quickly and am hoping to jump into tri training next week. I am def going to take it a little slower in the beginning until my body is fully recovered.

I know it hasn't been a week yet...but I'm planning my next marathon. Anyone want to run the Walt Disney Marathon in 2009 with me??? It's filling up fassssssssst! Its already 50% full..and is known to be one of the best marathons around. I'm getting a bunch of friends together to run it....and it would be awesome to meet up with some of you (yes I'm talking to you know the boys want to go to Disney again!! :) Its January 11, 2009! EVERYONE SHOULD GOOOOO!!! YES YOU!

Theres the it...we'll figure out the rest of the details later.

Final note..heres a few more pics
Race Pics:

What I came home to:

New Running SHoes...CHeck

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Finale

You would think after running a marathon I would have blisters all over my feet.....(I only had one and its already gone..can u believe it??)...but no...I am about to get blisters on my fingers from typing so much in the past three days. But this is it folks..the grand firnale!

Ok so we cross the finish line...holding the air. And thats about where all the fun ended. We managed to shuffle off the course. I almost fell on top of the guy trying to cut my chip off my shoe. I grabbed a bagel, banana, and some cookies...and wanted to sit down sooooooooo bad. This is probably where my worst fear set in for the day. Should I sit? Can I sit? Will I be able to get up? How bad will it hurt? I watched Dani first. Watched facial expressions....looked for any cringing...looked for signs of relief once she was in the sitting position and decided to go for it.

It was freezing! I was sweaty....and freezing. The wind kept whipping around as I was chomping on my bagel...and I wanted to die. We had about a 2 mile walk (aka shuffle) to the MARTA station and I was probably at my lowest point. I couldnt stop shaking and shivering, my legs hurt so bad I wanted to chop them off, I could barely move, my body was hating life and rejecting me as a master...and all I wanted was warmth. It made me think of the homeless...and how they must feel in Ohio during the winter. We accidentally got on the WRONG MARTA bus and rode it for a half hour before realizing it. We ended up calling Dani's friend and sitting in a freezing cold elevator for another half hour. It was at this point I wanted to die. My stomach was ready to explode...I was cold...and broken.

We finally made it back to the hotel where we begged for another hour or so until we had to check out. Taking a HOT HOT HOT shower was where things started to turn around. After that...and going to the bathroom...I started to feel like a human being again. Packing up the room was pretty horrid though. I had to keep stopping to use the restroom and I felt awful. I really couldnt eat anything eventhough I knew I needed to. It was a fight to the finish of shoving things everywhere to get out of that hotel....and then....WE STILL HAD AN 8-10 HR DRIVE!!!!! Hold up WHAT???????

We get on the road... I was initally scared that my legs wouldn't even press the pedals, but quickly overcame that fear. THe only thing that was really bothering me was my stomach. We pretty much had to pull over every hour and a half for me to use the restroom at which one of the times we decided to fill up for gas. I gave Dani my credit card while I made a mad dash for the gas station bathroom. When I was coming back...I saw her get out of the car and head inside to get a frappacino. After she got back...I pulled out of the parking lot and heard a LOUD THUMP!!! I pulled away with the gas pump IN MY GAS TANK!! WHOOPS! hahahaha We got some good laughs!!

By the time we got to Gainesville where Dani's car was..I knew I was spent. My GPS was saying I wouldnt get to Savannah until 2-3 am...and I had been up since 4:30 for the marathon. Also I had only gotten 4 hrs of sleep the night before...AND I RAN A FRICKIN MARATHON for crying out loud. I knew it was best if I stopped and got a hotel..and thats exactly what I did....AFTER I got stung by a BEE in the parking lot!!!! Seriously??!? I was waiting for a Florida Gator to come bite my leg off after that...but somehow I managed to safely check into my hotel.

Fast day. Get up....the fear sets in again. Will I be able to walk? what is this going to feel like? should I even try? or should I lay in this hotel bed for the rest of my life? I sit up...put my feet on the pain...get up...walk pain! REJOICE!!! WTF?! I just ran one of the hilliest marathons in the country..completely undertrained...and I have NO pain the next day. Completely shocked.

So heres the deal
Would I ever run a marathon undertrained again? HELL YES my friends! First of all....continuous 20+ mile runs on the weekends just isnt a lot of fun for me. Id almost rather go through a little hell on race day than fear 20+ mile runs weekend after weekend. ALthough eventually I want to get my time way I will need to train better.

Have I suffered any major consequences from doing this? Absolutely not. I am petrified. I was hoping this would show me that I can't just go out and do anything my mind comes up with. I mean literally..any of you who have been following this blog since the end of December has realized that any little idea that pops into my head running wise...I go out and do it FEARLESS! in 2 months I have ran a half marathon, 10k, 5k, and full marathon. I STARTED running at the END of DECEMBER!

This all started as a way to conquer my feelings of failure. I was hoping to put myself out there to fail..and realize that its not the end of the world. INSTEAD.....its given me the idea that I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to. WHy fear failing? Just fricken go out there and kick ass...and never fail! Then you have nothing to fear! haha...sounds crazy huh? I'm sure I'll find something that will totally defeat me. I mean I even count the 10k That i felt totally lousy defeat in a way. But this has just given me such a sense of super humanness....and these amazing feelings. I really feel like endorphins should be an illegal mind altering drug somehow. BC I'm TOTALLY Addicted. THere should be a warning on your running shoes "Do not operate heavy machinery after running" Or something to warn people. THIS IS SERIOUS STUFF! IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE! ANd not just mine...OH NO! I've dragged others into this too. I get daily texts "thanks so much for making me do this. I'm in the best shape of my life..and it has totally changed my life"

So Do it people! iF i CAN do can! I didn't break any records..I didnt even run a fast time, and after seeing this sign.........I sadly never caught up with the Kenyans!. But I set out to do something that most people wouldnt even imagine...even some of you elite runners that BQ...running a marathon without the training & only 3 months of running under your belt total. My training consisted of 2-4 mile runs during the week...and a long run on the weekend. The longest my long run ever got to was 15 miles. I was also putting hours in at school 6am-6pm just about every day. When I would get home from school around 6:30..I still had to make dinner and had 2 tests to study for each day. I also went through finals in which I had 19 credit hours of cumulative exams. Want to see someone crazier? Check out Danielle who's furthest run before the marathon was EIGHT MILES!!!!!!! Was in the middle of moving across the country, moving in with her BF (HI DANNY!)..and starting a new career. This is who we are......

Running has changed my life. I feel like a new person. Finally...I want to say. Watch this YouTube video or download "Rascall Flatts- Stand".

I heard it on the way home..and after everything we had been through this weekend...sleeping with mice, sitting in a freezing cold elevator for 30 mins, running 26 miles in pain...on 4 hours of sleep...and then driving 10 hours....stung by bees...etc...I had tears streaming down my face as it blared on the radio. Check it out...and think of me! Love you guys!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Sorry to keep you on the edge of your seat! I figured I should at least post something so none of you were worried and they could call off the searches for the girls wearing "Hot Pants" in ATL! Any of you who missed the beginning...I encourage you to read below first. Its pretty humerous!

So where did I leave off? We got the hot pants on...did a lil photo shoot...put the body bags over our head...and headed to the MARTA station. We accidentally parked in a "taxi only" spot, but were afraid we would miss the train if we moved the car. So instead we worried all day if our car would be there when this mess was over. It was 40 degrees and pouring rain...our body bags (aka trash bags) were helping us to stay sort of warm and dry. But we did look funny shivering and shaking to death in our hot pink spandex and body bags. FUNNY THING! Someone looked at us and goes "wow you girls do this all the time huh?" WHATTTTT????? Me and Dani were like ughhhhhhh.....clearly not...this is our first. haha.

So we get to the Olympic Park..I mean how cool is start a marathon where the OLYMPICS were?? It was just really neat....and we could see all the wheel chair racers warming up. There was also a guy there with double prosthetics...and we saw him stretching. We started getting really pumped up!! 15,000 people all came here to do this....and you could feel the excitement in the air. However...we were one of the elite that had the orange numbers. Only 2200 ran the FULL Marathon...everyone else had BLUE numbers..and were running the half. This was a little intimidating.

Finally the race was off....first thing we did????? CLIMB A HILL!!! I should have known right there what I was facing. From there on it was 26 miles of straight up and down..including a straight up at the finish line. It was so flippin ridiculous its not even funny. Sarah, who ran the half counted the hills and said there were 28 hills in just the half marathon. Heres an elevation profile. We started the race off at a nice and easy pace. W e knew we were going go to have to keep it slow if we wanted to finish alive. The hills were relentless though. As soon as you finished going looked ahead and you were headed straight uphill again. You could hear people mumbling under their breath that this is the most challenging course they have ever done. The first couple miles went pretty eventless. We stopped at every water station and had a few that was our plan.

By mile 3 my knees were shot. I mean completely DONE! I have had knee problems on and off for a few years...but I had never felt pain like this before. I didn't want to say anything about it because I didn't want to bring any negativity to our race at this point..but finally by mile 4 I quietly asked Danielle "Is there anything hurting on you?". She said her knees and ankles...and said it was because of the hills. Many of the hills we climbed had 4% and 5% inclines...and our bodies were just NOT used to that. We tried to take it easy on the downhills as to spare our quads...but it was just so tough. I kept thinking "how am I ever going to finish this race if my knees are hurting this bad at MILE 3!!!!!!"

But as fate would have it...we kept on going.They were having a contest for the best cheering section and whoever won they would build a childrens fitness center in that neighborhood. GOOD IDEA ATLANTA!!! I Swear this was probably some of the best crowd support a marathon has ever had. Some stations were mardi gras...where they were all dressed up and playing jazz music with sax's and had costumes on.Other ones just had tons of people with cowbells. It was so amazing..and picked us up when we were struggling. The words and signs along the road..
"If marathons were easy, we would be running too"
"We are sooooo proud of you"
"You are doing amazing...and you loook good too!! Dang girls...look at those pants!"
I mean it was SOme would even say "You are almost to the top of this hill..then its downhill!!" Ughh yeah...for a second buddy!

Everything was going pretty flawless until Mile 17. Then all of a sudden Dani was like "Oww..I think I have a cramp in my foot". We started walking and I was trying to show her how to stretch it. She wanted to just "run it out" we started jogging again. A minnute or so later...she almost fell over and yelled out in pain. Everyone kinda stopped to see what happened. She hurt something inside her foot...and it plagued her for the rest of the race. She could NOT put her heel down whatsoever without shooting pains up her leg. She had to run on her TIP TOE for the last 9 miles. She looks at me and goes "Its only 9 more miles right?" I guess she said I gave her this really disgusted look like "ughh..only?" haha.

We were pretty determined the whole race to finish it. I could not wait to get to mile 20 because I knew no matter what I would finish if I made it that far. Poor Danielle though! You could see the pain in her she limped/ran...on her one TIP TOE! I kept asking if she was ok..and there was no way in hell I was going to leave her behind. By this point...everything was starting to hurt.

By mile 22..I could tell that I needed to start power walking a little bit. My knee pain had gone numb a while back..but I could feel in my ankles that if I didn't start walking a little bit I was going to injure myself. I powerwalked a mile....loooked at my Garmin...and realized I just powerwalked a mile faster than I ran the last mile!! Talk about discouraging...haha. It was a fight to the finish. By this time Danielle was in severe pain..I had some pain issues going on. I had a HUGE knot up in my neck/shoulder area from my previous shoulder surgery. It felt like it was on fire.

The sickest thing of putting a hill at the finishline after 26 miles of hills. I couldn't believe it! But we grabbed hands and started to pick up the pace. We could hear them call our name out on the loud speaker...and we threw our arms the air...while holding hands...and stepped over the finish line. Icould not even believe we did it...just as planned...every step together. Our official time was 5:19.

Things I consumed on the course
-lots of gatorade
-lots of water
-handful of cheez its
-bananas, oranges, strawberries
-2 jolly ranchers
-pack of luna moons (dropped one)
-half of a vanilla GU
-gummie worm
-2 donut holes from krispy kreme
- A BEER AT MILE 20!!!!!!!! Dani had a "will run for beer" shirt on...and it was our goal to drink a beer at some point on the course. We were out there to have fun and finish..we knew we werent going to break any we just wanted to have ablast

I thought I consumed some rather funny I thought I would post them. Also I ended up with an orange ING hat. It helped combat the 40 degrees and harsh winds. Oh yeah...heres this too

mile 1- 10:24 total ascent 471 ft total descent 531
mile 2- 11:03 351 ft : 300 ft
mile 3-11:32 160 ft: 254 ft
mile 4-11:57 269 ft: 168 ft
mile 5- 11:04 122 ft: 169 ft
mile 6- 11:36 144 ft: 154 ft
mile 7-11:45 112 ft: 122 ft
mile 8-11:16 124 ft: 135 ft
mile 9-11:24 154 ft: 165 ft
mile 10-11:31 149 ft: 162 ft
mile 11-11:59 248 ft: 199 ft
mile 12-11:55 155 ft: 154 ft
mile 13-11:45 175 ft: 173 ft
mile 14-11:30 162 ft: 198 ft
mile 15-11:15 220 ft: 193 ft
mile 16-11:31 262 ft: 360 ft
mile 17-13:18 350 ft: 329 ft - this is where Dani got hurt..hmm wonder why?
mile 18-12:57 238 ft: 186 ft
mile 19-13:36 157 ft: 129 ft
mile 20- 13:08 305 ft: 189 ft
mile 21-12:26 162 ft:163 ft
mile 22-11:42 258 ft: 192 ft
mile 23-13:04 283 ft: 322 ft
mile 24-12:54 712 ft: 639 ft
mile 25-12:12 580 ft: 638 ft
mile 26-13:43 258ft: 169 ft

I feel like this is getting too I will finish the rest later. But at least you got race details now! haha ..the rest is good tooo though...STAY TUNED!