Sunday, November 8, 2009

Home sweet home......we bought a houseeeeeee!!!

Ok....after lots of talk of home-buying we finally jumped the gun. We've been looking for houses (with no money haha) since July and have had interests in quite a few. Throughout this process I've realized how picky/snooty/particular I am about home buying, especially for someone who was making zilch for income. On my list of must-haves were
1) 3 car garage: we want 3-4 kids someday and that means lots of bikes, basketballs, etc! We also already have 2 cars and hubby is about to get a company car. A 3-car garage is a must!
2) 3 full bathrooms: see #1 about the kids...and if we have all girls....yes...3 full bathrooms is a must
3) Large master: see #1 about the kids...and you'll see why I need somewhere to retreat later on to "get away" (its also conveniently on the second floor in case I decide I need to jump out a window or something)
4) Close to Mom: Again...see #1 about how many kids I want and you too would want to be as close to help as possible

So that doesn't seem so bad right? Welllllll.....after making that list and going to look at some houses....the list got more specific
1) 3 full bathrooms that must all be on the second floor (unless there is a first floor master). I don't see a point in having a full bathroom on the main floor if there aren't any bedrooms there. Who wants to shower and then run up a bunch of stairs in a towel to get to their room?

2) I decided that I want the option of having a pool someday. I grew up a swimmer and lifeguard and the water is a part of me. Also..its a great entertaining option for 4 kids. This makes homebuying difficult because there are neighborhoods with community pools that won't let you put your own in. Also you must have a yard big enough to accomodate a pool.

3) I really want a morning room for our kitchen table. Again...4 kids someday = LARGE kitchen table to fit everyone. Many houses just come with a small dinette area to put a round table.

4) I'd love to have separate walk-in closets in the master as well as separate sinks and vanities. I'm sick of sharing with the hubby....hahahaha

5) all of a sudden 3 miles seemed way too far from my Mom...I can't send the kids to Grandmas to walk 3 miles when I'm ready to pull all my hair out...

So as you see...this became quite a process. But in the end we found our dreaaaaaaam house and we couldn't be more happy!!
4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms (3 full, 2 half)....morning room for our kitchen table, 3 car garage, large backyard with some trees too and a patio! bonus....finished basement....HUGEEEEEE master bedroom with sitting room and 2 walk in closets, 2 vanities/sinks....and are you ready??? 0.8 miles door to door from my Moms house!! Could it get any better than that??

So here she is......(I'm going to take some better pictures next weekend)...

We close December 30th...we have no furniture...haha. There are 10 rooms to fill + a basement. Eeeeeeeeeeek! All we have is a king sized bed, a freezer, and some baby furniture. Not good...not good at all....haha