Friday, January 11, 2008

Nasty Trick...

Today I played a nasty trick on myself. On my plan I was supposed to run 3.5 miles. I had gotten up at 4:45am and been on my feet for 6 hours in the OR. It was a crazy intense day including a one year old pediatric patient crashing in the middle of surgery (no worries..he was fine). Everytime I checked my pulse throughout the day it was like 85-90 = STRESSSSSED OUT! So off I go....after about 1.5 miles I'm frusterated. I feel like I should have ran 2.5 by now....this SUCKS! Then my mind starts tricking me...."If you get the long run done won't have to get up at 5am tomorrow to do it"....Thats what it said....foreal! So next thing you know I'm cranking out 6 miles completely unprepared in several ways:
2)Not mentally prepared for a long run
3) Not H20 with me..No nutrition with me
4)Not properly paced for the first 2 miles...(to run a long run)
5)Very hot outside...midday

I felt like it would be a great mental challenge...a way to train my mind not my body. It was pretty awesome...but I still think it's a cruel trick to play on yourself. Maybe it won't be so bad when I'm not running 6 miles tomorrow :) So here she is folks.....and get this...the avg pace was still 9:18! I think that was the same pace I had last week for my 5 mile run? How long can I continue to run long runs at this pace?!?

Ok sidenote. I have been feeling pretty crappy about myself bc of my consumption of diet coke. I know it is horrible for me...yet I basically pour 4-5 cans in my veins a day. I feel pretty embarassed of my uncontrolled habit...and it's so bad that I actually got migraines on the cruise when I wasn't drinking pop. I had to break down and buy one a day to avoid the headaches. But check this out! While i was trudging up 3 flights of stairs with my new purchase (12 pack of diet pepsi)...feeling horrible about myself...I look down and discover this!!!!!!!!!!You might have to click on it to make it bigger to see it better. But basically..its saying that Diet Coke is not only totally A-OK for the bod....but it's HYDRATING!!! say that with me.....HY-DRAT-ING!!!!!!!!! I jump for joy in the stairwell and drop all the groceries! All this time I'm feeling bad about myself and I'm really just hydrating my body!!! HOW SILLY! So next time you crack open a diet pepsi (or 10).....don't feel bad. Think of the hydration you are giving your bod...bc THE COCA COLA COMPANY SAYS SO! I might even start carrying them on my run for hydration.I'm sure you all can sense my sarcasm here...I know it's still bad for me...but maybe I won't beat myself up so much. Just about everything we consume these days is full of chemicals and least I'm not addicted to crack cocaine (although sometimes I swear caffeine addiction is worse)


Doug said...

Nice job on the run, enjoy sleeping in!

I completely agree on the caffeine being as addicting as cocaine, its nearly impossible to get off of it! I somehow managed to break my addiction, and I'm always extremely careful with it now so I don't get hooked again.

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

That's a great mind game. I may try that at some point.

Susan Oseen said...

I am a diet pepsi junkie. I know I am suposed to drink a ton of water a day, but it's so hard just doesn't replace Diet Pepsi...Don't their commercials say something about "Forever Young" that can't be a bad thing, can it??

Good Job on the Long Run...I am working towards your day.

jahowie said...

Nice job on the run!! That's a great pace.

I have a big problem with the pop thing. Sometimes it's the only thing that keeps me going throughout the day. I know it's bad for me too, but I've tried to stop cold turkey and I've had the headaches, and the tired feelings. I'll quit if you do. Maybe we can help each other through this. :-)

RazZDoodle said...

Good job on the run! Maybe I can trick myself into running a HM.

Coffee is my biggest achilles heel. I can usually get my addiction down to 2 cups a day, but that doesn't last long. doesn't help that there are Starbucks across from work and across from my house.

Jess said...

I don't think diet soda is that bad if it's like 1 or 2 day. But 4-5, well, that's a lot. And for a runner, that liquid should be water.

I gave up diet pepsi for the new year and it's been tough, so I am in no position to give advice about it.

jahowie said...

I'd like to do the triathlon thing too. Only one problem....I never swim!! :-) Maybe duathlons at first and then I'll move up. As far as the bike thing goes. I have a very nice Trek 1000 that cost me just under $600. It came with an aluminum frame and carbon forks/seat post. I've put probably another $500 into it since I bought it, but I've always liked the bike. Good luck with your training. :-)

chirunner said...

I am a Diet Coke junkie who has finally gotten herself down to 1 or 2 a day. I feel guilty everytime I drink one because I know it has nothing nutritionally to offer and I should be drinking water. So at first I was so excited to see the label that said any drink hydrates the body, so drink all the Coca-Cola products you want. Then I saw it was from Coca-Cola. Does this remind anyone else of the tobacco companies telling us for decades that smoking isn't dangerous? I don't mean to be too cynical and I'd like nothing more than Diet Coke to be the carrots and broccoli of drinks, but I'm not holding my breath. OK, I'm thirsty after all this typing. Gotta go get a Diet Coke.