Monday, January 28, 2008

First test, first race, etc.

Sorry it's been a few days. No worries...I have been running....and not barfing all over myself. I'm just having some problems with my hip....aka can't walk. I've managed to get my runs in though. Here is the latest one:

I'm going to take it easy this week since my race is Saturday. Just do some 2-4 mile runs...and rest up. My first test of the quarter is on Friday so I will also be doing LOTSA studying! I had sort of a boring weekend...not much to recap. I did TONS of shopping. Check out Old Navy and Gap...HUGE sales! Also...I couldn't get my nike ipod thing to sync up with my computer. I ended up reformatting my hard drive....hahahahaha...just to get my runs uploaded! The things I go through for you guys!! (and my own addictions of course). I've got something really exciting coming up...some of you know about (Benson :) some of you don't. But stay tuned...I will keep you updated!

Also I thought I was blog about some of the "characters" I see at the running park I go to. I feel like they all fall into one of these categories:

Kenyan runner guy: This is the guy that is running circles around you (no wait...I actually kept up with him for 10 miles somehow). But either way...looks like they could win a marathon.

Waddle walkers: I think that explanation is good enough...I'm not talkin about your average walkers...these people are extreme..but give them lots of credit

Hot Mammas: These are the Moms that want to look they are running/joggin/walking with the stroller and kids/dogs spilling out everywhere. Give them tons of credit. If you are dying...they probably have a cracker and some sippy juice (keep that in mind)

Snoop dog guy: This guy SCARES me! He sits on the park bench...lookin like snoop dogg... and then I swear he tries to time it so that he rides his bike past me when I am all by myself on the other side of the lake. And each time I start speeding up bc I'm deathly afraid of the snoop dogg maneuvers he might pull on me. Yeah...if you see this type of character at your running will be sure to end with a FAST pace! Promise!

Seagull feeders: These are the worste. These people think it's super cool to feed the seagulls moldy bread so that 1092834 seagulls take large craps on the runners heads. DRIVES me NUTS!

And then theres me......just minding my own business...cruisin along to some tunes. To them..I probably look like the CRAZY person...running 10 miles. It's all perspectives I tell ya!


Laura said...

I always enjoy hearing about what other people see on their runs - thanks. Also, hope your hip gets better soon! I dont' really know what's wrong with it, but if you don't already have a foam roller, maybe that will help? I was having some hip/thigh problems, and I picked one up and it's been a HUGE help.

Kim said...

hahaa love the breakdown of various peeps you see on your run!! nice work on the 8:40 minute miles!

Doug said...

Keeping up with Kenyans huh? Sounds like you might have been the result of a Powerthirst drinker! If you're completely clueless what I'm babbling about, look up Powerthirst on youtube!

Take care of that hip.. I just got over a hip injury. Where exactly does it hurt?

RunnerGirl said...

I've seen a few of those Snoop Dog types myself, always smart to run away!

Benson said...

Ouch, dang that hip. Do take it real easy this week. A nagging hip is no way to go into a race. Ice and stretch but not at the same time.
Good luck. Flame is on her way

triguyjt said...

good luck with the hip.
where I run, its just a stray couple looking to sight see some birds..and many people walking their dogs that are thankfully on leashs. ohh and please look down once in awhile or you'll step in horse poop.

Danielle Runs said...

loved this blog... too funny!!

i'm at 33.34 i believe! :)

love u... keep up the good work gimpy (okay i am too... blisters everywhere!)

jahowie said...

This is a great post. I have a great visual of your runs now. :-) I hope that hip feel better soon. You still ran an 8:40 pace with an injury. Take it easy.

Mamacita Chilena said...

eek! be careful of the crazies out there...always better to be safe than sorry, don't let yourself get caught alone...a lesson I have had to learn the hard way unfortunately.

and way to go on keeping up with the Kenyans! You are HardCORE!

bill carter said...

Hi Christine

It sounds like you are running around with some shady characters.. better watch your back. Right now I am doing most of my runs at the gym to avoid the freezing cold temps and it is impossible to get away from the crazies. Aww, what am I saying?? I love the crazies... they sure make things more interesting.

Take care of that hip... you've been pushing pretty hard lately.

Lana said...

That is so funny!! You be careful around snoop dog, now.

Good luck this weekend!

chia said...

Brilliant post, I exceptionally appreciated the fact that someone else on this earth cares that much about tracking fitness to go through the pains of reformatting the hard drive just for that one upload to work.

Been there with my HRM. Oye.

Good luck at your race mate.

Susan Oseen said...

I am a wanna be Kenyan Runner : ) Hope your hip gets all better before the race on Saturday. I know all too well what a bad hip is and it's not fun.