Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Little Things part 2

Make the biggest difference....and it's all the little things. I have realized how many people I have impacted in a positive way since embarking on this running journey ( life). So friends Danielle, Jen, & Morgan have bought the nike ipod sensor. My friend Nikki went for a husband sometimes incorporates the word "run" in his vocab as something he wants to do again (in his lifetime..haha) ...Others have agreed to train for races (shout out to my home girl Kris in Cali). And then some of them have inspired Other friends to start running too. Its a trickle effect of running...INSANE! Something that has made my life so awesome has given me something positive to share with everyone else. ANd blogging.....HOLY COW! That reaches out to the WoRLD!!! THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!! I want to reach the world one blog at a time and make them get off their chair and put one foot in front of the other and experience this. It will change your life!

And of course new blogging are the ones that have inspired me :) And thanks for all your advice...bc I'm pretty sure if all goes well I will be rocking out the Tybee half marathon Feb 2nd completely unprepared! Here is my 2 mile run that turned into a 4 miler on the DREADMILL= SLOWWWWWWWW...and a running challenge w my friend Dani! JOIN US! :)


Anonymous said...

Stay postive! You have a great outlook on running and I am sure you will have a blast running the half.

Benson said...

That ain't no little thing, it's huge!
Is that you in the lead on your running challenge? Nice job.

P.O.M. said...

I have to hit the dreadmill tonight becuase it was way to windy this morning. gerrrrrr. And I'll be rockin' my half on Feb 3rd WAY undertrained too. It will be intersting to compare notes of undertrained races. ha ha.

Susan Oseen said...

I think you will do better than you expect on the February 2nd half marathon. I am sure you will be completely hooked on races after that.

Running is fun...hopefully your husband will get into it one day.

P.O.M. said...

155 isn't too bad. It creeps up so fast though. I remember just gaining a little bit every year - then MAN - almost 170. That's soooo gross.

I only have yahoo, not AOL.

Danielle Runs said...

love ya sexy twin... i did my first run for our challenge! xoxo