Thursday, January 17, 2008

Eight & Ate....well almost

So this week is my week for a 7 mile run. However I sorta wanted to do EIGHT...since I'm trying to squeeze in a half marathon in 2 weeks. So "we" (crazy duff and straight duff that is)came to a happy medium. But thats not how the story went. The story went like up at 4:45 went to the OR. (Got free lunch from drug reps..this is where i ATE) then came home. Had a little lunch...set out to do my 2 mile run. If you have been following my blog all know what happens when i set out to do a short run towards the end of the week. Half way through I decided to make it my long run....and I'm shootin for 8 miles. Me, (@ this time...crazy duff) never looked at the clock. I had class at 3:00. I look down at my watch...I've gone 7.05 miles and realize its 2:22. I quickly hurry back to the condo (7.5 miles total...) and have ten minutes to shower, get dressed, makeup, take out dog, get things ready for school. Still walked in ten minutes late...haha. so here it is

OK!! and as promised to POM..I'm going to post some very scary pictures....some before and after pictures. I couldn't find a before in my bikini...but I'm sure you will get the idea. hahaha! Laugh all you want...I was a fat girl! I am now a runner...and will soon be a triathlete. Peace homeflys!


Doug said...

I almost did the same thing yesterday, except on the bike. I was going to ride before my office hours, but the weather was supposed to warm up about 10-15 degrees in two hours. I decided to ride afterwards.

I got back to my apartment, got all dressed to ride, filled my water bottle, etc. Looked at my watch. Crap! I forgot I have a class to teach in 2 hours!

Real ride canceled, had to put the miles in on the trainer, bleh (I always drive out of town to ride my bike, riding by the horse farms is 100x better than rush hour traffic!). Oh well, at least I wasn't 30 minutes late for a class I had to teach!

Anonymous said...

You are making me want to push myself harder!!! thank goodness for you because I really do feel better each day and I totally see the results!! I like the before and after pics! Go CRAZy!!!

jahowie said...

Ummmmmm...when were you fat?!?! Good job getting the run in. I was lazy last night. I have been working my tail off here at work, and I just couldn't find the motivation. This is where you give me a swift kick in the arse!! :-) Have a great weekend!!

Benson said...

Good job on the run and almost getting 8. Close enough by my standards.
Great before and after pics. Good thing you've got that bodyguard to hold off the throngs of beach boys.

Laura said...

You look incredible! I am definitely not brave enough to post bikini pics yet, though maybe soon, as I'm doing pretty well with getting in shape.

Two weeks ago I set out to do a 10 mile run, which turned into 12 with an injury... oops! :) I seem to be better now but I'm trying harder to plan my routes and stick to them.

Cara said...

Looks like the runs are working out for you! You are looking great! Can i go run right now? I think it may be even more fun than work! haha

ThickChick said...

Aww, don't be too hard on yourself - you look SO young in those 'before' photos - looks like just a bit of baby fat on your young little cute self.

Of course now, you're a total glamorous little babe!

Congrats on your run!

Susan Oseen said...

I think you were born to run. Your pace is pretty fantastic. You could probably teach me a few things about running.

I too think your before picture looks pretty good. You are just a very pretty girl.

Good luck leading up to the half marathon. I am guessing a sub 2:00 half.

Wes said...

Ha! I wouldn't have characterized you as a fat girl before, but you can definitely see the weight loss in your face! The half marathon is coming up fast! How exciting!! With 7.5 9 minute miles, sounds like you are on the road to a great day!!!