Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Is the week over yet?

Oh my gosh! Its been the longest week of my life...and its only hump day! Started school and clinical Monday....and it's so exhausting to be back. Im at a new hospital this I am completely lost and feeling stupid a lot. Today was really hard bc we had to deal with a patient that had lost her baby. She was sooooo upset....and finally I broke. I was exhausted...and I couldn't watch this girl cry anymore. Someone told me that in this profession I can't let my emotions get to me...and I'll see much worse things.. (which i know)..but for some reason I just started crying.

Here is my run from last night.....I know the pacing looks a little scary. I had to do it in the parking lot of my condo and part on the dreadmill. To make my path outside longer...I was weaving back and forth across the road (thank gosh it was dark and no one could see me). SO this is why my pacing looks crazy! The things I do for running...I'm telling ya! But I didn't want to leave the gates when it was dark by myself....tooo scurrred!

Wow I'm beat. No worries...I'll find time to get my 2 miles or X training in today! Tata for now!

I went to bed at 7pm...haaaaa!


jahowie said...

It's OK to cry for her. That would be a terrible thing to go through. Nice job getting that funky run in. :-) Now get some rest!!

Benson said...

Hang in there.
Good job with the run.
A little bit longer, a little bit stronger.

Freddie Sirmans said...

Just browsing the internet. Your blog is very, very interesting. great read.

Jess said...

I think it's fine to cry -- you're human, not a robot for cripes sake.

Good job on the run!

Regarding your question about foam rollering: a foam roller is essentially just a big piece of tubular foam that you roll yourself back and forth on and it's a form of self massage. Helps with tight muscles and bands that can result with distance running. I also recommend The Stick which is much smaller and you roll like a rolling pin across sore muscles and it does the same thing.

You don't have to do it. But it does help, especially if your mileage is over 30 miles a week.