Saturday, July 5, 2008

same ole

I'm finally starting to get the hang of this vacation thing.........hahahaha
Been getting my five miles in everyday....except yest I did turbokick
Brings me to a good running question

I've found lately that when I do karate chop hands I run much smoother and faster. WHY? Do the ancient asian powers seep into my skin through the karate chop hands and begin practicing chinese fight or flight techniques? I don't get it. If I keep my hands in a loose running is more of a jog...bouncy...sloppy. I whip out the karate chop hands...and I'm swift, fast, for miles. Does anyone have answers?????


Anonymous said...

Nice job keeping up with the runs!

Susan Oseen said...

When I went for my gait analysis they told me to be sure to hold my hands as if I am holding crackers in between my fingertips (just lightly so you don't break your imaginary crackers). I seem to have a better form when I do this.

M*J*C said...

I've been trying different "hand" movements/positions, I usually end up with them in loose fists, but my pinky fingers sort of stick out...sometimes it looks like I'm trying to drink a cup of tea!!!

Viv said...

WTG with the daily runs! So wish my body could handle it.
Everybody was kung fu fighting needs to be on the play list, baby!

Laura said...

Aerodynamics maybe? You know, that's why I always trim my fingernails before a race... JUST IN CASE.

SLB said...

No answer for you on this but I just wanted to say "Hi ya!" LOL