Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Little Updater...glaciers here we come!

Today was no fun..I'll just leave it at that! haha

But after work I kicked my assssss at the gym. I seriously put a whoopin on myself... Ran 5 miles in 41:30 (yay! new record for me) 8:18 pace then did chest, back and core. My trainer walked by and caught me staring off into space and was pleased with how soaked my shirt was! haha Then I joked that I ran into the bathroom real quick when I saw him earlier and doused myself with water to make it look like I was working hard. Either way.....verdict is...hes going to kick my ass tomorrow :) Saweet :)

Also I think I might do a 5k this weekend...I'm seriously addicted friends. I dunno what it is..but I just want to race race race!!!!! Its fun exploring Atlanta that way and meeting new people in this BIG city. However I don't know which one I want to do. There is a womens one where they give you a flower at the end for $27, or one to support the troops where they take your picture at the end for $20....or one for a scholarship for someone girl that died for $25...any thoughts? haha I was thinking the support the troops one...you get a shirt too.

One other cool thing...Hubby and I booked a cruise to Alaska for when I'm done with school. Exciting right? I have always wanted to go to Seattle and the cruise leaves from there and then "cruises"on up to Alaska. I can't waiiiiiiiiit to see humpback whales and bears oh my! But more importantly..I can't waiiiiit to be done with school! haha.

Like I said...little updater....still thriving off the endorphins from this weekend...ahhhh...so much better than drugs I tell ya :) (not as good as ice cream though)

p.s. check out Sarah's sweet food blog if you want a chance at winning Jillians Shred DVD! Plus get awesome ideas on great snacks :)

Also check out Run TO the Finish 's blog for a giveaway on youbars. These things look AWESOME!! YOu get to create your own workout bar..or shake! SWEET


Anonymous said...

You are on a roll with the races. All three sound like good causes, I like to troops one myself. I have several friends who went to Alaska and loved it. They all comment on the beauty of it.

Carolina John said...

i say support the troops. those women's only races are very fun around atlanta, i've got a few friends who run those. isn't it called Zooma series races? but for my race entry fee, supporting the troops and getting a t-shirt wins out. i'm cheap like that.

X-Country2 said...

I vote you support the troops, but I'm kind of insistant on race t-shirt if I'm going to do one.

Very exciting about Alaska. I went a couple years ago, and it was beautiful.

Benson said...

Wow, you're really high on this running thing eh?
Support the troops.

Amanda said...

Nice job on those fast 5 miles. Have fun picking your race, and that Alaska cruise sounds fabulous!

RhodeyGirl/Sabrina said...

I love that feeling when I leave the gym soaked! yahh for hard workouts!!

RunningWithin said...

Hey Just wanted to say thank you for the comment! Wow, 5 Miles in 41:30, go you! Don't you love that sweat soaked shirt feeling? That's my favorite feeling ever after a hard run.

audgepodge said...

I'm the same way! I love doing races and that's the only thing that motivates me to get out there and run :)

And I've always wanted to visit ALaska!