Friday, March 6, 2009

Imma survivor!!!!

PHEW! Made it through week one of H-E double hockey sticks! I SUCK AT PEDIATRICS!!! Let me just say this LOUD and CLEAR! IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN THAT NEED SURGERY...KEEP THEM AWAY FROM RUNNINDUFF! haha..I'm just playin. Honestly though..this has been one of the most challenging weeks of my lifeeeeee! I thought I was getting pretty smooth and putting adults to sleep and waking them up...and then my first day of pediatrics I had to take everything I knew ...toss it out the window...and start from scratch.

Now we call "Stretchers" either a) princess carriages or b) choo choo rides. EKG pads are now "stickers". Pretty much anything you see in the operating room on television now either has the word "princess" in front of it..or "space ship"

Johnny ..its ok...this is just a space ship mask!!
Isabelle...dont cry...this is a princess IV!

No joke folks! I also wipe snotty noses...take blows to the face while trying to do a mask induction..and NO! I DONT CHANGE DIAPERS! Thanks for asking though :)

On the running front..I went for an amazing (insert mileage) run today. I forgot Garmy so I'm not sure how far I went..but I ran 50 minutes outside and then went inside to my ghetto fabulous gym and did another 1.5 miles on a 8:20 pace. Pretty sweet right? Well..if you want to think of me as this fit healthy girl...stop reading now. If you want to know the real me.....I followed up this fabulous run with a trip to "Fat girl heaven!". I found this awesome place called "sweet tomatoes salad bar buffet". Sounds innocent right? Well they should have named it "Some salad, mostly pizza and pasta, and lots of cookies & ice cream buffet!" Because that's what it was....oh and a diet coke of course! So it was fun stuffing my face by myself (loser) at this awesome food amusement park and was probably the highlight of my weekend. Awesome right?

Also I signed up for a 10k next weekend ! I'm pretty excited as its st. pattys day themed with green techincal tees. The only thing that's got me worried is the "heeeeeeeels". We know hotlanta...and she has some "heeeeeeels!"....should be fun though! Happy Fryday!


X-Country2 said...

Your job is way more interesting than mine. :o)

Good luck at your race!

Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point said...

haha i agree, your job is way more interesting than mine! thanks for reading the blog!

Carolina John said...

I've heard the shamrocknroll is a good race. lotsa fun stuff along the route. have fun!

Mnowac said...

I have never heard of that buffet! I must find it while I am still pregnant and have an excuse!

i am Susan said...

Love the new layout. I am racing a 10km next Sunday as well...I need to find me something green to wear.

Anonymous said...

Way to sign up for a race. I am sure you are going to have a blast.