Monday, March 23, 2009

Only 4 more days....

So as most of you know..I haven't seen my hubby or puppy since February. I have been living a solitary life in a hotel in a city in which I don't know anyone..working at a hospital in which I don't know anyone...and running races secretly as a 60 yr old...again...where I know not a soul. Why does it turn out that when I have 4 more days here...I find out I knew someone here...who was also running DIFFERENT herself? WHY? Why do things work like that? A girl from college happens to be in Atlanta doing her pharmacy rotations here this month..and just so happens to have run a different 5k last weekend. Neither of us knew we were here..until of course...the month was about over. Ughh! Also I just NOW found where the good running trails are...just NOW found where a track to do sprint workouts is....and can finally get to the hospital and gym without my Garmin. Of its time to go. I guess its good I'm coming back here in May & June because I now know how to rock out the ATL!

Also..I'm trying to finish out my last 4 days on whatever groceries I have left. Things are about to get verrrrrrrry interesting in this little hotel of mine. Things I have left to work with
- celery (eek..its a little old..)
- cheese
- few Tbsp of peanut butter (yes I went through a whole small jar in one month)
- Strawberry preserves
- Cinnamon/Raisin mini bagels
- Egg & Cheese lean pockets
- Oats
- Milk
So today I tried PB & J Oatmeal! I'm sure many of you eat this all the time..but being a newcomer of oatmeal (hated it for 23 years) was new to me! Also for breakfast I had PB & J on a cinnamon raisin mini bagel! Life will come to a hault when I finish up those last few Tbsp of PB..I will then be eating celery and cheese on a mini bagel! EEEEK! (this may be a good diet trick....)

One other thing...I mentioned earlier that I threw my name in the hat for some lotteries (San fran 1/2 marathon, NYC full marathon). Well...depending on the results of these lotteries..will decide my fate this fall. I was tossing around the ideas of those two races as well as a possible half ironman in November (Beach 2 Battleship). I think my plan is to see if I get into any of these events...and if not...the 1/2 Iron is ON! So...I'll know very soon about the san fran...won't know until May about NYC..but either way I couldn't jump FULL force into Iron training until after I take the board exam (June 28th). So all of this timing works out! Also my plan with tri training is a little different and was wondering if I could get some opinions. I was going to swim 2500 m once a week (I grew up a swimmer...swimming comes easy to me..however I have a shoulder with 6 screws in it..and so if I swim too much..I'll be hosed..) And then I was planning to do one long bike a week..and one brick a week. So essentially I would be swimming once, biking twice, and running 4 times. I feel like this is probably the only way the training would work for me....but will this work for the race? Any suggestions welcomed...all you hard core triathloners!


beth said...

yeah! go for the half ironman....but try to swim twice (maybe once only 1500-2000) and bike 3 times. you could make one of those bikes a spin class or ride easy on the trainer, but get the legs moving in a cycling fashion however possible.
running 4x is plenty.

oh, and those are some of my fave staples. i could live on whats left in your hotel room for months (as long as there was MORE of each item.) yum.

Anonymous said...

If you do the beach to battleship et me know. There are a few bloggers participating in it and since it is fairly close to my house I may go down to cheer everyone on.
Enjoy your last few days.

Kelli said...

If youre a strong swimmer you might be able to get away with one swim a week. definitely get a training plan so you know where you should be for those long rides and runs.
i haven't heard of the beach to battleship race - let me know how it goes, sounds interesting.

P.O.M. said...

You must be happy to get back to your hunny!!

I am doing the same thing with the food in pantry and even the crap in the bathroom. I dno't want to buy anything new because I will have to MOVE it. So I'm using my old shampoos, lotions, etc.

X-Country2 said...

Sounds like you have a very exciting year! I'm not help with the half ironman training, but I'm excited to read all about it.

Benson said...

half iron would be a great race for you.
my free advice is to get a coach so you'll have a plan and proper focus.

Carolina John said...

my b2b training plan doesn't start until around july 14th. you've got plenty of time.

i'm trying 3 swim, 3run, 3 bike each week plus strength training & yoga.

and everybody knows everybody else here in the south. you're never alone in atlanta. you are just surrounded by people you don't know are fantastic yet.

Amanda said...

I bet you are so ready to see your hubby and puppy! You'll have to let us all know what other combos you come up with to eat:)