Sunday, December 28, 2008

Can 2009 get here any sooner???

I think we'd all agree that 2008 has been a little rough for many reasons. Some high notes of 2008 for me were
- running my first half marathon
- running my first marathon
- getting a tri bike and starting my adventures in cycling
- a lil trip to Denver with the hubby
- finishing the first part of school and starting the next chapter
- exploring my life in fine detail and trying to make things more meaningful

The low points...are in the past...haha

So I am very eager for 2009 to get here and see what it brings. I have always said odd years are the best for me...its something my best friend and I discuss regularly. This year has been no exception. I can't wait for 2009 and turning 25 (hey..lower car insurance for one thing). I graduate in 2009, I start my career, maybe buy a house? maybe have a baby? (oh wait..that would require husband living in the same state..haha) who knows! But I'm pumped and running full steam ahead (no pun intended..I haven't done much running lately).

So 2009..and moving forward :)


i am Susan said...

That's the attitude!!!

Benson said...

nice recap.
go ahead, run as a bandit.
bandits are cool.

Brian said...

all fun things to look forward to in 09. good luck

Carolina John said...

I keep telling myself it's going to be fine in 09! so do you still have the marathon coming up in january or is it off the plate?

i saw they cancelled the tybee island marathon for 2009. Keep up the good training.

TrainingtoTri said...

I am behind on your blog! I am so sorry to hear about your father! I know how very hard that is, I last my dad this past Jan suddenly as well. It's amazing how life can just come out of nowhere.

Welcome back to Cleveland. I'd love to get together some time. I'm not doing much running right now since I am the size of a house, but I do plan to get back to it after the baby and do some half marathons next fall. Email me at and we can figure something out. Maybe take a spin class at UA or something, get coffee at the very least!