Thursday, July 30, 2009

The follow-up: Hubbys Reaction

So I take the test....Preggers x 3! Believe me..I probably would have finished off the box of 5 if I could..but my Mom hid them from me. Meanwhile hubby is in New York visiting his brother (pitcher for minor leagues). Eventhough I was so excited that I wanted to run a marathon (no not really..)...I knew I had to wait until he got home. So the long wait began....and the wheels began turning.....

I laid awake all night on Sunday dreaming up baby names. I mean ALL night. I think the only way I got to work on Monday was on pure adrenaline...(esp since this lil peanut took away all my coffee). I decided to go over to old navy and get 2 little outfits one that said "I'm handsome like Daddy" and one that said "I love my Mommy & Daddy!" and figured I would put them in a bag with the test that said P-R-E-G-N-A-N-T! (or all 3 for that matter)

Hubby comes home frm the trip and I immediately ask "wheres my t shirt?" Of course he was a little offended that those were the first words out of my mouth...(he'll get over it). So he gave me my new brooklyn cyclones shirt and then I told him I got him a shirt too.

I hand over the old navy bag and he pulls out the first outfit. He has a strange look on his face and then says "so are we stocking up or something?"....pulls out the second outfit and looks at me like "wheres my shirt?"....pulls out the pregnancy test and says "Is this one of those tests girls take to see if they are pregnant"

At this point the lightbulb goes off........."WAIT!! IS this YOUR pregnancy test?" And he immediately turns bright red....and I had tears dripping down my face. I wrote him a nice little card about how its still early and just realize if you decide to tel people...that something bad could still happen (As I manage to share the news with the whole world!).

So Life being pregnant....
I think about baby names 75% of the day
Stomach hurts...a lot...
Booobs.....they should be free pregnancy tests....who needs pregnancy tests when you wake up one day and feel like your boobs got in a fight with each other?
Also I never feel alone. Its the weirdest thing...but I got in the car this morning and starting jamming to a song and I looked down and thought " like this song too?" Whenever I get really really excited I think...uh oh...Baby is probably getting excited too. It sorta feels like you have a little shadow with you at all times. A shadow that will eventually make your own shadow double in size...ughhh....yipppeeee...bring it on!


Benson said...

Holy congratu-effing-lations!
I just read your 2 posts about preggers and am sooooooo happy for you and hubby. what a beautiful thing for both of you.
enjoy the ride.

Mnowac said...

Oh my gosh! I am just catching up on your blog. Congratulations!!! As you go along if you have any questions let me know. Good luck.

Jess said...

That's a sweet way to tell the hubby.

And yes, I remember the sore boob stage. That passes. So does the incredible fatigue.

J said...

That is so sweet how you told your husband you were pregnant! I love it! i am so excited for you and I love reading about your excitement because I feel like I would be the same way!!

Carolina John said...

the fatigue stage progresses into the eating everything that will fit in your mouth stage. i always think it's funny to tell someone "i peed on this and i want you to hold it". good job surprising him.