Sunday, October 18, 2009

18 weeks preggers

Heres a pic of me at 18 weeks!!! wahooooo! Almost half way done :) Kid...if youre listening...feel free to come out a few days early!

Went for quite a few 3-4 mile walks this week. Tried to get to prenatal yoga...however punched in the wrong address and got there late. I'm going to re-attempt tomorrow evening. I HAVE TO START WORK IN A WEEEEEEEEK! Lordy lordy...that means no more lounging more chatting with friends all more nothin. Full days of working on my feet, knocking patients out, waking them up, sticking needles in peoples spines, eeeeeek! Can I please have another week off? Just ONE more weeek? I swear God, I'll be ready after that. I don't want to be a big girl (looks down....points to the baby)...yeah I know..too bad!

I refinished a dresser that was used by my hubbys Grandmother when she was younger. His Mom then used it...then hubby...and now baby. We painted it white and it looks gorgeous. We ordered some starfish knobs to go along with our beach theme! I'll def have to post some pictures when its all said and done.

Still working on buying a of these days...just look for a big post saying...NO LONGER HOMELESS! It's bound to happen in the next few months.

I'll post some pics of the kid after the ultrasound....don't forget that were not finding out the gender. So that will stay a surprise until the end....(kid refer to the top about coming early).

Hope life is well with everyone else :)


Jess said...

You don't even look pregnant! Although, it seemed for me that I all of sudden "popped out" around 21 weeks.

Glad to hear everything is going smoothly.

X-Country2 said...

God, you're like the cutest pregnant person ever. Skinny b*tch.

Just kidding. ;o)

Carolina John said...

so why is there no bump showing yet? wow, very cool. you're lucky.

Anonymous said...

You look amazing! Glad to hear everything is going well. Good luck with the house hunting.

Stuart said...

You are pregnant? Is this the right blog?

Looking good anyway!

RunnerGirl said...

You look great!!!