Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Silly me

The last post started with "Things I've Done This Week..."....This one will begin with

Stupid things I've done this week...and it's only Tuesday

1) It carries over from last week. They give us free lunch tickets...and last week I left them in my scrub pocket when I put my scrubs in the dirty laundry at the hospital. WHOOOPS! So Monday I politely ask the secretary for more lunch tickets and explain what happened. Apparently I looked really scared and timid because the lady felt compelled to do an impression of me and told me not to be so scared next time. So I was bound and determined not to lose these free lunch food stamps and put them in a "safe" spot...aka...the purse. Today while I was getting ready for work I look at my purse and think "Nope...don't need you today!". I swear I'm not meant to have free lunches at this hospital

2) Today I lost the lock for my locker....no clue where it is...

3)Besides losing the lock...I never officially locked it because I didn't trust myself on being able to a) memorize the code and b) not lose the paper with the code on it. SO I just kept it unlocked and on my locker for decoration...until it mysteriously disappeared. I'm too embarassed to tell the secretary lady that one.

4) Didn't fill the anesthesia machine with anesthetic gases (don't worry folks..my patient didn't wake up...we caught it just in time before it ran out)

5)I knew I couldnt trust myself to fill it up and change the CO2 absorbers between cases so I wrote all over the CO2 absorber in a sharpie to remind myself'

6) Forgot to pack underwear and socks...had to go to Walgreens and looked real stupid buying 4 packs of underwear. Oh and don't worry because I forgot to take socks home with me last weekend...so I bought 2 packs while I was home...but left them there on accident..so just had to buy 2 more packs.

7)My preceptor asked me to get a fluid warmer because it got contaminated...which obviously meant the tubing. But I of course mis understood her and went and brought back a new 20 lbs fluid warmer (spilled water all over my pants)...instead of getting a new set of tubing and being done with it.

Do you clearly see why I feel I should be pleading insanity and unfit to deliver anesthesia here? I think I need to talk to a doctor and get an insanity excuse to take a few more days off. haha. I know they always say in times like this you feel "normal"..but you definitely arent. I told my Mom we should write down all the stupid things we do this week...so we can laugh at the end of the week. I guess I'll keep my list on the blog so ya'll can have some laughs too.

Running front- Had an amazing 4 mile run in the hills yesterday. Felt unstoppable. Part of my inspiration to run hard was to completely tire myself out. I got about an hour of sleep the night before..so I figured the harder I ran and the more tired I was...the better I would sleep. It most definitely worked!! Its much better than taking Advil PM and being exhausted the next day (oh gosh..could you imagine how big my stupidity list would get if I kept taking those dudes?)

Hop everywun haz a GRATE weak.


triguyjt said...

i love how you are taking this head on and having a laugh about it.....

or yeah... I mean Laff

Jess said...

Well, if you don't mind, I think I will skip any kind of surgery this week, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hope you remember your lunch tickets tomorrow and find the lock! Keep smiling.

i am Susan said...

You have such a great sense of humor...I love it! I hope the rest of your week goes the way you want it to : )

jkrunning said...

I can so relate. I've been dong stupid stuff too lately. It's the stress.

Brian said...

at least it gives the secretary something to talk about and laugh about.

Laura said...

Don't beat yourself up - you have had a LOT to deal with and you are doing amazingly well! Just keep smiling :)

Prophet said...

I tell you what's funny, I thought I was the only person who did their laundry at Target. I am on the road most of the year and sometimes, when I start running out of clean underwear and socks and don't have time to go do laundry, I pick up a half dozen of each at Target to get me through the rest of the week. Lol! Needless to say, I have THOUSANDS of pairs of underwear and socks all over the place..

By the way, still tearing up P90X. I am on my last week and my final day is this weekend!