Saturday, February 14, 2009

Things that make you go "hmmm..."

So the other night I was on the phone with my cousin Holly....HI HOLLY!! (She reads my blog..) and we were kinda discussing my recent Negative Nancy post. Holly..being the total sweetheart she is...was encouraging and complimenting me on the things I've accomplished. Then she said it....." can put anything you put your mind to. NO Doubt..if you say you are going to do something...I never question that you will do it" At that point..the wheels started turning and I almost had a side conversation with Holly in my own head.

Me: Holly..really? My Mom always said I could do anything I put my mind to
Holly in my head: Yeah no doubt you can do ANYTHING
Me: Really?? ANYTHING??

And then it had me intrigued. I always knew I could do anything I put my mind to..but I think I sort of forgot. But lately at the gym I've been throwing up some weight that I never thought I could lift just to see if I can...and amazingly...I can! When I used to lift before I was stuck on numbers for instance on leg extension I always use 50 lbs...leg press 100 etc. I might try to increase the amount of reps...but never the weights...because it freaked me out. But now...I started at 100 with leg press...4 weeks ago...this week I threw up 160. Each time I do a weight workout I just stick the peg in some number that I never imagined I could lift...and each time I surprise myself as I do 1..2..3...4...5...6...7...8..9..10..11...12..reps! Its a great thing...and its starting to show...I got myself some little popeye guns!

Anyway...I was sorta thinking...after reading Laura's post and tossing around ideas in my head. Maybe I could do a half ironman this summer!!! Maybe? Nooooooooo.......not maybe.....I CAN!...Holly said so! I believe her...she doesn't lie. Then I was furiously looking up some tri blogs of first timer half ironmans etc. and found a post from a guy who did one and altered his training a bit. See..we all know I have a crappy crappy left shoulder. It is what it is.....I do my best to rehab it....but there are still days where I swear its trying to detach from my body. I had sorta resorted to the fact that I wouldn't be able to accomplish one of my lifelong goals of becoming an Ironman...until now! This guy had a great philosophy...the swim is a very short portion of the half ironman (only 30-40 mins) and therefore isnt worth spending a ridiculous amount of time training for (if you are a decent swimmer). Obviously if you have never swam before competetively or taken a fair amount of swim might want to invest some more time developing your gills. But for this girl....who was born half fish....minus a left fin....I think I can skimp a little on the pool workouts. Last year when I started training for triathlons I was trying to swim 2-3 times a week. This guy said all you need to do is swim once a week the full distance you plan to do for the half Ironman (about 2200 yards) and that's all you need. I feel especially with the rehab I've done on my left body could handle one 40 minute swim a week. VOILA!

Next point...the bike. The bike is really where you spend the majority of time in a half ironman and we all know this is my weakest subject. He says spend the most time doing BRICK (bike + run) workouts since they are fundamental. You need to see how long it takes you to get your legs back for the run.

One major problem would be the fact that I'm still moving around quite a bit...which makes training difficult....and the biggest of them all....BOARD EXAMS IN JUNE!!! EEEK! But lets remember...I trained for a marathon during the busiest and hardest quarter of school last year. And ALSO...Holly said I could do anything....anything...I put my mind to.

Soooooo....I have been thinking about this...even half picked out a race I want to do. Although I'd really like to do one with someone (ahem Laura). I want to do one that is "drivable" since its super expensive to have your bike shipped this is what I was thinking..The Patriot Half Ironman in Williamsburg Virginia. Heres a little blurb about it :

After a 1.2 mile swim in the James River athletes will race through 56 miles of woods, farmlands, and lakes on mostly flat terrain and good pavement. Once you have laced up your running shoes youll be treated to a flat and fast 13.1 mile run along the James River.
This is September 12, 2008

key words in that blurb.....flat...and fast. Just what a tri newbie needs!!!

And there was one other one I was looking at in November..the Beach2Battleship half in Wilmington, NC. This would give me more time to train and they are having competitions at all the aid stations to see who can have the best one. Any thoughts or input on any of this would be much appreciated....also anyone want to join me??

*disclaimer...this is still all just a thought..nothing set in stone


Anonymous said...

There are several bloggers doing the Beach to Battleship. I think I may head down, since it it fairly close to my house (about 1.5 hours) to support everyone.

I would love to do tris and they are on my list. Good luck with training. You can do it!!

Amanda said...

How exciting! That sounds like fun, good luck!

Lauren said...

I don't have any advice, but it definitely sounds possible! Good luck!

Carolina John said...

yea baby! I'm already signed up for the beach 2 battleship half, and it's not sold out yet. i'm a pretty weak swimmer too, but i think with a little work it will be ok. you can totally do a half iron if you put your mind to it. i say go for it!

Holly said...

Hi Chrissy - Just read this one! :) It made me smile to hear that you are getting that confidence back in yourself. You are an amazing girl!! I really admire your ability to do anything you set yourself to do. I loved our "talk" that night on the phone... I feel like I can talk to you for hours & never run out of things to talk about. Can't wait to see you this weekend! Love you!