Sunday, February 22, 2009

Completely out of my gord....

Seriously folks! I up at 6 am go outside in SIXTEEN run 6.5 miles!!!!!!!! Check my temperature...while it may not be feverish YET (still thawing out)...I gaurantee something is not right in my head...haha. Either was a blast!! and I think I've met some new running buddies..that could be permanent buddies. Whenever I got to this hospital they kept telling me about one of the lady surgeons that runs marathons..and kept saying "you two need to run together" blah blah blah. Well finally she cornered me int he locker room and gave me her e-mail and invited me to go. I sorta ignored the invite for a week...and then finally sent the e mail. I was a little nervous about it because 1) she has a 6 pack... 2) said the words "dont worry...were not fast...we run like 4 hr marathons (last time I checked...4 hour marathons were FAST)...3) I had no clue what to wear in 16 degrees since I've been a wimp all winter and ran indoors. But despite all the adversity...I decided to throw myself to the wolves and test my limits.

Oh one other adverse rained all day the day before so it was SUPER icy! I totally thought that might be a way to get out of it....but apparently these new running buddies are hard core! And the last thing I need at this point is a broken arm....not so good for job interviews. So off I went...completely overdressed (does this sound familiar)...and we had a blast!! It was absolutely freezing...we did about 6.5 miles...talked..laughed...and kept trucking along. Everytime we would get closer to their house...the lady surgeon kept saying..lets just go to the gas station and back..lets go here and back...kept lengthening the run since she feels guilty about a dinner party she is having tonight and how much she is going to eat. This doesn't work good for me...I'm a very out and back runner. I like to know where my end point is at all times and just keep working towards it. Changing the end point on me was a major mental battle..(3x!)...which I think was good. It helped me keep going when I thought I was done.

So yeah..I'm a complete nut job! Love it though! Next on the running front is that new love affair I've been having with the dreadmill. I dunno what it is..but I've just been really pushing my limits with that guy. The other day I did a 5 mile run in 42:30 which ends up being an 8:30 pace exactly. Last time I checked...that was pretty fast for me! Two days before that I did 4.5 miles in 38:30 so its definitely not a fluke...but the results of some hard work and pushing on my part. The worst part is...I no longer fit in my pants!! Ive been lifting a lot and doing plyometrics as well as these powerful faster runs...and my legs are getting bigger!! What a complete disaster!!!! Someone please help..I'm glad I'm getting faster but I do NOT want big legs...whatsoever. And its not an eating thing diets been good and my abs are getting RIPPED! So frustrating..


Amanda said...

Way to go on that dreadmill run, what's your secret? I can't stop hating it. I'm with you on the endpoint thing, that would totally mess me up if the distance changed last minute. Great job on that icy run, and glad to hear you have some hardcore runner buddies.

P.O.M. said...

It's just muscle... don't fret too much. Are your legs toned and hot?

Nice job on the ice-run.