Friday, February 15, 2008

soooo much to do...soooooo little time

Clearly now you can all see how bad my runs have sucked this week. This is what I'm talking about. No negative splits, slow paces, and feeling crappy while doing it. Hopefully I have been sucking up to the running Gods and this turns around before tomorrows 12 miler!

OK things I want to get done today:
Take my 2 tests..eeek
Stop at the post office to pick up a package
Go to Target to pick up a few things
Clean the house (kitchen & spare bedroom)
Spend time with Bentley
Drink a lil
Run 5 miles

Things I want to accomplish tomorrow:
12 mile run

Or maybe I'll do tomorrows things today?! I dunno! I don't want to drink BEFORE my long run..I rather do it after. SO maybe is hould get it out of the way today? But I worry I'll be runnin in the dark...eeeek! I'm a mess...I apologize that I got that out of the way. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!! :) :)


Benson said...

Whoa! Take a baby step back. You sound a little frazzled. Maybe put off the cleaning a little while or...maybe the vacuum handle fits hubbies hand too?
Just a thought.

Viv said...

Ah, let cleaning take a back seat. Poor thing, sounds like a busy Duff :)
Hope you 12 miles go fantastic tomorrow than have some fabalous drinks!

triguyjt said...

don't do tomorrows stuff today ...ten it wouldn't really be carpe diem...kinda...
well you know what i mean
easy on the drinks there

Anonymous said...

Hope your run went well today. i've been having a bad running week myself.

P.O.M. said...

I actually have drank before some long runs. Sometimes it's ok, as long as you're super hydtrated. Sometimes though it really really sucks. I drank before my first 21 miler and thought I was going to DIE. Be careful.

Laura said...

Thanks to getting nothing accomplished today, my day tomorrow is looking pretty similar. I'm attempting my first 14 miler - we'll see how it goes!