Saturday, February 2, 2008

RACE REPORT ...Tybee Island Half Marathon


I can officially call myself a "runner"..I think? I finished my first half marathon. Considering 5 weeks ago I set out to run a half marathon in MAY....with the goal of finishing in in 2:30..I should be very proud of finishing my first half marathon 5 weeks later with a time of 2:10 (clock time 2:13)

So heres the recap...and this is how I remember my race

The Lonely part:
Travis dropped me off...and I was standing in a field....alone...and cold. I had no clue what I was doing....didn't know where the starting line was. It seemed like everyone else had someone they were with...and I was just out there...shivering and shaking....alone. I was sooooooo scared. Someone actually commented after seeing me...and said "wow..theres people shivering out here". But then some friends walked up...and I was kosher from there on out.

Beginning: Mile 1
This was the most exciting part of the race. Big crowd...lots of excitement.I had tears in my was just Awesome!!

Middle: Miles 2-10
This part was just nice and steady. I met up with some girls I knew and we ran the first 8 miles together. This may have slowed me down...but I was soo happy to have someone there with me during my first race. I wish I would have paid more attn to my surroundings...and less attn to the shoes the people had on in front of me.People would point out funny things that I was missing since I was just staring at the shoes in front of me. Got to see Travis and a classmate at mile 7. Ran up and jumped on him...(Secretly hoping he would piggy back me the next 6 miles). It was good to see a familiar face. At mile 8...the girls wanted to walk...SO I forged ahead.

Hard Part: Miles 10-13
I was not prepared for the last three miles. Since my training "long runs" had consisted of 2....8 miles and 10 miles....I did not have the experience to be able to feel strong on this bit of unchartered territory. I seriously had to have some mental talks with myself to get me through it. Also I sped up too quickly. I kept thinking the end was near...and I think speeding up kinda hurt me.

End: .1
This was the best part. I saw the chute and just took off sprinting. I passed about 4 or 5 people...and just felt like I was flying. However I'm sure it did not look that way.

I felt soooo great to be done!! Here are some pics!

Things I learned:

*Don't look at the shoes in front of you.....there is much better scenary when running on an ISLAND!

*Brunswick Stew is NOT a good post race food....still having stomach issues

*Standing alone in a field of runners can be very scary

*Don't speed up too quickly.....

*Sprinting past people in the last 100m is mean..and FUN!

*.....when I saw the finish line.....I knew this was not the finish.....but just the beginning.......

Hilton Head Half Marathon next weekend???? We shall see......haha

P.S. I ran the second half faster than the first....I progressively got faster as the race went on...even in those 3 miles I felt like I was dying


Laura said...

Congratulations!!!! First half-marathons are so fun, and I know what you mean about it being just the beginning: I'm planning on doing my second one next weekend. You look fantastic in the picture. Great job!!!!

Susan Oseen said...

Good Job, girl! I am sure you are hooked now and this was just the first of many, am I right???

BTW...I love the new bike...sweet ride...maybe we will race together in and Ironman. My very first triathlon was and Ironman distance, so it csan be done.

Doug said...

Hey, nice job on the half! It really sounds like it was your first major race, I can tell just from your tone!

And sprinting past people at the end isn't mean, its called a race not a 'super duper fun running party!' Although, sometimes it can feel like the latter, at the end its a race!

Who is SLB+? said...

Great job, looks like you'll be going sub 2 next week, very proffessional with the negative split!

Donna@themommyminute said...

Wow! That sounds like a great time for a first half-marathon. You are fast!

How hard was it to keep going when your friends wanted to walk?

My first half is in 10 weeks. I think I'm going to do some 12- and 13- mile runs, so I can see what it feels like.

Benson said...

Hey now! Nice race. Jeez, strong to the finish and looking happy at the end.

Looking real good with that bike too.

RazZDoodle said...

congrats on the run! Nice time, too!

Meg said...

Congratulations! That's great you got faster towards the second half and had that energy at the end! My first 10 mile race I had to have some serious mental talks with myself not to start walking with the finish line in view!

triguyjt said...

great job...2:10..awesome

laughed about the out?!!!!

hey, write a rap about that, ms running duff!!!!
way to go

Anonymous said...

Great job! Way to push through the last 3 miles. Your time was awesome. There is something about seeing the finish line that changes your whole mood, way to finish strong.

jahowie said...

Congratulations!!! BTW...passing is never mean, and it's always fun!! LOL Great time too!! So when is your first full marathon going to be? :-)

My Life & Running said...

Congrats on your first half!

Kim said...

great job on your first half-mary!!! you did fantastic! looks like you didnt even break a sweat!

Amanda @ said...

Congrats!! I just found your blog via Laura's, and your first half marathon sounds amazing! I can't believe you beat your goal time by that much ... I'm hoping I can do that in April in my second half-marathon.

Take it easy while your sick and then get back out there as soon as you're feeling better. I'll keep reading!

P.O.M. said...

YEahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - I'm so glad you had a great time. I can't believe your photos are ready already. I can't wait for mine.

I am considering a marathon this fall. But I really dno't want to get fat again. I gained 14 lbs training for my last full marathon. It was not good. ha ha.

Richard said...

I ran next to you for a bit at the race. CONGRATS! See you March 30th


Lana said...

Christine - Way to go!! And that was a great race report!

You look great out there!

our little world said...

WOW! Fantastic time!!! Congratulations!
I really wish mine would get here so I can stop worrying about it.